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Monster Fishing Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Catching Monsters Without Running Out of Bait

PlayFlame OU is a casual game maker known for titles such as Oil Hunt, Oil Hunt 2, Zombie’s Got a Pogo, and Escape with Words. And if you own an iOS or Android device, you’ll want to check out their latest offering, Monster Fishing Legends. While not a hyper-casual game, it’s simple and addictive enough for most players to pick up. The premise here is simply that you’re hunting for giant sea monsters. These Loch Ness-like creatures include “sugar-crazed” eels that are taller than skyscrapers, mutant driftwood, a hydra, and a lot more. There are tons of levels and locations to fish in, and dozens of quirky sea monsters, as well as challenges that could make it more than a little difficult for you to reel those monsters in.

As we said above, and as we’ll say later on in this Monster Fishing beginner’s guide, catching monsters isn’t always a walk in the park. So if you need some help reeling them in and making sure you don’t run out of bait, read on, and check out our list of Monster Fishing Legends cheats, tips and tricks. We’ve got eight of them for you below, as we’ve tried to cover every possible aspect of the game worth noting.

1. Fishing For Monsters – The Basics

From the title alone, Monster Fishing Legends is not your ordinary fishing game. That’s because you won’t be catching fish, but rather mythical sea monsters. At first, you wouldn’t have to worry about the monsters, but you will definitely need to make the most out of the bait you have — in the first level, you’ll have 20 pieces of bait to cast, which should be way more than enough once you get the hang of things, but you’ll have progressively less bait to work with as you go from level to level. You’ll also need to deal with the current, which could throw a wrench into things and force you to move your boat, but we’ll get to that later.

The key to success in this game is good timing — you’ll need to cast your fishing rod for just the right amount of time, and you’ll do this by tapping and holding on the screen. Merely tapping once prompted will send the bait down to the sea floor and will, far more often than not, miss the mark. Tapping too long, on the other hand, will merely drop the bait down a few feet (or inches?), and probably won’t reach the monster either. In other words, the shorter your tap, the farther down you send your bait, and vice versa; longer taps won’t send the bait as far down.

What you want to do here is to make the bait fall within the bigger circle in order for the monster to chomp on it and move upward. As the monster moves up, so will the circles, though you can make the circle move up even more by making the bait hit the smallest circle in the center — the bulls-eye, in other words. Hitting the bulls-eye also saves your bait, meaning it won’t count against your total.

Once you see the anchor icon inside the circles, that means you need to feed the monster only one more piece of bait before you catch it and complete the level. As we hinted above, this will get harder and harder as you complete more levels, as more and more variables will come into play and make things more challenging!

2. Earning Currency

Monster Fishing Legends has only one type of currency, and only one thing you can spend your currency on. That should simplify things for a lot of players, as all you’ll be earning in the game are gold coins, with these coins going toward extra bait in the event you fail to complete a level. Barely making it within the circle will earn you only two coins, a “Not Bad” message, which means you got the bait fairly within the circle, will earn you five coins, and hitting the bulls-eye is worth 10 coins.

At some points in each level, usually after you missed the mark with your bait, the circles will become larger and wider, and if your bait drops within the first inner circle, you will see the word “Great!”, which means you get 100 bonus coins. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, there’s also some bad news when it comes to this bonus perk in the game, and we’ll be explaining it in the very next tip.

3. Buy The Game To Get Rid Of The Ads

As we said in the currency tip, landing the bait in the first inner circle will launch an ad video, and not just any ad video — unlike other videos in other games that may last 20 seconds or less in a similar situation, the videos you’ll have to watch after seeing the “Great!” Message usually (but not always) last 25 to 32 seconds, and do not leave you with any option to exit out in the middle! Indeed, the game’s developers do need to make a living from their creation, but we can understand if you feel that this quirk interferes with the flow of your fishing runs.

If the ads in between levels get to be too much of a bother, the good thing is that the game is fairly affordable, and will only set you back by $3 USD, or its equivalent in local currency. Buying the game gets rid of all the ads, except, of course, the ones you choose to voluntarily watch in order to earn free bait or to earn more coins after catching a monster.

4. How To Deal With The Undercurrents

After catching your first few monsters, you will then be introduced to a major challenge that could make casting your bait quite a struggle. From that point on, you will be regularly dealing with undercurrents that could push the bait away from the circle and right out of the monster’s grasp.

If we are to explain this in the simplest way possible, you’ll need to move your boat left (with the pointer that appears in the water, above the circles) if you see the current going right, and conversely, move your boat right when the current flows to the left. But don’t just take note of what direction the current is flowing in; also keep a close eye on how fast it’s going. If the current is especially fast, you’ll need to go further left or right, and if the current is going slowly, you may not need to move your boat that far. Of course, these currents won’t last forever, and once the water stabilizes, you will the need to move your boat back to a more optimal position, this time aligning the pointer so that it’s right above the circles.

The undercurrents can make for a challenging experience if you’re dealing with them the first time, and it will take a lot of trial and error before you perfect the art of moving your boat to the right spot so that the bait still falls within the circles despite the presence of undercurrents making things difficult for you. The key here, as is often the case, is patience.

5. What Happens When You Run Out Of Bait?

Once you run out of bait, and yes, you should expect this to happen quite often, you will be given the option to buy additional bait so that you can continue with your run and have a few more chances to complete the level. Paying 850 coins will get you three pieces of bait, while watching a video will get you only one. Now you’ll want to choose the former option if the monster is still relatively far away from being caught, and the latter if you see the anchor icon, for instance, to mark the final piece of bait before you catch the monster, or if you only need another two pieces of bait at the very most.

Take note that you will only be able to watch so many videos to earn extra bait before Monster Fishing Legends removes the option. Once the video option is removed, you will have no choice but to spend coins on the three bait option, and once you run out of coins, you automatically fail the level.

Failing a level will cost you one out of the three lives you have, as designated by the hearts in the upper left of your screen. Unfortunately, there isn’t an option where you can add friends to the game and ask them for lives, so if you fail a level, you’ll have no choice but to wait 30 minutes for each life to be automatically replenished.

6. Watch An Ad For Extra Coins

Now if you complete the level successfully and catch the monster, Monster Fishing Legends will always give you the option to watch an ad video at the end of the level. The amount of coins you earn by watching the video may vary, but it’s not unusual for the game to offer you a chance to earn close to twice as many coins than what you collected in the level itself. We’d say this is one area where the option to watch ad videos makes perfect sense, as you’ll need all the coins you could get to pay for those extra pieces of bait that could help you beat then tougher levels.

7. Sometimes, The Circles Won’t Move Up Even If The Bait Lands Within Them

As the game gets progressively harder, you’ll notice that the circles won’t move up as far as they used to even if you land a piece of bait within them. That’s part of Monster Fishing Legends’ design, and a key thing the game will do to ensure things remain interesting as you catch more monsters and complete more levels! So don’t be surprised if you reach a point where barely making it won’t move the circles at all, while a “Not Bad” will only move the up ever so slightly. In short, there may be some instances where you’ll need to land the bait within multiple bulls-eyes in one level in order to survive it!

8. Open Those Treasure Chests

Last, but not the least, you’ll want to have your notifications turned on for this one, because there’s another great way for you to earn coins in this game. Every 90 minutes, you’ll have a chance to open treasure chests, and since there aren’t any other forms of currency to earn or pieces of equipment to use aside from your fishing rod and your bait, these chests will only contain coins. Still, earning a couple hundred coins every 90 minutes (or whenever you can open those chests) isn’t a bad proposition at all, and that could certainly come in handy when it comes to having enough currency to pay for those three-bait options to help you continue a level!

There you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed our Monster Fishing Legends beginner’s guide. If you’ve come across additional tips or tricks, let us know in the comments below!