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Rent Please! Landlord Sim Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become a Top Landlord

Rent Please! Landlord Sim can give you a fairly good idea of what it is all about, especially if you have been playing and enjoying idle clicker business sim games for quite some time. On the surface, Rent Please! Landlord Sim seems all about being a typical landlord, leasing out apartments to tenants, and collecting payment to be reinvested back into maintaining the property. However, Rent Please! Landlord Sim spices up your virtual landlord adventure fold further to include stories about people like you, an expanding community, and even life coaching on the side.

rent please landlord sim intro

Rent Please! Landlord Sim starts your story off as a lowly tenant moving from one apartment after another, experiencing hardships and challenges that most other tenants experience at one time or another. In a surprising revelation, returning home is quickly followed by news of your inheritance. Your father left an apartment building under your care and it is now your turn to ensure that every tenant will have a much better experience than you did.

Managing a huge property can seem rather overwhelming at first glance but Rent Please! – Landlord Sim, being an idle clicker business sim game, promises simple gameplay controls and mechanics that even complete beginners can easily grasp in a short time. More so, you will start your adventure with a Building Manager to help you out and introduce you to every new feature that becomes available as you make progress.

rent please landlord sim apartment

This is a casual game that just about everyone can easily pick up and play. You can expect that profits will continue to increase regardless of the decision you make so long as you keep tenants around. Naturally, more active landlords as well as those who strategize every step of the way can expect faster growth and progression. 

If you have just jumped into Rent Please! Landlord Sim and want to develop your property as well as grow your community, then we have your back as our comprehensive guide comes with a bunch of tips, tricks, and strategies to become a top landlord in no time!

1. Let The To-Do List Guide You

Hopping into the life of a neophyte apartment owner can be an overwhelming experience despite Rent Please! – Landlord Sim’s simmered-down gameplay mechanics and despite your trusty Building Manager by your side. In the first few minutes of your career as a landlord, you will be thoroughly guided by your Building Manager. With every new step you take towards progressing your apartment tycoon career, new features and items will come with a brief explanation.

rent please landlord sim building manager

In some instances, however, there will be decision points that provide you some freedom as to how to prioritize projects and investments. In a sense, there are no right or wrong calls to make since every investment and every action yields positive results. For the sake of efficiency, and having more confidence relative to making the right choices, we recommend that you check in with the To-Do List first before pursuing investment options and projects.

You can access the To-Do List through the notepad icon on the right side of the screen. Three objectives will always be available for you to accomplish and each task you complete earns you extra cash. Objectives can be as simple as purchasing upgrades for apartments to more challenging ones that require recruiting a specified number of tenants of a type or even serving several customers via the facilities. In any case, you can always choose to pursue the easiest ones for you. Be sure to claim the rewards as soon as you can as new objectives will instantly replace accomplished ones after you hit the claim button.

rent please landlord sim to-do list

Considering everything, adhering to the tasks enumerated under the To-Do List not just guides your progression in your landlord career but also provides you those valuable sums of extra cash to fund the growth and development of your apartment property. At some point, one or all of the targets listed may require more time to complete. Do not worry, though, as these instances are bound to happen sooner or later. Keep in mind that there will always be plenty to do outside of the current task list and some may even appear as targets following the completion of the current roster of objectives.

2. Keep As Little Idle Cash As Possible

One of the most basic and perhaps the most consistent considerations in every idle clicker business sim game relates to how you handle cash or any basic currency. In almost every other game genre, cash, and currencies, just like any other basic resource, are meant to be managed with some level of prudence as there will always be emergencies that may require you to keep a portion of your money intact.

In Rent Please! – Landlord Sim, just like any other casual business sim game where cash will continue to keep flowing no matter what you do, the best approach is in contradiction with prudence as you would want to keep your idle cash to a minimum at most times. This is because there are practically no expenses in Rent Please! Landlord Sim and every bit of cash you use serve as an investment across various aspects of growing and developing your property and community.

rent please landlord sim decoration

While the sight of seeing your stack of cash at the upper left side of the screen may be very appealing as its number of zeroes or digits increases, reeling it closer to zero does not mean losing it. Instead, having less idle cash means more money invested into your business.

Although not every bit of coin you put back into your apartment complex directly translates into higher earnings, additional offerings around the community as well as improvements in amenities and services also lead to having more income generated over time. In this sense, and considering that profits are continuously generated within your property, the sooner you invest cash in something means the sooner an increase in profits will be realized.

There will naturally be cases when you can stray from hastily expending your idle cash. Sometimes, in line with pursuing a specific target from the To-Do List, you will have idle cash a little short of what is needed for construction or upgrade. As such, it can be more commendable to wait it out a bit and make the purchase once your idle cash balance becomes sufficient. Even in the absence of a To-Do List, there will be times when you would want to hold off on spending a bit for a bigger but more rewarding purchase.

rent please landlord sim kitchen

Relative to this, one consideration to keep in mind about investments is to always try to consider investing in the cheapest option first. Since prices of upgrades in rooms and facilities vary, with higher levels naturally costing more, you should try to prioritize cheaper investments so you will wind up with more upgrades performed with the same amount of cash spent. There will be natural exemptions to this recommendation such as the existence of objectives on the To-Do List or having enough cash for a big but important investment.

3. Regularly Check On Your Tenants

Rent Please! Landlord Sim takes you through a unique introductory story for good reason. As you jump from one apartment to another as a tenant, you get to taste almost every unfortunate scenario commonly experienced by tenants. These experiences lead to an idea of how you ought to be as a landlord, especially about taking care of your customers.

rent please landlord sim tenants

Just like in real life, you cannot expect tenants to stay in your apartment forever. As transient as each tenant is in Rent Please! – Landlord Sim, this will be largely, if not entirely, dependent on your decision. Given that you will continue to upgrade furniture and fixtures within each apartment, its rent price will naturally increase as well. Tenants fall within certain categories and you will start with jobless people who have a very limited budget. Sooner or later, the rental price of an apartment occupied by a tenant will exceed what they can afford.

kicking out a tenant in rent please landlord sim

As mean and inconsiderate as would make yourself appear to be, you are running a business after all. If a tenant has been paying his max capacity for rent and it has become much less than how much you can rent it to another tenant, then it is time to kick them out. To check the rent price of an existing room, click on it and the price will be displayed above the window.

Releasing a tenant and finding a new one is rather easy to do in Rent Please! – Landlord Sim. After you click on a room, you can hit the “Kick Out!” button at the upper right side of the window. Before you do, always make it a habit to check the Tenants tab, especially the affordable limit of the tenant. This is where you will also see their daily demands so you will have a good idea of what would keep them satisfied.

rent please landlord sim recruitment area

An empty room for lease will instead have a recruit button in place of the “Kick Out!” one. When you recruit, different locations can be a source of different types of tenants. Your progress and level will serve as the key towards unlocking areas, limiting your recruitment options at the early part of your adventure. If any, the important consideration here is to align searches to pending targets in the To-Do List. In any case, you can always just let go of a recruited tenant to find a replacement for him or her.

Being a great landlord should not be just about monetary considerations and this is where you can make up for feeling guilty about booting out tenants who cannot afford a full rent. Rent Please! Landlord Sim provides you with opportunities to provide social and emotional support to your tenants and you can even get gifts with every piece of advice you give.

rent please landlord sim speed up

Some tenants will occasionally have exclamation marks on them and you can also see a reddish emoji at the upper left side of the screen. When this happens, you can click on either the emoji or the tenant to start a conversation. This is a short scenario, but you will have to read through the tenant’s story as well as the choices of responses you can give.

Once the life coaching conversation ends, you have to wait for a while to receive rewards from your tenants in the form of letters. You can access this letter via the mail icon on the right side of the screen. Simply open the letter and claim your rewards. Note that rewards are always cash and gems so take advantage of this feature as much as you possibly can.

rent please landlord sim problem

The smiley icon at the right side of the screen takes you to see the Community Satisfaction Index. This is where you get to read through the tenants’ feedback on their experience in your apartment property. Naturally, there will be positive feedback as well as negative ones. While your ultimate goal is to have and maintain a 100% satisfaction rating, the shorter-term objective is to get overall feedback above 50%. An index above 50% earns you a bonus per percentage so having a 70% satisfaction rating means you will continue to earn an extra 20% profit.

rent please landlord sim community satisfication index

Be sure to look into each negative feedback you come across as this will serve as your guide towards which aspect of the apartment or community you need to invest improvements on. For one, the To-Do List serves as your basic guide but listening to the reviews made by your tenants is like the next level basis of how to improve your services.

4. Aim To Increase Your Community Prosperity Level

The ultimate determinant of your progress in Rent Please! Landlord Sim is your Community Prosperity Level. This is indicated by the star at the top of your screen and the bar alongside it tells you more specifically how close you are to reach the next level. For beginners, you are likely to think that every action on your part earns you points that contribute to filling up the Community Prosperity Bar to take you to the next level but although not everything directly earns you points for it, every activity you engage in helps towards its progression.

rent please landlord sim community prosperity level

To have a more specific idea about the tasks you need to accomplish relative to improving your Community Prosperity Level, simply click on the star at the upper side of the screen. This will show you specific upgrade requirements as well as new features or structures that you will unlock when you achieve them. You can expect the struggle to get from one level to the next to become more challenging with each new level. In our example, you need to unlock all 16 Single Apartment Rooms as well as have a 100% achievement rate in all these rooms to get from Community Prosperity Level 3 to Level 4.

rent please landlord sim letterbox system

Again, progressing the Community Prosperity Level should be expected to be intermittent considering the cash requirements to construct all rooms, the construction waiting time, and the persistence of other responsibilities you have to your tenants and your growing community. There should be plenty of time allotted towards its progression so long as you are aware and keep focused on the requirements at each stage.

5. Don’t Forget About Utilities

Having an apartment complex is not just limited to ensuring that tenants are happy with the room they are leasing. It also means that shared facilities as well as basic utilities like power and water are always available and more than sufficient for everyone to comfortably use. Rent Please! Landlord Sim gives you a more dynamic feel of becoming a virtual landlord by giving you the task of always ensuring that your tenants will always have water and electricity.

Both the water and the electric facility can be found at the upper right corner of the apartment complex. These pair of structures are among the easiest to manage but should always be checked on for upgrade needs from time to time.

rent please landlord sim building

Considering that you are constantly adding apartment rooms to your expansive apartment complex and that what follows soon after are tenants you can almost instantly recruit, the overall need for water supply and electricity will proportionately increase. You can easily see the remaining percentage of available power and water at the upper left side of the screen. Although it is highly improbable to see it at a hundred percent, you need to ensure that it is maintained at a certain level above 0%.

rent please landlord sim dynamos

Managing both power and electricity is relatively easy compared to investing in upgrades on apartment rooms and other facilities. Everything you install or purchase leads to having more supply of each resource and going about it from the cheapest to the most expensive option is the best way to go. Keep in mind that both water and power are necessities for every tenant and not having enough to cater to everyone’s needs will surely yield a lot of negative feedback from the community.

6. Remember To Utilize The Speed Up

Although it is fairly easy to notice at the bottom of the screen, Rent Please! – Landlord Sim’s Speed Up feature may easily be neglected especially if you are at the stage in your landlord career where you tend to be very busy looking into rooms, facilities, and other menus to explore or to plan your next move. The Speed Up function does exactly what it says and hastens in-game time which naturally comes with its own set of benefits.

rent please landlord sim speed up 2

There is night and day in Rent Please! Landlord Sim and night time does not yield as much income for you as day time considering that service facilities like the gym and the laundry are closed. Utilizing the Speed Up function helps pass nighttime more quickly. Additionally, speeding up time will also net you passive income like lease payments and bonuses at a much quicker rate. If you are crunched for cash and in need of it for some upgrades, then this should also be your go-to button.

filling the speed up bar in rent please landlord sim

Expectedly, the Speed Up Function has a limited use as determined by its charge that empties with each moment you keep it held. It replenishes over time, though, and there are free ways to instantly give it a recharge. Another thing that the Speed Up Function does not affect is the construction time. Preparing new rooms and building facilities in Rent Please! Landlord Sim takes some time to complete and you also have a limited number of workers that can perform the task simultaneously.

7. Take Advantage Of Ad Boosts

Video ads have become a common and expected part of free-to-play mobile games, especially casual and hyper-casual ones. Despite that, the existence of ads can sometimes still serve as a distraction or annoyance for less experienced players. As much as seeing no ads at all will always provide a better gaming experience, it is important to realize that these ads exist for a very valid reason, which is to ensure that the game stays available for everyone to enjoy for free.

There are plenty of ads you can watch as you play Rent Please! Landlord Sim but all of them will only play following an affirmative decision on your part. The 5 to 30-second video ads you can watch form part of the game’s ad boost campaign and comes with very enticing rewards. Although you can make good progress in Rent Please! Landlord Sim without ever having to see a single video ad, patronizing them can tremendously boost your progression rate.

rent please landlord sim double claim

When you leave the game and go offline for even a short while, your apartment will continue to rake in idle earnings. Once you get back to the game, you can instantly claim your idle earnings or you can play an ad boost to double the amount that you receive. Although the amount can also be doubled if you spend 10 gems, we consider going for the free method.

The Cashdaddy will frequently visit you just like VIP guests in other idle clicker business sim games. You will see the Cashdaddy Icon pop up at the upper right side of the screen and whenever you do, we recommend taking advantage of it. This ad boost gives you a bulk of cash instantly which can help you boost progress since you will always need cash. The amount offered to you will increase over time relative to your progression so claiming it will always be helpful regardless of how much you have already progressed.

rent please landlord sim cashdaddy

We just talked about the Speed Up feature and how it has a limited use that gets consumed with every second you hold onto it. Playing a short video ad whenever it is empty will instantly refill its gauge and there are no limits as to the number of times you can take advantage of this.

Another very helpful ad boost comes when you have a pending construction. As we mentioned earlier, building in Rent Please! Landlord Sim takes some time to complete and while you can instantly finish an ongoing construction by spending some diamonds, the better alternative is to play a short video ad to cut down construction time by 10 minutes. Although it may take several ad views to complete some pending constructions, a 5 to 30-second ad to cut down 10 minutes of waiting time is well worth it.

speed up building time in rent please landlord sim

Rent Please! Landlord Sim has a shop you can access via the grocery cart icon at the lower left side of your screen. Even if you have no intentions of purchasing anything, be sure to visit it at least once a day to instantly claim 15 diamonds. Once you have claimed free diamonds, you will have 3 chances to play a short video ad and claim 15 more diamonds each time.

rent please landlord sim diamonds

To top that all off, The Diamond icon at the right side of the screen is your access to the Diamond Bonus feature of Rent Please! – Landlord Sim. You can earn and claim extra diamonds with every video ad you watch, making ad boosts even more worth peeking into. You can claim a maximum of 35 diamonds here so be sure to take advantage of this perk as well.

rent please landlord sim diamond bonus

That sums up all the that we have for you on our Rent Please! Landlord Sim Guide. We hope that it has been a fun and helpful read for you and that the simple tips and strategies we provided will easily lead to a more rapid pace of growth and progression. If you happen to enjoy Rent Please! Landlord Sim and have stumbled upon some nifty tricks of your own, feel free to share them with us down in the comments!


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Tuesday 25th of July 2023

i have maxed out all the furniture in all 16 single rooms but the room average is only at 99 im trying to get to level four but i don’t know what else i might be missing


Tuesday 18th of July 2023

And for the hearts to get for the benchmarks do you know how it works?