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Rainbow Story Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Level Up Fast and Dominate Each Challenge

Rainbow Story is the latest MMORPG from developer EskyfunUSA, that’s available on both iOS and Android platforms. In contrast with 3D MMORPGs that flood the mobile gaming market that are often set on a dark and gritty world, Rainbow Story sets itself apart with a 2D side-scrolling open world set in a light and vibrant environment.

Most of the usual elements found in modern MMORPGs are present in this game and on top of that Rainbow Story provides new experiences to even veteran MMORPG enthusiasts. The game can certainly provide a fun and exciting experience to players of all ages and experiences so if you are in the current lookout for a unique RPG adventure, then you should check the game out!

Rainbow Story sets you off on an adventure that centers around a looming evil that threatens the land. The journey is expectedly long and seemingly endless but provides numerous experiences you can enjoy each step of the way. While there are numerous game modes that allow you to team-up with other players, even the solo adventure part will not be travelled alone as your mount and multiple pet allies will always be by your side.

rainbow story guide

Rainbow Story comes packed with tons of features and game modes and the pace at which you make progress to unlock each of them can have an overwhelming effect, especially to beginners in the RPG genre. There is, however, a simple tutorial provided to guide you through every bet of activity you go through. In addition to a full auto mode that can take you to wherever you need to go and even engage in battle automatically, Rainbow Story also provides a number of helpers and indicators that make almost everything a click away.

Now, if you are looking for ways to level up and strengthen your hero, then stay with us and read our detailed Rainbow Story beginner’s guide below for some useful advice! We have compiled a comprehensive strategy guide including tips and strategies to get you started on the right foot!

1. Choose The Right Class For You

Being able to choose from among different classes has become an integral part of every MMORPG. Most beginners typically ponder on the question of which class is the best. In Rainbow Story, much like in most RPGs, though, each class is equal to one another for the most part, if not entirely.

There are currently 3 distinct classes to choose from in Rainbow Story and each one comes with an entirely different set of attributes and skills. Although you are provided with 3 character slots enabling you to create all 3 different classes, it is always best to only focus on one character. Before you decide on which class to take, you should first think about your preferred play style as that should be the main factor to consider in choosing among the 3 different classes.

The swordsman is simply the most straightforward class equivalent to knights or warriors in other RPGs. With high defense stats and close combat expertise, swordsmen are the best tanks to man the frontlines of team combat. On solo play, the swordsman is the best pick for players who prefer defense over all attributes. Although the swordsman lags behind the other 2 classes in terms of range and DPS, the swordsman more than makes up for it as far as survivability is concerned. It may be a challenge to appreciate it early on but once you face powerful enemies, you can see just how much a swordsman’s defense attributes matters.

swordsman class rainbow story

A favorite among more aggressive players, archers have the farthest range and the highest attack values in the game. Just like the swordsmen, archers have a decent mix of single target and AoE attacks. Archers however should stick to fighting from a distance as their high attack, range, and mobility values are their top strength. As far as defense is concerned, though, archers lag behind both other classes.

archer class rainbow story

Last, but definitely not the least are the mages, whose powerful spells are the best in clearing mobs of monsters. Archers and mages in some RPGs may share the same long range expertise but in Rainbow Story, the mages’ range are somewhere between the range of the other 2 classes.

mage class rainbow story

All of the mage’s attacks, however, deal damage in an area and can strike more enemies than the earlier classes. Mages are also as vulnerable as archers and do not exhibit a high defense value. They have barriers, though, that give them an extra layer of protection.

With the given class descriptions provided, you should be able to identify is the best for you based on how you feel like going through the game’s numerous contents. Note that each of the available classes in Rainbow Story can stand well on their own in solo play and can each contribute equally well in team dungeons as well. Again, it all boils down to your preferences and play style so do not hesitate to choose the class that you like the most.

2. Prioritize Progression On The Main Story

There are a lot of features and game modes in Rainbow Story that you need to plow through although you will naturally be able to access the most basic ones early on. Completing quests and reaching new levels are your keys toward unlocking the rest of the content, which is why it is important to prioritize pursuing main quests to unlock as many features as you can at the soonest.

Rainbow Story provides a story to immerse you further into its world and the lore of the land. You basically get bits of it through conversing with different characters and progressing through the main quest. Although you can also skip through conversations, it is up to you if wish to do so. In any case, the NPC interactions only take a few seconds and a bigger portion of most quests take you through different areas to battle with enemies.

story progression in rainbow story

In addition to progression and earning XP to level up your hero, quest completions actually reward you with basic resources and materials you need for the various upgrade and enhancement features in the game. There are numerous unique materials to gather in the game and different sources for each on but the rewards from the main quests typically serve as insurance that you are up to the task when it comes to taking on the subsequent quests.

First time visits on the numerous features and game modes in Rainbow Story sometimes fall within the main quest objectives. Once you have satisfied its conditions, be sure to hop back into progressing the quest. You can also perform various upgrade and enhancement options while in pursuit of a quest objective, and this can easily be done by activating auto mode.

Simply tapping on the main quest at the top of the list on the left side of the screen will enable auto mode to take you where you need to go as well as eliminate enemies as needed. You may see other quests on the list, but consider to purse them only if you are unable to accomplish the main quest at hand.

3. Perform Upgrades As Soon As You Can

Every new level your hero reaches comes with an increase in stats and overall combat power. Given the increasing demands of the battles as you progress through the quests and dungeons, though it will never be enough. Rainbow Story provides a tone of features that not just let you increase your hero’s power further, but to some extent, there are also means of customizing how your hero is built.

The extra boost in stats and power largely comes from the many types of gears that each hero can equip. Gears come in different rarity grades and randomness in terms of acquiring them in quests and dungeons can be expected. Some higher grade gears, however, can be specifically targeted in the player auction and high grade gears you do not need can be sold off as well.

Rainbow Story makes it easy enough for you to equip better gears that you obtain. Whenever a powerful equipment can be used by your hero, its icon will appear on your screen and a quick tap will automatically switch it against the one you have.

uprades in rainbow story

Gears that belong to a higher rarity grade are expected to provide better stat boosts. Their effects can further be increased through upgrades that you can perform via the equipment menu, which you can access through its button that you can access after tapping on the switch button at the right side of your screen.

What is great about gears is that there is no room for hesitation as far as upgrading goes considering that enhancements are attached to the equipment slot instead of the actual gear. If you leveled up your weapon to +7 for example, and picked up a better one and change it, the new weapon will have the +7 effect.

You need enhance stones for each upgrade, which you can receive from quests and events, mining, and even the clan shop. To some extent, you can choose which gears to prioritize upgrading ahead of others but once any gear reaches level 10, each one must reach level 10 as well before you can perform the next set of upgrades.

rainbow story skill upgrades

Gears can also be ranked up. Each gear starts at 1 star, and you can raise their star grade through the star up option within the equipment menu. Ranking up certainly boosts the stat buffs tremendously but it is a lot more challenging to perform. In addition to star up stones, you also need to sacrifice gears of the same rarity items.

Each class in Rainbow Story initially holds 4 different active skills and additional ones become available once the hero has upgraded his or her class. For starters, all 4 of the hero’s skills can be used in combat and it will take a while to have to choose between the initial 4 and the additional ones that can be unlocked after class change.

Each skill’s effect can further be strengthened through using skill books as well as specific manuals for each skill. You will naturally obtain a lot of skill books from quests and events but the secret manuals are a little bit more challenging to farm. In any case, another great feature of Rainbow Story is that you can always tap an item or resource you are missing for any upgrade and instantly see the game modes or areas where you can obtain them. Although you may want to prioritize one skill’s upgrade over the rest, it is best to keep them balanced if you rely a lot on auto battles.

rainbow story starting wings

It may not be readily visible, but your hero in Rainbow Story actually has wings. Wings are sort of like special equipment that can be nurtured almost thye same way as upgrading gears. What is unique about the game’s consideration for wings is that it can also be equipped with 4 different gears itself.

When upgrading your wings, each bar filled is a star achieved and fully lighting all stars rank it up to the next tier, which unlocks possibilities not just for stronger wings, but different looking ones as well.

4. Always Tend To Your Companions

As we mentioned earlier, even the solo adventure part of your journey within the world of Rainbow Story is not an adventure to take on entirely by yourself. You will have your trusty mount as well as pets to accompany you on various quests and their number will grow as well as you make further progress in the game.

Just like equipment, each companion you take with you leaves you with a boost in combat power. Although the mount is expected to make travel time faster, they can also provide different buffs and you can later on even choose from among your mounts which one to take with you.

As far as pets go, Rainbow Story is one of the few MMORPGs that allows you to bring along more than one pet. It takes some time to unlock the extra slots for them but you can unlock a total of 5 slots for pets, meaning you will eventually be able to take 5 of them in combat.

companions in rainbow story

You need mount rations to level up your mount and each new level reached increases the stat boosts that your mount provides. Mounts can also be awakened to unlock new passive skills that provide defensive or offensive boosts for your hero.

Pets, on the other hand can be enhanced in a variety of ways. To begin with, pets have varying rarity grades that determine their overall strength as well as attributes that categorize the type of support they provide. Pets can be upgraded using pearl, which is a relatively basic currency in the game. A pet’s maximum level is determined by their star grade, which means that you need to rank up their star grade to increase the level cap by 10.

In addition to star angels, you need to sacrifice several pets of the same grade to rank up the main one that you like. To star up a grade A pet, for example, you will need to sacrifice 2 grade A pets in addition to the star up angel. Pets can also increase their stats by devouring other pets. It sounds cruel but a necessary step to ensure that the pets you actually use are in tip-top shape.

pets in rainbow story

As it is much easier to rank up lower grade pets than S and SS-grade ones, because of probabilities in obtaining them, chances are that you can have a much stronger A-grade pet than an S or SS one. Be sure to lock your favorite pets via the “upgrade” tab to ensure that they will not be sacrificed by mistake as you enhance pets. Make sure to set and appoint the best one as your captain as well.

The gears, skills, mount, and pets we covered do not make up the entirety of everything you need to tend to for your CP to continuously grow. There are costumes, ranks, potions, and even artifacts you can change and upgrade to further increase your heroes stats and power. As we cannot delve into each of them in detail, what we would like for you to note is the “CP improve” button at the right side of the screen. This will always glow whenever there is an available upgrade for you to do. Clicking on it reveals a list of different features and tapping each one instantly takes you to the feature where an upgrade is available. The best part is that you can tend to these upgrades, while auto mode pursues the current quest or dungeon in hand.

5. Join A Clan As Soon As You Can

Not just in MMORPGs, clans, guilds, alliances, factions, or similarly-themed player groupings have grown to become an important aspect of many online games. Beyond serving as an extension of the game’s virtual social platform, clans are a means of providing players with more cooperative and competitive gaming experiences.

While you can still play and enjoy Rainbow Story on your own, not being a member of any clan is like playing the game with a handicap. As such, it is not really a question of whether or not to join the clan but rather, whether to create your own or choose from existing ones which one to join.

If you plan on committing to game with a lot of time and effort, then starting up your very own clan is a good idea. As a beginner, though, or even an experienced player who just does not have ample time to be in the game for long hours, then simply joining an active clan is the best way to go.

rainbow story clan

There are currently numerous clans you can quickly join in the game and while there are no clear indicators of their activities, the number of members as well as the clan level can be decent indicators of just how active the clan is.

As soon as you join a clan, you will be able to reap benefits from it. The daily check-in, for one, offers instant rewards as soon as you click on the “check-in button. The clan shop also provides valuable items that you can purchase using pearls although some items become available only after the clan reaches a certain level. Various activities and perks are also exclusively available for clan members. Be sure to explore the different features available within the clan system, especially pages or tabs with an indicator on them.

Beyond these direct benefits, being in a fairly huge and active clan makes it easier for you to find people to team up with for joint quests. Although a lot of content in Rainbow Story can be played on your own, being in a party is required for some as well as beneficial to game modes that present them as an option.

You can also add friends that you can go on adventures with but if you do not have friends in real life who play the game, then fellow clan members ought to be your top picks for in-game friends and partners in adventures.

6. Expend Attempts In Daily Dungeons And Boss Battles

At some point, progressing through the main quest or even some of the side quests in Rainbow Story will require higher levels or higher CP that you just need to grind a bit more for. While you can always farm XP and gold from any mob you can find, doing so is the last thing you would want to resort to as there are more than enough dungeons and game modes in Rainbow Story to fill your daily need to become stronger.

Most of the extra game modes to spend time on lies within the daily must-plays, which you can access thru its icon on the upper right side of the screen. There are daily events, timed events, and even weekly events that provide means for you to farm for XP as well as all the other resources and upgrade materials you need.

boss battle in rainbow story

As the number of events are too many for us to dig into each of them in detail, what is important to know is that these dungeons can only be engaged in a number of times. With that, you should already sense how important going through each one is, especially if you want to raise your hero’s level and CP fast and efficiently.

Another great feature you can appreciate from Rainbow Story is the presence of red dot indicators on events you have remaining attempts on. Beyond that, tapping on each event icon will give you all the details you need to know about it as well as the rewards you can possibly obtain. The number of total attempts as well as remaining ones can also be vividly seen.

Each dungeon attempt will earn you instant rewards as well as activity points that can earn you even more rewards at the bottom of the page. Although the total number of activity points you can possibly amass from the events will exceed the maximum amount you need, it is best to target at least obtaining the top rewards for your activities.

rainbow story field boss

Be sure to take note of timed event and weekly event schedules as these typically earn you rewards that are far more challenging to acquire. In the event that you missed to expend all or some of your attempts on the daily events, you can even spend gold the following day to retrieve some missed rewards.

Just like daily events, Rainbow Story provides numerous boss battles you can engage in not just to test your hero’s strength but to also earn some great rewards. The boss battle icon is located just beside the daily dungeons and is divided into 3 distinct game modes. You will also see an indicator on the game modes where you still have attempts on so be sure to expend them as well.

7. Pursue Completion Of Achievements And Event Objectives

You are guaranteed to always get something out of each enemy you defeat in the world of Rainbow Story. Accomplishing quests as well as partaking in the numerous available dungeons and boss battles even earn you extra rewards.

While there is certainly no shortage of sources for each item and upgrade materials you constantly need, there are actually plenty more activities that can speed up the item gathering aspect of the game. Beyond all the activities we discussed, more rewards can be claimed form completing achievements and limited event objectives present in the game.

Achievements actually serve as indicators of the milestones you have achieved in the game, considering progression in its many aspects. You can check your achievements thru its icon on the lower right side of the screen and claims rewards as well from each task you have completed. Although you are likely to visit it only when an indicator is present, browsing through the list of tasks is recommended as well as some of it are relatively easy to accomplish.

achievements in rainbow story

Another reason for you to let the achievement objectives serve as your guide is that some of these achievements can earn you different titles. Beyond bragging rights, titles in Rainbow Story actually have an impact on your combat power, and spans across all the characters you create.

Rainbow Story holds numerous time-limited events most especially for beginners who have just started playing the game. On top of the fast pace of progression you go through in the early hours of your adventure, accomplishing objectives relative to these special events can tremendously speed up your growth and progression.

The “Benefits” icon located at the top right area of the screen, for starters, houses a variety of objectives that can give you great rewards once completed. Like achievements, the objectives laid out within special events relate to the usual activities you engage in as you progress through your adventure and designed to mark your milestones across various aspects of the game as well.

In contrast with regular events and achievements, however, special events are typically available only for a limited amount of time and even through best efforts, can still be difficult to completely accomplish. Just the same, and especially given that most timed events offer rewards that are difficult or impossible to obtain anywhere else, it is highly recommended to pursue them with great effort with the hopes of making the most out of each one.

rainbow story special events

Rainbow Story certainly holds more features and game modes we cannot delve into with much detail on this guide but, surely enough, the simple tips and strategies we shared with you on our Rainbow Story will suffice to boost your progression in your adventures.

Although some dungeons have limited attempts, there are plenty of activities to engage in that hardly limits the time you spend in the game. So if you are raring to level up fast and efficiently, then time and effort will play a vital role in your success.

And with that last tip we wrap up our Rainbow Story beginner’s guide. If you have spent some time playing the game and stumbled upon a tip, trick, or strategy we have not mentioned, we welcome you to share them with us and our readers in the comments!