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Creative Destruction’s Open Beta Is Now Live on iOS and Android

A new contender has entered mobile gaming’s bustling Battle Royale arena as Creative Destruction has just kicked off its open beta test on iOS and Android.

The game puts its own stamp on the genre by placing the emphasis as much on building bases as destroying them. It takes place in a destructible environment where virtually everything can be harvested as raw materials for your customisable stronghold.

Creative Destruction parachutes players into 100-strong Battle Royale contests, armed with a weapon dubbed Destructor, the tool of the trade for creating building materials. Combatants will also wield rocket launchers, flamethrowers and more during high-octane skirmishes.

Titan Studio has built the game with touchscreen hardware and accessibility in mind, complete with a gentle learning curve and colourful cartoon visuals.

Players are also given freedom of choice over how they play. They can switch between the first or third-person perspectives at will, and can either fight solo or team up with others in the arena.

Adding to the sense of immersion, combatants will also encounter changing weather patterns and get to experience the vast map by day and by night, under the cover of darkness.

iPhone and iPad owners on iOS 9 and above are invited to join Creative Destruction’s open beta via the App Store now, and Android users can access it through Google Play.