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Rebel Inc. Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Defeating the Insurgents and Stabilizing the Regions

With critically acclaimed gameplay, Rebel Inc. is a political and military simulation you do not want to miss out on. Published by Ndemic Creations, the studio behind Plague Inc., this strategy game features hyper-realistic graphics and a lot of innovative elements. Rebel Inc. is available for iOS and Android-powered devices. We have come up with an extended list of Rebel Inc. cheats, tips and tricks that we will share in the form of a complete strategy guide.

No doubt that you will spend hours chasing the insurgents and trying to bring peace and stability to war-stricken areas. But, Rebel Inc. is a mobile game that requires a lot of skill and knowledge. There are many options and decisions you need to get right if you want to restore balance in a particular region.

That is why we created this Rebel Inc. guide with you in mind. We want to help players go through the missions with ease, and by doing so – their playing sessions will be much more enjoyable. So, let us start with the most important Rebel Inc. tips, cheats and strategies right after the jump!

1. Visit The Tutorial Section First

Rebel Inc. presents the players with an opportunity to bring justice and prosperity to a geographical location full of social and economic problems. The areas you will be visiting have gone through civil war, and your job is to stabilize the region and restore order in the local communities.

rebel inc guide

The code names of the locations you will visit are Saffron Fields, Mountain Pass, Southern Desert, and so on. Clearly, the similarities with the American missions in Afganistan, Iraq, or Syria are not a coincidence.

Either way, the game will present you with a series of challenges. From militant groups that start riots all the way up to widespread corruption and inflation – the issues will just pop up one after the other. To take those situations under control, you need to be equipped with the proper knowledge. The Tutorial section is the perfect option for beginners. We recommend that you go through the tutorial before starting the missions.

By visiting the Tutorial, you will learn a lot about the basics of gameplay. Please note that there are two separate chapters of the tutorial process – Civilian and Military. Both of these are helpful and useful. Do not skip them!

2. Pick The Appropriate Difficulty Level

Keeping the civilians safe and satisfied is not an easy task, especially when you have jihadists on your back at all times. Insurgents and their activities are a serious threat to your reputation, and that is why Rebel Inc. can be a challenging game.

Of course, if you know what you should be doing – the missions will be a piece of cake. On top of all that, our in-depth Rebel Inc. guide will help you impose your jurisdiction and establish control over a certain region. Even so, the players can start the missions on three different levels of difficulty – Casual, Normal, and Brutal. The names of the levels are pretty descriptive, and it is not difficult to guess how the situation changes when you change the difficulty level.

The Casual level is the easiest one, while the Brutal presents you with a serious challenge. To unlock the next stage of the Campaign, the players need to win the current mission by playing the game on the Normal level.

We recommend playing the missions on the Casual level first, to learn the ropes. After that, start the mission on the Normal level and fight your way out to the next stage.

3. Boost Your Reputation Score

The goal of the missions in Rebel Inc. is to bring stability to the region. The progress bar on top of the screen shows you how much work is left to be done. By conducting numerous activities and even military action, you can increase the stability and reach 100%.

rebel inc tips

But, the gauge on the right-hand side is the one that will cause you the most problems. According to our experience with Rebel Inc., your Reputation level is the primary factor you need to keep an eye on. Reputation level is the one which can cause you to fail the mission, and the percentage of this factor can plummet within a flash. If it reaches zero – you will lose. And, you will have to start the mission all over again.

By investing funds in the development of civil initiatives, your Reputation will grow. The people will start to like you, and they will appreciate your efforts. However, if the insurgents start causing problems and they take control of a certain area, the Reputation level will start to go down.

Also, your Reputation will suffer if corruption reaches a certain level. Luckily, the game offers various anti-corruption measures you can take to prevent nepotism, injustice, and similar activities.

4. Decrease The Risk Of Corruption

Speaking of corruption, Rebel Inc. is a complex and innovative game because it offers numerous methods you can use to prevent corruption from taking a foothold within a community. We all know that secular and peaceful societies depend on a legal framework. If bribery, nepotism and criminal activities go unpunished, the peace within a society will start to crumble. Inevitably, this leads to riots, unrest, and even civil war.

When playing Rebel Inc., your task will be to stabilize the region while keeping your Reputation level below zero. One of the detrimental factors to your Reputation is corruption, and that is why we advise the players to take this matter seriously.

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By clicking the Operation button in the bottom left corner, the players will be taken into the Overview section. One of the cards in this menu is the Government Initiatives area. The commands and activities in this card can tackle corruption and boost your Rep level.

For instance, you can impose new legislation, invite NGOs into the region, control the work of charity organizations, and so on. Anti-corruption measures will cost you some money, but the investments will be worth it.

5. Go Easy On Spending Money

As a governor and the leading man of the foreign campaign, you will be in charge of distributing the funds your mission will be allocated. You will receive payments on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the type of financial advisor you hire. Either way, money plays a vital part in stabilizing the region and completing the missions in Rebel Inc. But, you are probably wondering what is the best way to spend the dollars without raising corruption levels? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Once again, the players should visit the Operation section. Here, under the Civilian Initiatives, they will find a plethora of options for investing the funds. For instance, you can build schools, repair roads, bring electricity to remote areas, and so on. In general, all of these initiatives should improve the quality of life and raise your credibility with the local populace.

Unfortunately, if you spend too much money in a single area too fast – the inflation level will skyrocket. That is why the players should always take their time when investing the funds. Also, it is good to spread out investments over the entire country. That way, the inflation will stay low and more people will appreciate your efforts.

6. Allocate Enough Funds For Military Actions

As we mentioned earlier, your administration will receive a limited amount of money periodically. It is up to you to invest and distribute the funds the way you see fit.

Yet, there are certain things you need to keep in mind at all times if you want to reach 100% on the Stability gauge. We already talked about some of them, such as inflation or corruption. But, the most important threat to your success is – insurgency. The only way to deal with the insurgents is through military action, and this costs money.

rebel inc strategies

For example, during the initial moments of every mission, you will start off by leading a peaceful life. In other words, no militant groups and rebels will cause trouble. But, this idyllic lifestyle will soon come to an end, and jihad warriors will start popping up on the map.

That is why we recommend that you do not spend all of your money on Civilian Initiatives or anti-corruption measures. Military forces are equally as important. In addition to all that, it takes time to train a unit. That is why you should always have some money available to start training new troops whenever the circumstances allow it.

7. Eliminate The Insurgents ASAP

Your image and reputation when playing Rebel Inc. are of the utmost importance. If you want to complete the mission, you must keep the Reputation level above zero!

But, paramilitary groups are an inevitable problem when it comes to life in the post-war zones. That is why we advise the players to maximize their efforts of destroying the insurgent camps and eliminating all of the rebels.

The sooner you eradicate the threat, the fewer Reputation points you will lose. Furthermore, the insurgents can take control of an area if you allow them to run loose. If this happens, your good standing will be severely affected. That is why it is imperative that you chase the rebels down and prevent them from ‘poisoning’ the population.

Since these militant troops are familiar with the terrain, they can move pretty fast. Also, after you defeat them in combat in one place, the insurgents will move to the adjacent area.

The secret to obliterating the rebels is by closing them off and eliminating escape routes. If you manage to surround a bunch of jihadis, your troops will do the rest. After that, you can get back to restoring prosperity to the region.

8. Call Air Support

The insurgents typically flee to the mountains when they get overpowered by your regiments. The reason for this is simple – they know the terrain and they can hide there. Of course, you can send the foot soldiers to those areas as well, but air support is the best option for these types of situations.

After all, air strikes are efficient, lightning-fast, and they can be conducted on almost any terrain. When it comes to Rebel Inc., you will have to spend some money to unlock the air support. But, this decision is worth every penny, no doubt about it.

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The air support comes in two forms in this game – drones and jet planes. Both of these categories are useful and can significantly help your cause.

For example, drones are a well-known reconnaissance tool. They can scout the area from high altitude, informing you about insurgent activity. The best way to discover the location of rebel camps is by using a drone. Also, you can invest in upgrades, such as better fuel economy of the drones, etc.

On the other hand, jet fighters are used to bring havoc and destruction to the battlefield. Their rapid strikes can be enhanced with upgrades as well. Our quick tip would be to invest in the precision of the attacks because this will decrease collateral damage.

9. Build Garrisons And Outposts

The maps you need to stabilize in Rebel Inc. are pretty big. They can include several large cities as well as a number of smaller settlements and villages. The vast distances between these areas are an ideal ground for insurgent activity. That is why we recommend building garrisons in strategic spots.

The garrisons are a cheap but very efficient method of controlling the area. By investing a couple of dollars, you can establish such an outpost. These bases will house your brigades, aside from being a great surveillance element.

Most importantly, these forts will engage insurgents whenever the rebels go near the garrisons. Since you will have a limited number of soldiers on the ground, the outposts can be a determining factor in the battle for control over an area.

Besides constructing garrisons, the players should also invest in creating checkpoints and roadblocks. On top of all that, civilian police and local army troops can help fight the insurgents.

With the final tip on our list, we conclude our 9-point Rebel Inc. strategy guide. With the help of these tactics, you should be able to stabilize the locations in no time. If you know any other helpful Rebel Inc. cheats, tips or tricks, be sure to leave us a message in the comment area below!