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Red Ball Up Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Want something much simpler than the RPGs, MMOs, racing games, and even Match 3 titles we cover so frequently? Try Red Ball Up, which comes to us from a developer named Phillip Kung. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms, and it’s described as a one touch game “with the perfect blend of skill and difficulty.” Kung adds that the game, despite its simple mechanics, is “hard and highly addictive.” So what’s the deal with this game? Well, it requires you to bounce a red ball on a platform, simply by tapping to jump so you can avoid a variety of flying obstacles, including bullets, spikes, ninja stars, samurai swords and even pipes – probably a nod to Flappy Bird.

If this game looks familiar, there are some references to classic games, including Red Bouncing Ball (a title from the days when iOS-only games were still so simple), and Super Mario Bros, thanks to the look and feel of the obstacles. Be that as it may, the main objective of the game, really, is to score as high as possible, and these Red Ball Up tips and tricks are here to help you achieve that objective, while collecting more new “characters.”

1. Bounce The Ball As Slowly As Possible

If you’re trying to chase a high score, you’ll want to bounce the ball as slowly as you could; that allows you to get a good glimpse at what the next obstacle may be. You’ll have to be patient here, as you bounce the ball slowly and observe how each obstacle behaves. Once you’re able to get a good read on those movements, you can start jumping faster. The only time you should act quickly, though, is when it comes to the Flappy/Mario-esque green pipes.

2. How To Avoid More Obstacles

Hitting an obstacle ends your run automatically, so when you’re waiting it out, you should fall far enough so that you don’t hit the one right above you. Generally, you can try having the ball drop below the ad banner at the bottom of your screen. Just make sure you tap before the ball drops off the screen.

3. New Objects Have Varying Prices, But All Play The Same

With each jump you make without hitting an obstacle, you earn one coin. And you can accumulate enough coins to buy new characters, or new balls – they can cost as low as 100 coins, or could be as expensive as 500 coins. But don’t get this mechanic wrong – cheaper balls aren’t weaker than more expensive ones, or vice versa. The only difference lies in the appearance and price of the balls, as they all play the same way.

4. Watch An Ad Video For More Coins

There doesn’t seem to be an established pattern, but it happens every four to five rounds, as we’ve noticed. At that point, you’ll be asked if you want to watch an ad video. Complete the video and you’ll earn 20 coins – you can watch as many ad videos as you want, though if you want to get there faster, you might want to lose on purpose, ending your game quickly by bouncing the ball on the pipes or getting hit by one of the other obstacles.