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Real Cricket 18 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become a Champion

Huge sixers, elegant fours and wicket taking unlike anything you have ever seen before! Get in on the thrill and action of a sport played all around the globe by downloading the latest cricket simulation game Real Cricket 18. The game has been developed and released by Nautilus Mobile App Private Limited and offers various modes and challenges to keep you glued to the screen of your smartphone for hours on end. Life-like graphics and advanced gameplay features contribute to the slightly large size of Real Cricket 18 with a download package of 546 MB and frequent updates coming in. This means that you should keep some space in your phone cleared out for this game because the additional features coming with every update are not something you would want to miss out on.

The developers also keep rolling out updates according to user demands and bug reports. The latest version of Real Cricket 18 is version 1.4 and was updated on 28 June 2018 bringing with it improved game play and new tournaments and super overs. The beginner tutorials will serve to familiarize you with the basics of the game and how to control the movements of your team players on the cricket field.

However, Real Cricket 18 has a difficulty curve which becomes harder and harder to overcome as you progress to the higher stages. This is why you need to employ some strategies and tricks in order to beat this ever rising difficulty level and allow yourself to get ahead of the game. Our exclusive Real Cricket 18 beginner’s guide has all the tips for you to rise up to every challenge that the game throws at you and to get you started on the fastest path to becoming a true cricket champion.

1. Bowl Your Way To The Top

Cricket is a game which tests your patience at every turn and bowling is a skill that you need to learn in order to be able to combat the challenges that the artificial intelligence throws at you. The bowling mechanism in Real Cricket 18 consists of three different things that you need to take care of while at the bowlers end. The first of these things is the selection of what type of bowler you are going to use. There is a selection screen when you start your innings on the bowling side and this screen displays all the types of bowlers that you have in your current squad. In addition it also gives information about the relative skill and accuracy of the bowlers which is helpful for you to make better decisions while choosing.

Your choice of which bowler to use should mainly depends upon the type of batsman that will be facing the ball. For example if a right handed batsman who is an opener is facing the ball, you should let a fast bowler into the very first over followed by a left handed spin bowler. This change in pace and direction of the ball will give you a solid edge over the batsman and you might be able to get early wickets for your team. In addition to the change of pace, you also have to keep track of which side the batsman is batting on as they can change the sides during the current over. If you do not think over your bowling strategy properly, you could be in for a huge run chase which is never easy by any means.

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The greatest tip for any bowling side in Real Cricket 18 is to properly learn and execute the different bowling manuevers in the game. Depending upon the type of bowler that you are using: Spin, Fast or Medium paced, various options will be offered to you. It is essential to know which option is better to use against what type of batsman since having this knowledge beforehand can give you a huge advantage over the opposing team.

Swing Deliveries

This is the core type of bowling style in the game that you should aim to master. This is because swing offers multiple resides and variations that you can take advantage of even during an over. For example you can bowl three balls using the in-swing technique and 3 bowls using the traditional out-swing technique. The in-swinger style is useful against batsmen who are more into playing lofted shots as this bowling style forces a high shot due to its placement on the bat. This in turn gives you with an increased opportunity to get catches and dismiss the enemy batsmen.

Alternatively, the out-swinger deliveries grant the chance for edge outs and catches behind the batsmen because it is very hard to time a good shot on an out-swinging delivery. A smart variation between these two types of deliveries will highly increase your chances of taking wickets and sending the enemy home back to the pavilion.

The Art Of Spin

Spin bowling is the bread and butter of seasoned wicket takers and it is almost impossible to go wrong with this bowling technique. Your spin bowlers should always be ready to deliver a bowling spell during the middle order of the opposing batting lineup. This is because most hard hitters of the enemy team will be present in this part of the innings and using spin is a sure shot way to stop them from getting too many runs on the scoreboard. While using spin bowlers you should be wary of the direction of bowling in accordance with the batting style of the batsman present at the strikers end. Similar to the swing style, you have multiple variations of spin at your disposal. You can use the “Leg break” to put any batsman on defensive mode as the ball will directly move towards the leg side of the stump and it is nearly impossible to play for high runs like sixes or fours. The “Off break” variation gives you an increased opportunity for catches as the ball turns away from the batsman and he is mostly tempted to play a lofted shot and hit the ball out of the ground.

Bowled Em’ With Yorkers

One of the hardest bowling techniques to learn and master in the game, the Yorker is a deadly ball that is almost guaranteed to get you wickets every time. The best tip to ball an effective Yorker is to place the blue colored marker right at the foot of the batsman. This will ensure that the ball strikes the middle stump and with maximum speed making it almost impossible for the batsman to play a shot. Most of the times, if timed correctly, a Yorker will succeed in getting wickets very quickly and it is a bowling technique on which you can trust blindly once you have had enough practice. Do keep in mind however that a badly timed Yorker can turn into a full toss sweet ball for the batsman and you might be punished for this by being hit out of the stadium! Therefore learn to time the delivery of your ball first and then start using this expert technique during competitive matches.

2. How To Become A Champion Batsman

The key role of a batsman cannot be stressed enough as these are the characters of your team that are responsible for putting a respectable score on the board and helping your team win. Even if you are playing the second innings as a batsman, it is still very important for you to know the best way to control your batsmen as they are the only ones who can help you chase down a huge score set by the enemy team. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of the different kind of shots that you can play while at the strikers end and lead your team to victory!

Hit Hard With Loft Shots

These are the high scoring shots in the game which are hit using the loft shot button locate at the bottom right corner of the screen of your smartphone. Once activated, your batsman will change his stance and it will only be possible for you to hit high shots. This means that the lower are of your batsman will be uncovered and exposed so you should only activate lofted shots during fast paced bowling by the enemy bowlers. If you try to play lofted shots while facing spin bowling, you might be surprised by back to back dismissals and an abysmal defeat at the hands of the enemy.

Discovering The Sweet Spot

Having control over your cricket bat is all about thinking as if it is an extension of your own arm. If you have physically played Cricket in real life you will immediately understand this analogy. However if you have not had any contact with a real life cricket bat, you should know that there are different areas of the bat that offer variations in the shots that can be played. The most optimum or “Sweet Spot” area of the bat lies in the middle part and slightly towards the lower end. Think of it as a small circle a little bigger than the size of a cricket ball and you should be able to grasp the idea. This sweet spot gives you maximum power and control over your shots given that you are able to accurately place the ball on this area of the bat.

The sweet spot movement is very useful for performing the “Hard Hit” move where you have to turn your bat sideways and hit as hard as you can to make the ball completely fly out of the field for a sixer! Most of the game challenges are based on the Hard Hit move and if you can master the sweet spot hitting of your cricket bat, beating your own records will become easy for you. Remember, mastering the controls takes time and practice will definitely make you perfect.

3. Upgrades And Tickets

The main objective of Real Cricket 18 is to upgrade your batsmen and bowlers until no one can match them in the field. With every challenge that you complete or tournament that you win you will gain points that you can use towards getting better cricket bats and perks that can help you to hit the ball further. These upgrades and power-ups come at a cost of course and that is the spending of the in game currency to unlock and apply them. This means that you should decide and analyze which upgrade is truly worth the money before you start unlocking and applying them all like crazy.

In order to decide this, the best way is to test yourself during one of the later levels. If you find that you are bad at aiming, apply one of the aiming quicker and more accurately perks or purchase a lighter bat which will be easier to swing around. Similarly, if you see that you hit the ball perfectly but it still does not go too far, you should focus on getting the upgrades for power or upgrading to a heaver bat because there is simply not enough force behind your shot to make the ball go hard!

Always remember to upgrade your perks intelligently. Too much of speed and very low turning ability will make things even more difficult for you than a standard bat. In addition to equipment and skill upgrades, Real Cricket offers you the opportunity to obtain tickets after matches. This is another in game currency that you should save as much as possible because it is used to expand your home stadiums. Once you have a bigger stadium you can accommodate more fans and this will lead to a greater cash flow allowing you to upgrade your team faster than anyone else!


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