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Roblox Heroes Online Codes (May 2022)

Welcome to our Roblox Heroes Online code list. Roblox Heroes Online is an action multiplayer RPG inspired by My Hero Academia. Here, you can roll for a Quirk your character can use, and then proceed to beat the tar out of every bad guy you see.

You can do quests in free roam, try out other game modes, or ignore quests entirely and just look for criminal scum who look like they could stand to lose some teeth. For the part about rolling Quirks, that’s where promo codes come in.

roblox heroes online codes

Promo codes are codes often given by developers to celebrate new events, normally announced via whatever social media they use to post their game news. Usually, it’s Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or a Discord server. In this case, the developer has a Youtube channel where they announce codes along with news.

When you make use of these codes, they usually result in one of the more joyful things in life: Free stuff! Particularly for Roblox Heroes Online, the rewards are free Quirk spins of differing tiers. Higher tier spins mean better likelihood of stronger Quirks. If codes that give out Epic tier rolls pop out, you better grab them fast!

roblox heroes online coupon codes

Keep in mind that codes for Roblox Heroes Online don’t necessarily benefit you in Roblox itself. Also, the nature of Roblox Heroes Online prevents you from bringing your usual Roblox avatar here, so normal Roblox codes don’t matter for this game either.

As such, this game comes with a different method of entering codes compared to Roblox itself, hence this article. For Roblox codes in general, you can check our article here. [Link to general Roblox code article can go here]

How To Redeem A Roblox Heroes Online Code

Here are the steps needed to use codes for Roblox Heroes Online:

Step 1: Boot up Roblox Heroes Online

roblox heroes online codes step 1

Step 2: At the Main Menu Screen, tap/click Codes.

roblox heroes online codes step 2

Step 3: Type a code into the field and tap/click Submit.

roblox heroes online codes step 3

Step 4: Roll for some Quirks or something, enjoy your free stuff!

roblox heroes online codes step 4

Now that you know how to use them, here are some codes. Take note that these won’t work when used through the Roblox code redeem website, since these are specifically for Roblox Heroes Online.


Super7 – 7 Spins


Tsukuyomi – 8 Epic Spins

TheLastOne – 12 Epic Spins

2kids – 5 Rare Spins

Bluebird – 3 Epic Spins

ErenYeager! – 7 Epic Spins

Gentle – 2 Epic Spins

DelayPlatinum – 2 Epic Spins

YareYare – 7 Spins

Rebirth – 2 Spins

Grateful – 3 Spins

Witcher – 3 Spins

Heroborne – 7 Spins

LilDeluxe – 15 Spins

shinobiX – 7 Rare Spins

sansOnline – 7 Common Spins

hallowhallowOnthewall – 1 Epic Spin

season4 – 5 Common Spins

Bloxxit – 5 Rare Spins

VillainsOnlinnne – 5 Rare Spins

Bloxnote – 1 Epic Spin

Mentoris – 5 Rare Spins

Lawliet – 1 Epic Spin

Jannnuaryy – 5 Rare Spins

Relllease – 2 Epic Spins

Shinnnobi – 5 Common Spins

Onnnline – 5 Rare Spins

And this ends our list of codes for Roblox Heroes Online. Hope you roll some good Quirks, and don’t hesitate to chat in the comment area below!


Friday 25th of June 2021

it won't let me input the codes it doesn't have the REDEEM thing below it -_-