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Real Boxing 2 Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Strengthen Your Boxers and Dominate Bouts

It’s normal for mobile games to have promising and evocative titles; after all, it’s their job to hype themselves up. But let’s face it, delivering promises and the execution of the idea suggested by a game’s title is more often a miss than a hit. In that department, Real Boxing 2, is a gem. It is simply at a league of its own when it comes to proving what it claims to be real.

real boxing 2 load screen

Given the nature of mobile gaming, where controls must be simplified, Real Boxing 2 has been masterfully designed to make the experience close to reality. It allows movement inherent to the fighting genre while locking in the controls existent in other mobile boxing games. Stringing those two together and becoming effective with it can be a tricky ordeal. Fret not; that’s exactly why we prepared this comprehensive Real Boxing 2 guide for you!

real boxing 2 telegraph

The checks and balances employed by its developer, Vivid Games, help ensure that it remains as a solid, skill-based, free-to-play game. There are stamina limits and defensive moves that safeguard against the good ol’ strategy of button mashing. Purchasing packages or deals with real currency would still require you to have a decent skill level before you relish success from it.

real boxing 2 lopsided

You can progress well regardless if you just stick to the free-to-play path. Buying resources with real-currency, on the other hand, will be helpful too (of course). But, at the end of the day, wins will still boil down to how skilled a player is.

real boxing 2 upset

Before we mince the matters that you shall focus on when it comes to improving your mechanical skills, let’s course through the essentials first to ensure that you know what we know.

1. Understanding The Stats

Apart from your playing skill, your stats is half of what defines your boxer. Depending on how you allocate points on each stat, you can brew your own approach to fighting become a hard puncher with average speed, a speedster, a tanky boxer who is hard to knock down, or a volume attacker that can unload a lot of punches before fatiguing.

You can’t directly “purchase” your way to gain more stats, because there is no in-game currency that can buy XP. As such, we feel it’s significant to rank them according to their importance, so you can economize your XP and resources accordingly.

Stats and Their Functions

real boxing 2 stats

Strength – The most important stat because it determines how much damage your punches can deal. Fortunately, it is the easiest to train (we’ll put better details into this in a latter section), so buffing it up is very feasible.

While all stats hold a degree of importance on their own, taking on an opponent with a huge strength advantage will prove to be a truly uphill battle, as compared to fighting opponents that are faster, healthier, and has better stamina. A foe that is way more hard-hitting than you can put you out even if he is in a fatigued state.

Speed – This dictates how fast your boxer’s actions will happen, be it throwing a punch, blocking, clinching, and evading blows. Speed is primarily important because the higher this stat is, the faster your punches can connect. Reactive actions like parrying and weaving banks on speed too. It is, technically, the second most important stat.

The mini-game to train your speed is also something you can adequately perform great in (we’ll break it down better later) and this means you have a clean chance of improving this stat without fully expending your XP. Theoretically, speed increases your damage per second (DPS), but due to factors such as blocking, distance, dodging, and fatigue, a DPS approach isn’t exactly optimal.

Health – Plain and simple, health means your health pool. It defines how much blows you can sustain and how many hits it would take before you get knocked down. This stat also affects the amount of health you can recover when you are clinching. Unlike the three other stats, there is no dedicated mini-game to help with health. You can only boost your health by using health-giving gears/gear sets and by dedicating your XP.

We think this stat is more important than Stamina because taking on an opponent with hundreds of health points above you will always pose a challenge as you’ll be forced to be busier in offense, and at the same time, you cannot really afford to haplessly exchange blows.

Stamina – Boxing is known as a sport of stamina and this stat reflects its real-life purpose. The amount of punches you can throw without taking a pause for a breather depends on it. A high stamina pool lets your fatigue bar seat at a comfortable level when fighting because it means that you can trade shots without depleting your stamina bar sooner than your opponent’s.

As rounds progress and if you get knocked down, your max stamina will decrease, so keeping this stat at a decent level assures that you can thrive in a three-round-bout.

The mini-game meant for this is rather difficult and unreliable (we’ll discuss more of it in its own section) which is quite fortunate because it is not as vital as strength and speed. We’re ranking it as the least significant stat because carefully picking your exchanges and a wise action management can offset any stamina disadvantage. Also, no matter how much your stamina is, if you take a Focus Punch, the entire bar will be zapped anyway.

real boxing 2 gym

Just an additional note, your base stats (or the actual values you see when you tap on your level progression bar > stats) are shared across your boxers. Note that if you’ve bought legendary boxers, they will still carry your account’s stats; the different boxers you can get are merely just skins.

Train Unceasingly

Technically, this is our first tip. If you wish to keep progressing, you should take pleasure in the stats training feature of the game. Unlike in Punch Hero and Boxing Stars, where stat improvement is just a matter of tapping and waiting, you literally have to work to get your boxer in better shape in Real Boxing 2.

As hinted in the previous section, strength, speed, and stamina can be trained through their respective mini-games. Each mini-game has a default duration of 30 seconds and has a corresponding point for plain score (white), bonus time (purple), score multiplier (orange), and perfect timing point (blue). Your success in the mini-games rely on your skill and RNG because the point variations come in random. 

Our general, complimenting advise then is to try your best to acquire as much points as possible before the clock expires. Whatever excess points you earn will not give you anything.

Strength Training

For strength training, the game sets you to work on the heavy bag. A series of punches will be displayed and you should flawlessly perform each according to their correct sequence; one mistake will end the series and you have to wait until the game feeds the next. The time window varies depending on the length of the combo shown; a sequence can contain 2 to 6 punches.

The idea is to issue each punch command as soon as you can because the score will count as soon as you’ve issued the correct command (and not after the corresponding animations).  Like how you would strike in UFC Mobile, the game will read and register the commands you issued and they will be queued for execution

real boxing 2 strength training action

Among all the mini-games, strength training is the easiest because you are given an adequate time window for the required punches and tap placement only demands that you perform the punches from their respective sides. Earning 200 points in each run is already considered good. In our experience, the best we got so far is 498 points in a single turn (with the help of a favorable RNG, that is).

We have two simple advices for strength training:

1) Don’t panic and calmly tap/swipe for each punch. There are no bonus points for quickly-performed strikes. The feedback that you’ll see based on how quick you were able to comply with the required commands does not matter; as long as you clear the series before each combo timer expires, you’re fine.

2) This is rather unorthodox, but we do recommend blasting your screen’s brightness to maximum. Brightening your screen will let you see better for which side a punch shall be done. The contrast between the shaded and the highlighted part will be amplified, lessening your chances for misreads.

Stamina Training

Real Boxing 2 references the real world again with what it sets you for improving your stamina: a speed rope session. Here, you must time your taps in accordance to the incoming arches. Tap location accuracy is not an issue, but timing is everything. If you tap to soon or a bit late, it will immediately cause to reset the flow of arches and force your boxer to restart with the jumps (which takes a huge deal of time away from the default 30 seconds).

If you are good in rhythm/music games (like Piano Master or Overrapid), you will definitely have an edge here. It is, technically, the most unforgiving of the bunch and we’d be honest to admit that among the three, this one is where we see the least successful in. Earning 100 points per run here is already a sizeable output.

real boxing 2 stamina training action

The trick here is to general only tap when an arch is already “hiding” underneath the circle. Double arches are understandably trickier, but will give twice the gains. Ultimately, this is a mini-game that you can get good in with tremendous amount of practice. However, practicing it or taking on this game more frequently will mean that you have to spend your gold. Our general advice is to only play it when you get a free access via the lottery cards OR if you have an impeccable sense of timing and rhythm.

Again, we treat stamina as the least important stat. Also, the pace and spacing of the arches aren’t as fast and frequent than the action prompts in the strength and speed mini-games, giving it the worse gold-for-point ratio (even if you perform good in it).

Speed Training

The double-end bag is a revered training tool in boxing used in sharpening one’s accuracy and reflexes. Fittingly, a workout with it is the game’s version of speed training. Just like what the real thing requires, the placement of your punches and the time you throw them matters.

Random punch targets will appear at both sides of the screen and you must accurately tap on them as soon as they appear, except for the red ones. These punch targets will briefly show at different locations and intervals and each only lingers for 1 to 2 seconds.

real boxing 2 speed training action

This mini-game gives you a fair chance to net a respectable amount of points within time; a run can be considered solid if you’re able to gain at least 140 points. It is also seemingly the most satisfying one to play.

Again, whatever amount of points you get after the timer runs out, no excess points will be given even just a fraction. Save your effort and momentum for the next session.

2. Defining The Dynamics

As a fighting game, Real Boxing 2 has multiple ‘ingredients’ you must take into account in concocting your own formula for victory. Your approach to fights may be as crude as button mashing or a sophisticated method that involves tactically shifting between offense and defense; we recommend the latter, of course. To help you brew your own style, we’re tackling all the options available to you.

2.1 Defensive Maneuvers and Considerations

Everybody can throw a punch, but what defines a great boxer is the way he reacts to attacks and responds to aggressive pressure. This section is dedicated to discuss all actions pertaining to defense.

Range and Movement

In plain terms, “range” pertains to one’s ability to cover a certain distance. Speaking of distance, the range dynamic in Real Boxing 2 is what beautifully sets it apart it from its top competitors within its niche.

In other mobile boxing games, you permanently stay “in the pocket,” despite attempts to introduce the real-world concepts of outboxing (a style with preference for throwing long shots and keeping distance) and infighting (an approach common to boxers who seek close-range engagements where durability and superior strength shines). Meanwhile, in Real Boxing 2, boxers can sidestep and even backpedal to get avoid damage and disengage.

real boxing 2 backpedal

To gain the ability to backpedal and sidestep, you must first complete the tutorial for dodging. Finishing the expert lesson will allow you to unlock the commands to backpedal (two-finger downward swipe), move forward (two-finger upward swipe), and sidestep (two-finger sideward swipe to whichever direction you choose).

Range is an implicit consideration when attacking. In the game, the short punches in real life (hooks and uppercuts) are actually delivered as short attacks. If your opponent leans back or was knocked back after sustaining a heavy shot, none of your subsequent short punches would connect, so you must first press forward or wait for your opponent to reenter attacking range.

The range detail adds to the game’s realness because you have to wait for both fighters to be within infighting range to guarantee that punches can make contact. If either boxer moves out of striking range, throwing punches will make them inch forward. Alternatively, you can cut the distance by simply issuing the move forward command.

real boxing 2 distance

Keeping distance is a must whenever you got hit by a Focus Punch or a special ability. You need to do so because you cannot afford to take more damage, given that you’re vulnerable. When you are disoriented, you take more damage.

Moreover, when disoriented, your weaving is slower and so as your punches, thus, it will not be conducive to go counterpunching. It is exponentially better just to disengage; keep your guard up and backpedal away from the threat.


Another brilliant dynamic of the game is the way it projects the importance of keeping your guard up in boxing. Real Boxing 2 understands how blocking works in the sport. Guards here are meant to be impenetrable; as long as it’s up and intact, it can entirely mitigate the damage you would have received, save for Focus Punches and special abilities. You can in fact survive an entire match just by blocking. Then again, purely committing to defense isn’t a way to win.

real boxing 2 cover up

There are two types of guard in the game: the default (which is static) and parrying guard (which will be available after the parry tutorial). The static guard is much simpler and allows for a tighter defense. You can easily weave as you guard if you see big a shot coming in.

On the other hand, the parrying guard works like the reflex guard in For Honor (PC) which you need to sway to the direction of an incoming attack so it can be absorbed and negated. Like the reflex guard, it has a limited duration; the parry only happens for about a second which is why you need to time it. Needless to say, the parrying guard is for more advanced players.

real boxing 2 parried
Note the position of the guard button. To parry an attack to your right side, you should parry right.

Furthermore, when using the parrying guard, you have to keep in mind that it loosens up as you sway it left and right. To make it act like the default guard, you need to position the button at the middle of the slider. If you held the guard at a side too long or the button is off-center, your guard cannot block anything.

The best time to stick to blocking is when you are trying to regain your stamina or when you are hit by your opponent’s Focus Punch which disorients you. When disoriented, all your actions will be slower, which is why it is smarter to cover up than to engage or try to weave for survival. It will also be wise to keep your guard up when you notice that your opponent is covering up a lot and his patterns and habits are yet unclear. In such a phase, use the opportunity to read your opponent’s tendencies.


This defensive mechanic in Real Boxing 2 is congruent with the what similar games offer, a means to alter your boxer’s posture out of harm’s way. If you consecutively issue the command, it will cycle from a weave that will lean back, right, and left.

real boxing 2 weave to evade

There is no active option to choose which side your boxer will lean on, unlike in Punch Hero and Boxing Stars. In those games, weaving to the opposite side will not make you evade the incoming attack and erase your chance to throw a counter. Speaking of which, in Real Boxing 2, as long as you avoid a punch using the weave command, your next punch – if it connects before your opponent throws a follow-up shot – will count as a counterattack.

However, it must be noted that the recovery time after making a punch miss is very short. As such, you must throw a punch right away if you have successfully avoided an attack (if your stamina allows, of course).

real boxing 2 counter

It is essential to master the art of weaving because it is your key to counterpunching. This is of utmost importance because as you progress in the game, some AIs will dwarf your stats and the players you’ll encounter in the PVP may have several levels above you.

Note that your only means to increase your HP is by channeling to the health stat the XP you gain or by wearing gear and gear sets that gives health bonus. Counterpunching is a versatile offense and defense technique that allows you to chip away at your opponent’s health while preserving yours.

Weaving is technically a reactive move and is most optimal to do when your guard is up. When blocking, check when your opponent is about to throw a big punch and then weave once he releases it. You can eventually perfect reading punches through hours of playtime. Get yourself comfortable in timing your weaves so you can avoid panicking when your foe puts on the pressure.

real boxing 2 pressure

Be aware that weaving consumes stamina too; if your current stamina reserve is still high, you can risk staying in the pocket and cautiously wait for counter opportunities. Conversely, if your stamina is barely at the half and you cannot weave spam, if will be smarter to just step back and wait for it to regenerate.

Being out of range guarantees that you won’t sustain hits. This is the most preferable defensive choice while in the closing seconds if you feel that your offensive output is already enough to clinch the round or if surviving until the next round is the better tactical decision.


To the untrained, clinching appears awkward because on the surface, it’s two fit and athletic men “hugging” each other, but it serves its special tactical purposes. Real Boxing 2 implements this real-life maneuver through a dedicated button that appears only when your active life bar (bright red) reaches 20%. The clear purpose? Survival.

real boxing 2 clinch

Clinching allows you to regenerate HP and stop your opponent’s attacks, a smart move if your current health and stamina does not permit you to take any more risks. Just remember that your boxer opens up while you reach in for a clinch, which means you can get tagged mid-action.

When your clinch attempt is cancelled, the command for it will be gone. It will only reappear once you’ve reached the 20% HP threshold again (which can only happened if you were able to regenerate HP by retreating or after you recovered from being knocked down).

The best time to clinch is when you’re able to dodge your opponent’s hook or uppercut as the recovery time they need to reposition is the exact bit you need to clinch. Faster punches like jabs and straights have a high chance of stopping a clinch attempt (keep this in mind if you want to knockdown an opponent at critical HP). In general, if the opponent is not mid-punch (passive, guarding, cocking a haymaker) and you’re in the pocket, your clinch will take effect.

Just remember, though that your opponent also regains HP while in the clinch. This might be a small price to pray if it means that you’ll survive and make it through the next round.

With your defensive options all laid out now, it’s time to tackle the attacking tactics that worked for us.

3.1 Offensive Templates

Since this is meant to be an advanced guide, we won’t go over anymore to define every single punch at your disposal. We’re counting that you’re already familiar with your arsenal. Instead, we’re sharing you effective attack methods that can help ensure that it’s your hand that the referee will raise at the end of each fight.

The Potshot Path

Think of T.B.E – The Best Ever – Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his unique, personal approach to the sweet science. Mayweather banks on his speed to throw clean shots and counters while being on defense and evasive most of the time. Obviously, a high speed stat is required to make this hit and run tactic possible.

The principal element of this method is keeping your guard up. Since the blocking capacity of guards are reliable, being in a “semi-permanent” guard stance is not a bad idea. As we’ve established prior that defending alone won’t secure wins, you should be extra alert whenever your opponent throws big shots like hooks, uppercuts, and haymakers because they will be your cue on when to counter. The success of this strategy requires a high level of familiarity with how you can throw shots right after dodging.

real boxing 2 1-2s
With proper timing and plenty of Speed stat, you can string 7-hit combos or more just with 1-2s.

Moreover, you have to use your 1-2 (jab + straight) combination A LOT. Jabs, mostly. These punches have the most range and are the quickest to connect. Try your best to string short combos and then backpedal as soon as your opponent returns fire. When you are already comfortable and familiar with your potshot tempo, you can introduce a body shot as it ranks third in terms of range. If your straight (right side tap) connects even over a guard, a subsequent body shot will definitely land.                                                                      

real boxing 2 bodyshot reach

Your ‘mechanical’ skills should naturally improve over time. At the early game, you will naturally be tempted to power your way through bouts (and you’d be much more enticed if you have a high Strength stat). Later on, a sound knowledge on countering will pay off. As such, if you are yet at the first or second continent, practice how to dodge already and learn to be disciplined when unloading.                                

Combo Crusader

Combos are very satisfying to land. If you have played fighting games, you know the extra sense of accomplishment that you get when you are able to outland your foe. Combos in Real Boxing 2 accounts for a series of unanswered shots. You don’t have to unload everything in one fluid stream; you can incorporate weaving or a moment to be on guard. As long your next attack still lands, there is no significant pause, and the other fighter connects with nothing, your combo counter will resume.

Note the presence of a counterattack text prompt when it’s already the fourth strike of the combo.   

The length of combos often defines how fluent one is in fighting games, but apart from the self-actualization benefit, performing combos is simply the most efficient way of aggression. We cannot give a hard-and-fast directive on how to pull off a certain canned combo because the circumstances vary from fight to fight.

However, the general idea is to mix up your punches; if your opponent covers up, go downstairs with a body shot. If the blow landed flush and your opponent steps back, chase him with the move forward command then rinse and repeat.

real boxing 2 combo

A good reaction time is also instrumental; if  you see that your opponent is about to retaliate, dodge that strike, counterattack, then resume mixing up your punches. If you have ever trained boxing in real life and have learned combinations, those that make sense works in the game too.

For example, after successful jabs and straights to the head, deliver body shots to force the opponent to drop his guard which in turn will allow you to connect hooks to the head. We’re not exactly sure if its pure coincidence or if the game is just intricately designed, but proper combos take effect like it’s the real thing.

Every punch you land, be it clean or over the guard, will charge your Focus Punch. This makes volume punching potent because the Focus Punch will be available to you more often. We’ll share sweet details about the Focus Punch later in this guide. For now, we’re stating this to underscore that chaining your punches is the most rewarding strategy.

Additionally, the effectiveness of this method can be further amplified by gears that offer a damage multiplier for combos. Do check out Shang (shorts) and Xia (gloves) which separately gives a 10% bonus combo damage.

Way of the Heavy

real boxing 2 plain uppercut
A plain uppercut deals 153 damage against a non-disoriented opponent.

Haymakers are strong punches – and just like their real life version – can be easily telegraphed. They are, however, scary and particularly much terrifying if you absorb one while you’re disoriented; a few of these and you’re down. Given this reality, it is only right that you invoke this frightening scenario upon your foe.

Our suggestion is to dedicate haymakers when your opponent is disoriented to take full advantage of its insane damage. A disoriented opponent moves slower, thus, less capable of reacting even as you take time to charge your haymaker.

real boxing 2 disoriented uppercut
In time before the disoriented state’s expiry, we landed an uppercut and it dealt 245 damage.

Normally, when an opponent gets out of the disoriented state, he will have full stamina and will vehemently seek to retaliate to keep up with damage (and score). To effectively neutralize the impending retribution, it is ideally better to create a bit of space, so you can reset your offensive. Patience is the key to the way of the heavy. If you are, however, certain that you’d be able to knock down a disoriented foe, keep the pressure by all means and volume-punch your way to it.

real boxing 2 disoriented haymaker
Our uppercut wreaked 417 damage on our disoriented foe.

Sure, you can user haymakers at about every time, but if you are facing human players who know how to defend against them, you can easily get countered. To upgrade a punch into a haymaker, remember that you need to cock it for at least 2 seconds, that is an ample window of time for an experienced player to react.

real boxing 2 haymaker space

When dealing with AIs, you can resort to a haymaker-heavy approach if you’ve already mastered backpedaling and circling around the ring. The idea is to backpedal so you have the time to charge the punch. What usually happens is that, your opponent will either keep on advancing as he throws normal punches or he will just stay in place.

As long as you won’t get tagged before the punch gets released, that haymaker will be delivered. Any of those two scenarios will be favorable for your haymaker; an advancing opponent will walk right into your shot and a static opponent will be hit because your boxer will slowly advance as the punch is being charged.

real boxing 2 haymaker deliver

A haymaker only consumes one punch’s worth of stamina which makes it cost-efficient. Going for the distance creation + haymaker approach then is a nifty choice by round 3 when your stamina pool has been diminished, especially if you’re certain that the first 2 rounds are yours.

You don’t have to stick to just one method throughout a fight; you may opt to switches across them according to the fight’s circumstances. The more flexible you are, the harder will it be for you to get beaten. Ponder which of these three approaches to offense fits your style or your boxer’s stats. It’s all up to your preference whether you wish to heavily bank on your elusiveness, alertness, or patience in your bid to win bouts.

3. Keys To Victory

If you’ve stuck with us in this guide from the top up to this part, you already know that Real Boxing 2 is not just about throwing punches, it requires an impeccable sense of discernment on when to unload for offense or be safe and play defensively. As we want to make sure you are better equipped the next time you climb up that ring, we are giving you the following pointers that will help you ace your opponents.

3.1 Stay Calm

real boxing 2 underdog

No matter who has the upper hand in stats, either fighter could win. We’re starting with this fairness premise because we want to highlight that everyone can throw big blows and put the other guy out. If it turned out that you have the shorter sword for the battle (which usually happens when you’re taking on Bosses and Legendary AIs or veteran human players), prove to them that they’re in trouble for giving you a sword at all. We know – yes, we know – the there are no swords in boxing, but you get it. You have an equal shot in winning. ALWAYS.

real boxing 2 underdog ko

When fighting human players, there is a greater tendency that they go full-on offensive. This is especially true if they have superior stats and, much more usual, if the strength gap is wide. Our recommendation is to try to remain calm. Weather the storm, wait for their stamina to dwindle down before you take your turn to unload.

In this ‘waiting’ phase, just keep your guard up, be ready to weave, parry, or backpedal. If they continue to press on even with a depleted stamina bar (yes, human players do that), unload uppercuts because you are almost guaranteed to win in such an exchange. Uppercuts have the best damage-for-time ratio and cleanly landing one will add points on your focus faster than a 1-2 combination could. You may choose to dodge/weave some of the incoming shots in case you realize that your health bar is depleting quicker as mutual shots land.

Keep your composure when fighting AIs as they tend to be trickier. Their coded “response” whenever they are disoriented is to block more effectively. You then have to mix up to keep them guessing or better yet, create a bit of distance to prepare haymakers.

3.2 Respect the Warnings

real boxing 2 touch gloves

As the fighters touch gloves at the beginning of each round, activated boosts will be displayed. You may want to adjust your approach depending on what buff your opponent has activated. If you see that a punch-specific buff is active, expect them to be extra aggressive. Capitalize on their frenzy by making them miss through footwork (sidestep) and weaving/dodging.

For example, if they choose an uppercut damage buff, anticipate that they would be spamming uppercuts. When you’re able to make an uppercut (or even a hook) miss by dodging, there will be a brief slow-mo phase. Once that happens, cue a big shot of your own to complete a counterattack.

real boxing 2 out of reach

If the they use the “Focus Punch ready” boost, it is best to be agile, wait for their stamina bar to turn blue and keep backpedaling until the blue bar is yellow again. This is also applicable for whenever your opponent activates the Focus Punch mid-fight.

Pay attention to the pre-fight preview and see that stats of your opponent (especially in PVP). If his strength stat is over a hundred above yours, know that you can only win a punch-for-punch exchange if you’re able to counter at least 3 of his big shots. If the stats and odds don’t favor you, let your skill and wits back you up.

3.3 Our Sweet “Secret”

For the couple of hundred matches we played, we’ve only lost twice in Online Fights (one of which was from an ad-related disconnection and the other against a 600-fight veteran). We are crediting our victory to the ability of carrying a “free” boost into each fight.

real boxing 2 charged fp timestamp

The boost we’re referring to is to the trusty Focus Punch. In the image above, you can see that we ended the strength training session with the Focus Punch charged. We’ve intentionally included the clock in the screenshot. On the image below, we looked for an online fight; device time also intentionally captured.

real boxing 2 online fight timestamp

We walked into the fight with our Focus Punch ready. Note that each round only lasts for 60 seconds; there is no way you can charge your Focus punch in just 3 seconds. We’ve done that much damage because we are ahead in stats, but we guarantee you that we kept the charged status from the training and brought it into the fight.

real boxing 2 fp ready bout start

In essence, if you chose to activate a different boost coming into a fight, you can essentially bring 2 power ups: the pre-charged Focus Punch and another boost of your liking. We aren’t sure if this is a bug or is considered cheating, but hey, we’re here to teach you how to dominate!

This charging phenomenon also happens smoothly across training sessions and all match types (AI modes and PVPs) so this is unlikely a bug. Somewhere, somehow, we feel that others already know this “secret” too, as we’ve encountered at least one online opponent who has a pre-charged Focus Punch.

A Focus Punch works as effectively as a special ability and you can use them interchangeably to secure a knockdown or to turn the tide of battle around. By turning the tide, we are referring to activating these abilities when you are hit by either. If you got caught by an ability and your special ability is available, don’t let your opponent’s animation to finish, unleash yours and see his stop. The disorientation or stamina blast effect by abilities and Focus Punches will be negated INSTANTLY. Talk about instant karma!

In the previous subsection, we shared how to manage an opponent who activated his Focus Punch constant distance creation until the buff expires. With this in mind, it is best to “hide” your Focus Punch especially when you are fighting veteran players. You can do this by not activating it before you enter an exchange. Instead, tap it while you are already unloading a combo, the punch being thrown as you activate it will be converted to a Focus Punch.

real boxing 2 record

Those are pretty much our keys to victory. By applying the tricks, tips, and strategies we have shared in this guide, we’re able to amass a record of 248 wins, 8 losses, and 3 draws in a total of 259 bouts as of finishing this article (in case you’re curious, we’re 25-2-1 in PVP). Most of our losses came from bosses and legendary AIs where we deliberately marched in with inferior stats early-game. Nothing beats the feeling of winning as an underdog.

This is not about us, it’s all about our willingness to give you a reliable and accurate advanced guide to Real Boxing 2. So before we let you go, we are sharing to you some more tips that will help you maximize your experience.

4. Meaty Miscellaneous Tips

Intelligently Use Your Diamonds

The game will generously give you diamonds when you begin your journey and there are giveaways (freebies and lotto draws) every now and then. We have not topped up anything, but we were able to amass over 500 diamonds as of yet.

real boxing 2 skins

We reckon it is the game’s way of encouraging players to top up and get some more diamonds to buy boxers who represent – either in actuality or just in style – some iconic athletes that have ever stepped in the boxing ring including Manny Pacquiao (actual), Floyd Mayweather (as Lord Maywinner), Butterbean (as the Butcher), Conor McGregor (as the Irishman), and even Jake Paul (as Landon Phil).

Don’t forget that custom boxers are plainly skins, the benefit you’re mainly getting when you purchase them are their gears with impressive stats. It’s totally up to you if you wish to buy any, but if you’re keen to be purely on free-to-play, we suggest that you dedicate your diamonds in paying for access to legendary fights.

real boxing 2 golem fight

The diamonds you’ll spend here with be truly worth it because clearing the opponents in the legendary cluster will allow you to complete the Premium Set worn by the boss. Yes, you’ll be dedicating time and energy (condition points) just to collect them, but it is a win-win situation.

real boxing 2 golem price

The Price of the legendary boxer, Golem, in the customization shop is 324 diamonds. Purchasing him will give you his premium gloves, shorts, boots and 10,000 XP. To illustrate why it’s a genius move to buy fight access instead, we’re showing below our XP before we took on the legendary cluster; we only had 2,348.

real boxing 2 pre-golem xp

When we cleared all 7 bouts, we were able to claim his entire gear and even farmed more XP than we could have gotten if we purchased him. Our resulting XP is 14,151 which means that we are able to earn 11,803 XP. On top of that, we’ve saved 234 diamonds!

real boxing 2 post-golem xp

The only other economical use for diamonds is by using them when you’re knocked down in Online Fights. Instant stand up only costs 2 diamonds and having a lot in your pocket just gives you an extra sense of security. Remember, you step in the ring to win, so stand back up and keep on fighting for as long as you can.

Freebies and Tasks Rewards

Diamonds are valuable, so if there is an opportunity to get one, seize it. Every now and then, the game offers a freebie on the pre-fight phase. Whenever you see one, be it diamond, XP, or gold, just get it. It’s free anyway!

real boxing 2 freebie

There is also an ad viewing opportunity for 5 diamonds that shows up in the game’s main menu every day. Be sure to take it when available. We are just not sure if that option would remain available if you’ve purchased the game pass that removes ads.

real boxing 2 tasks

If you’re dedicated to the game and wish to earn as much resources as possible, try your best to accomplish the Daily Tasks. Every bit of reward from it will help you advance.

Go with the Ads’ Flow

While we’re unhappy to have lost an online match because of a lengthy ad, we still highly encourage you to capitalize on the game’s willingness to show ads. The perks you get from viewing ads will help you be more successful.

real boxing 2 post-fight multiplier

Ads do help with your gold farming endeavors. Remember that you pay for your training sessions with it, so getting extra from your bouts is a sweet bonus. In line with this, we suggest that you take advantage as well of the daily free 10 lottery cards in exchange for ad watching. Lottery cards give almost about everything: gears, XP, gold, condition points, mini-game training sessions, random boosts, and extra card draws. It is never a bad idea to earn lottery cards.

real boxing 2 ads for lotto

The free game market is saturated with pay-to-win games and Real Boxing 2 is a rare breed, being a true skill-based game that you can excel in even as an F2P player. Embracing the ads would be our way to show the devs that we thank them for building such a wonderful game.

real boxing 2 win

And that wraps up our Real Boxing 2 guide! We’re hoping that the best practices we shared here will help you ace the career mode, win championship belts, and defeat your opponents in the PVP matches. If we’ve missed something or you got other tips to share that will help other players, feel free to chime in at the comments section below. Keep on winning and we’re looking forward to see your names in the global rankings.


Sunday 15th of January 2023

Why is my "strength" bar gold (NOT green) with no option to use my XP points?


Thursday 12th of January 2023

How do you continue to level up if your stats are full? I'm at level 203 but I've seen others that are higher.