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Racing Rivals Cheats: 5 Useful Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Racing Rivals by Glu Games is an exciting racing game for iOS and Android devices, and it promises live opponents and real competition. Aside from facing AI cars in the main campaign, you get to race against players from all over the world, and even get to talk with them (or trash-talk them) via the game’s chat feature. If you win, you can win really big, but if you lose, you may find yourself without a tidy amount of cash, or even without your car – the same applies to your opponents as well. Racing Rivals comes with a good number of licensed cars, including high-performance rides from Dodge/SRT, BMW, and McLaren, and even unlikely entries such as Scion. You can customize your car, and tune and upgrade it to give it a formidable edge over your rivals.

Before you put the pedal to the metal and start racing against other players, we recommend you to check our our list of Racing Rivals cheats, tips and tricks right after the jump.

1. Know When To Hit On The Gas

You’ll notice a light-up meter located above the gas/launch button – pay close attention to it before you start the race. Wait for the meter to turn green before hitting on the gas – that’s going to give you a speed boost right off the starting line. But if the light-up meter turns red, you don’t want to hit on the launch button, because if you do, you’ll run into some car trouble, putting you at a distinct disadvantage.

Furthermore, timing your launch properly ensures that you don’t get disqualified – we can’t stress it enough, but make sure that light-up meter is green before hitting launch!

2. Shift Gears Smoothly

This isn’t one of those racing games where shifting happens automatically. It’s pretty much a case of stick shift here, as you need to match the launch button with the green light when you’re shifting gears. This will allow you to finish the race faster, and finish it smoothly without any issues.

3. Lighter Means Faster

The same thing applies in real life – a lighter car would typically outperform a heavier one, assuming they’ve both got the same powertrain and other internals. A heavier car would usually have a hard time coming out ahead in a race, so you should do what you could to reduce your vehicle’s weight. Hit the Chassis tab while upgrading, so you can trim some excess weight off your vehicle – you can potentially reduce weight by up to 25 percent.

4. Make The Right Upgrades

Racing Rivals allows you to upgrade various facets of your car, including those that improve its horsepower, its torque, as well as its body weight (making the car lighter). All these above mentioned upgrades will result in a more powerful vehicle, but which one should you go for first? We suggest upgrading horsepower and torque upgrades first – we’re referring to those that result in a higher engine displacement, exhaust upgrades, header upgrades, and more.

5. Go For NOS When You Could

NOS, supercharger, and turbocharger conversions can really help you get the most out of your vehicle, so you’ll want to take advantage of them the moment they become available. Sooner or later you’ll need these high-end upgrades in order to defeat tougher opponents.

Want some more advanced Racing Rivals tips and tricks to get an edge over your competition? Check out our dedicated guide, which will help you achieve that.