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BitLife Deadliest Catch Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Deadliest Catch Challenge

The new year has just started, and Candywriter is still going strong with the weekly BitLife challenges, which iOS and Android players can complete within a four-day span — or complete at a later time once they’re added to the Challenge Vault (which costs $5). And while we’re still waiting for a challenge based on the recently released Stock Market Update, this new one promises a good mix of classic BitLife challenge mechanics and, if you can call it that, a slight pop culture nod to a long-running reality series.

bitlife deadliest catch challenge requirements

The second BitLife challenge of 2023 may be named after a reality television show, but if we’re being honest about it, the only thing the TV show and the challenge share in common is the name. The Deadliest Catch Challenge may bring to mind images of rugged men (and some women) literally fishing for crab in rough waters. But while you’ll be doing some crab fishing here, the other half of the challenge pertains to a totally different kind of crab, one that is pluralized and used in reference to something you can get if you aren’t careful while performing certain adult activities.

Keep on reading this BitLife strategy guide if you’re having some difficulty completing the Deadliest Catch Challenge — Candywriter considers this a medium-difficulty challenge, but some requirements might not be too easy to complete or might require a great deal of patience.

Create a Female Character from Anchorage

The similarities between the Deadliest Catch Challenge and the TV show Deadliest Catch start and end with the work as a crab fisherman…and the fact that your character will need to be based in Alaska. There is only one Alaskan city that you can choose from when creating a character, and that is Anchorage, and since you can find it at the top of the United States city list, this should be easy-peasy.

bitlife female character

You will also need to make sure you are creating a female character, so while this may be a very minor thing, it’s also easy to forget and will automatically make it impossible to complete the challenge if you accidentally create a male character. That aside, there are no special requirements in terms of stats — no need to make your character especially smart or attractive and no need either to seek higher education past high school.

In fact, you can get work as a Crab Fisherman as a high school dropout, but since some of the requirements can only be performed by an adult Bitizen, you might as well get that degree and focus on the meat of the challenge from your 18th virtual birthday onward.

Just Keep Using the Hook Up Function

In the BitLife universe, you can start making love to other Bitizens once you reach your 16th birthday, but when it comes to the Hook Up function under the Love sub-menu in Activities, this will only become available once you reach the age of 18.

bitlife hook up opportunity

This option will become your best friend of sorts in the Deadliest Catch Challenge, as having hook-ups with random people is always the best way to get a sexually-transmitted disease — you’ll need to catch two of them to tick the corresponding box, and after that, you’ll be asked to spread those STDs to at least ten people.

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it with men or women — as long as you’re sleeping with someone who isn’t your actual partner, that will leave you vulnerable to any and all manner of STDs. Just be prepared to grind it out here (more on grinding later), as it may take you far more partners than usual before your character gets their first STD. Such is the case with BitLife challenges — to make things challenging, some events might not happen as often as they should if they’re included among the requirements.

bitlife safe sex

Basically, what you want to do after that first sexually transmitted illness is to keep hooking up until you’ve infected ten people. You can do this all in one year or space things out across multiple years, but it would be best if you get this taken care of sooner rather than later if you want to keep playing as that character even if you’ve completed the challenge!

Prepare to Do a Lot of Quitting and Restarting for a Crab Fisherman Job

As we’ve noted in the past (and in the earlier tip), Candywriter seems to make their BitLife challenges even more challenging by making certain random events less probable than usual. That seemed to be the case when we tried to get a Greenhorn job, which is the entry-level position in the Crab Fisherman career track.

bitlife crab fisherman job

This job was already rare enough as it is before the Deadliest Catch Challenge rolled out, so you can only imagine how much patience you’ll need before that elusive job opening pops up. And think of how hard it might be if you have the misfortune of choosing the wrong answer during the job interview!

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any solution to this issue, and if you come to think of it, it wouldn’t be a BitLife challenge if there wasn’t some grinding involved. But once you get the Greenhorn job, everything should be smooth sailing — no pun intended — from here on out. Just be sure to quit and restart the game if you chance upon a co-worker who reports you to HR for making unwanted advances!

You Can Also Hook Up with Female Coworkers

It seems that your character’s sexual orientation doesn’t matter in the Deadliest Catch Challenge. While your first instinct while controlling a straight female character would be to hook up with male coworkers to tick the “Sleep with 5+ coworkers,” the reality is that the game will always randomize the gender and sexual orientation of the NPCs you encounter, including, but not limited to coworkers. That means there is a possibility you will have more female than male coworkers while working as a Crab Fisherman (or fisherwoman).

bitlife hook up

As the Deadliest Catch Challenge does not specify any gender for your workplace hookups, you can sleep with male and female coworkers alike, and once you reach five, that should take care of that requirement with no questions asked. And assuming you chose to complete that task after all the others, that will wrap it up for the Deadliest Catch Challenge and allow you to choose a prize chest and add a new piece of eyewear or a new hat to your list of Accessories.