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Rage Fighters Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate Your Enemies

Siamgame Mobile, known for well-received RPGs, recently released Rage Fighters for Android devices. As a new and fast-growing action RPG, Rage Fighters is sure to cater to fans of both anime-styled games and MMORPGs with its comic-style narrative and over-the-top character development systems. Rage Fighters will be, if not yet, a game you’ll spend some time in especially if you’re a fan of the genre.

Rage Fighters offers three unique classes to choose from, loosely following the knight-archer-mage formula of conventional RPGs, and whether or not you’ve played RPGs before, it’s fair to say that no single class is better than the other as it all depends on your preferences and play style. So whether you choose the Sword class (close-combat tank), the Gunner class (long range DPS), or the Element class (mid-range AOE), you’ll come to discover your own strengths and weaknesses and adjust your play style accordingly for each situation. Rage Fighters also boasts a lot of unlockable content which are either new daily quests and events or character and equipment upgrades all aimed towards raising your character’s level and CP or Combat Power.

As easy as the starting tutorial goes, the volume of content may be quite overwhelming for some players. If you’ve started playing the game, however, chances are you’ve already breezed through the first two chapters of the story, taking about forty-five to sixty minutes (depending on how much you auto-battle and skip in-game cinematics), leaving you at approximately level 55 with loads of new content to go through in your quest to raise your CP and progress with the game’s story.

This is where our Rage Fighters strategy guide comes in. Once the auto-battle at the end of the seemingly long yet fast-paced tutorial ends and red markers abound on several icons on your screen, our compilation of Rage Fighters tips and strategies can help you navigate through all the game’s content more efficiently.

1. Making The Most Out Of Your Available Skills

rage fighters best skills

Like choosing characters, selecting which skills to upgrade first is entirely dependent on how you play. If the skill descriptions aren’t convincing enough, perhaps a playtest of skills on an easy mob will give you a better idea of what skills you want to invest on first. Keep in mind though that prioritizing one skill over the other may work best on one scenario and perform differently on another. Also, depending on your level, there’s a cap that delimits how much you can enhance a particular skill. On the other hand, if you play on auto-battle for most of your time in the game, then it would be best to just even out the skill enhancements.

2. Investing In The Right Hero Partners

The Hero Partners are A.I.-controlled characters that go with you on single player quests and battles. Partners not only do additional damage to the opponent, they also take agro, or the enemy’s focus, away from you. You will already have 2 partners after the initial forty-five minute run. With several P. Exp Potions in your bag, it’s arbitrarily a question of spending these now or hold these for later. For starters, it’s better to save these and other partner upgrade materials for later. You get 3x Common Recruitment (B and A-grade) and 1x/2 days Advanced Recruitment (B, A, S, SS-grade) on top of other means of getting partners which will most likely be better than the ones you have now. Additionally, the earlier quests can easily be accomplished even without good partners.

rage fighters best heroes

Choosing which partners to add to your team is largely, if not entirely dependent on their CP. The higher the class and the higher the quality of the partner, then the most likely he or she has higher CP. Keep in mind though that a B-class with an excellent quality may have higher CP than an A-class with a passable quality.

You can boost your partners’ CP with P. Exp. Potions for their level; Talent Elixirs for stats; and Shreds (fragments you collect to summon them) for awakening. These requirements vary depending on the partner’s grade with B classes being the easiest to boost and the SS class being the most difficult.

Lastly, with your partners, it’s always a good way to update the battle formation as any basic RPG party would be set-up, tanks and melee fighters up front and ranged fighters on the rear. Ideally, you’d keep your character behind a strong hero partner as well.

3. Joining A Guild

rage fighters guilds

As early as level 60, you can start applying to join a guild or you can create one if you have 100 diamonds (and a lot of free time). You are free to apply with as many guilds as you want, provided that there’s an empty slot in their roster. Being part of a guild reaps a lot of benefits for you and it’s not just there to give you a better sense of virtual camaraderie and belongingness.

On top of having questing buddies to help you on your dailies, the perquisites of being a member of a guild, regardless of how active it is, puts you on better standing than playing the game as a guild-less lone wolf. For one, additional bounties unlock once you join a guild. There are also shops in the guild that offer items in exchange for exploit points you gain through guild activities. Being online while a guild mate earns and opens an Angpow (a sort of envelope), which guild members receive as a reward after reaching a certain milestone, gives you free diamonds. Not all guilds require you to make donations, but most guilds will probably kick you out for inactivity. Chances are, the stronger the guild, the more demanding it would be.

4. Dominating The Arena

how to dominate the arena in rage fighters

In Rage Fighters the Arena is where you and your partners face off against other player’s teams in hopes of moving up in rank, earning honor points, and increasing daily diamond rewards. It’s not real-time PVP, which makes it a little easier to battle with a little strategy. Given that, this is one of those times when you may not want to use auto-battle. For starters, you can always target players whose CP is lower than yours but preferably has higher rank. A good strategy here is putting more of your partners in front of you to take the opposing character’s agro while you focus all your attacks on the player and sweep through his or her partners afterwards. This simple agro-baiting tactic can help you beat opponents that have higher CP than you.

Also, it’s a good strategy to chase ranks closer to the daily cut-off time of 2:30 (GMT+8) since what you’re after here is your end-of-day rank which determines the number of diamonds you get as a reward. So, yes, it’s okay to drop ranks afterwards, just try to get it back up towards the end of the next cut-off.

5. Keeping Your Equipment Upgraded

While in some games you’ll find that you’ve wasted a lot of resources on low-level equipment after obtaining a better one, the same won’t hold true for Rage Fighters. Here, all upgrades and enhancements on a piece of equipment can be transferred to the next one. Considering that there’s a plethora of ways in the game to improve your gear, to the point that it seems all too confusing, following the indicators and a.i. recommendations will almost always be the best course of action. Keep a close eye on the indicators, as you always want to have the best gear before moving forward with your next adventure.

rage fighters equipment upgrade

Perhaps the only tricky part here is enhancing your gear with enhance stones. While it’s constantly a 100% success rate till level 5, each level afterwards decreases success rate by 5% but every fail grants you a 5% success chance boost on your next attempt. The recommended strategy is therefore to raise each gear to level 5 and alternately rank up each one afterwards. If it so happens that you’re pushing for a character build that relies heavily on a few stats, then you can do away and gamble with the risks.

Other points of consideration relate to the two common reasons for failing a quest, which will happen at around mid-part of the game: the first is getting knocked-out and instantly failing the quest, the other is running out of time. If you experience more of the former, then you may want to invest more on your defensive stats. If more of the latter happens, then spend more resources to boost your offensive stats.

6. Regularly Checking Your Bag / Inventory

rage fighters inventory

It’s not unusual to get too engrossed on the daily quests and events along with the skills and equipment upgrades that you forget to look at what you’ve amassed inside your inventory. Perhaps the reason behind this is that the bag icon on your screen doesn’t show the red dot indicator like the rest of the other icons to tell you of an available action. Nevertheless, you need to occasionally check your bag for new equipment, which you need to identify for a small cost, as well as gift boxes containing upgrade items and the like.

7. Completing Daily Quests And Events

There are several quests and events with varying mechanics and difficulty levels in the game to delve into. These events offer a variety of rewards as well and accomplishing each grants you something to help you raise your overall CP. On top of the respective rewards you get per attempt on these events, there are also rewards given dependent on how many of these events you participated in. Regardless of how much time you spend on this game though, it’s ideal to go through these events starting from the easiest to accomplish. Below are some of events that are relatively easier to accomplish than the rest, not entirely because the battles are easier but rather, the pre-requisites are easier to satisfy.

The easiest of available quests are the Daily Bounties. These are ten random tasks that you can auto-walk and auto-battle through. If you’re in a Guild, then Guild Quests are very much like a secondary set of these random bounties. As these mostly involve killing a certain mob times, it’s highly unlikely for you to fail these quests.

Another available solo quest is the Hero Challenge. You get three chances to challenge three random heroes, up to two times each, to get their respective shreds. This is one quest type that becomes a lot more challenging as your level and CP grow higher. Additionally, higher-graded heroes here tend to be harder to defeat. You may not always succeed on your first go but you can learn about the skills of your opponent as you battle him or her. Again, this is one fight you might have to do manually, as auto-battle is hardly as effective here. One other thing to consider here is choosing to fight heroes you have and use on your team as you need their shreds more to bolster your team’s CP.

rage fighters daily events

Other events in Rage Fighters require you to join up with three other players to form a team. If you have friends playing the game, then it’ll be advantageous for you since you’ll be able to have a better idea of what your team can do as well as strategize before taking on these events. Being part of a guild also gives you an advantage since your guild mates can also aide you in these quests. If neither is available then the only recourse is the Auto Match, where you get paired with random players who are also looking for companions on the same quest. As there will always be stronger and weaker players than you, it’s a bit of a risk.

Resident Evil is a daily event where you, along with three other players, get surrounded by hordes of enemies wave after wave. The goal here is to defeat as many of them as you can within the time limit and every 300 enemies defeated grants a stat buff for the team. You cannot fail in this event so it’s advisable to do this early on before moving on to accomplish more challenging tasks.
Another relatively easy event is the Prohibited Area. This is another team effort event where you battle through a series of stages within the time limit. Failing to succeed in a stage within the initial time limit decreases the overall grade of the team from S down to D. If it so happens that the team fails to defeat all the enemies within the time limit, the quest fails but rewards you the experience you gained from the run.

Perhaps a notch more challenging than the previous one is the Trial Field. In here, a team of players must defeat three bosses within five minutes. The second boss will appear around thirty seconds after the first one, then defeating both opens a portal to the third and final one. You can use auto-battle on this event, but doing so risks failing to finish the event on time. This most especially happens when the second boss appears and your auto-battling character suddenly switches focus.

Remember that there are other available quests that you can unlock as you progress through the game. Some of these quests even become available ahead of the ones above. However, taking on these quests effectively may require more than just having in-game friends or guild mates to join you. Some of these actually require a team of efficient and well-organized players. For now, we can say that these are best reserved for advanced players.

8. Visiting The Mall

rage fighters mall

Regularly playing and accomplishing dailies earn you a variety of in-game currencies. While coins and diamonds make up the usual currencies used for a variety of purposes, the in-game Mall offers a large selection of items for sale using diamonds, honor points, crystals, and bounty points. These may range from consumables you need for the seemingly endless upgrades to exclusive items you can’t acquire anywhere else. As such, checking this out occasionally is certainly worth your while.

9. Taking Advantage Of The Market

rage fighters market

More often than not, you’ll be discouraged from even visiting the Market because you want to save your diamonds for something else and at the same time, there may be items you can sell but feel that you will eventually need them. The truth is, in a lot of cases, you need some of the items sold in the market and almost surely, you may still need to keep the items you can sell. The key principle here is to focus on what you need more and what you need to have sooner. Simply, if the urgency for an item that is available in the Market outweighs your need for the item you can sell, then you must be willing to make the necessary sacrifice.

10. Cleaning Up Before Logging Out

rage fighters rewards

Unless you’re a very dedicated gamer who makes sure that you log back in on the game to check on unclaimed bonuses and rewards before the daily reset, which is 6:00 (GMT+8), always check for and claim rewards you’ve earned under Ceremony and Welfare. Remember that on top of receiving rewards for accomplishing quests and events, you can claim additional bonuses relative to how much time you’ve played and how many activities you have participated in.

And that’s all you need to know to succeed in the game! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our Rage Fighters beginner’s guide. In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to leave us a message in the comment section!