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Lep’s World Cheats, Tips & Hints to Get More Coins and Maximize Your Lives

NerByte’s Lep’s World – Super Adventure is a platform game for iOS and Android devices, and if you ask its maker, this game is “legendary.” It combines old school video gaming with the modern-day user experience of mobile, and can be compared to vintage titles such as Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. series. The game will have you controlling a leprechaun named Lep, who’s lost his gold and needs to get it back. However, it won’t be that easy – his world is rife with monsters that will do all that they could to make it difficult for Lep to find his missing gold.

Our collection of Lep’s World cheats, tips and hints mainly focus on how you can get more coins, and how you can give your leprechaun more lives than the average cat – take note that gold can buy you lives, and you’ll need those lives to survive the treacherous world that Lep has to go through in order to find his missing gold.

1. Grind For More Coins And More Lives

Your little leprechaun may find it especially hard in some stages, which would require his fair share of lives, and in relation to that, a whole lot of coins. Or you may simply be low on lives, which is a sticky situation to be in, regardless of when you’re running low. If you’re in such a bind, you can replay previous stages, or “grind” – in fact, you may even want to complete a stage, hit on replay, and play the stage all over again. Grinding is one of the most common ways to stockpile resources in many a mobile game, and that’s definitely the case in Lep’s World.

Helpful hint – you get one life for each 100 coins collected, and as some levels have more than 100 coins, you can potentially earn one life or more by grinding it out just once.

2. An Easy Trick For Earning More Coins Even If You Get Killed

You may encounter a situation where you’re already midway through a level, but somehow get killed. If you want to earn all the coins and pinecones you could in a certain level, all you have to do is restart the level. Each time your character gets killed, your coins, clovers, and pinecones all regenerate; this makes it easy to keep on grinding and keep on earning more of the above resources, not to mention more points.

3. Throw Pinecones To Overcome Obstacles

You’ve probably experienced this once or twice while playing Lep’s World – you need to get to a certain part of a level but there’s an obstacle in your way. Worse, you cannot jump under the obstacle and hit it to get it out of the way. Still, you don’t have to panic, as there’s a workaround to help you deal with this. If you’re in such a situation, then simply throw a pinecone at the block. That would break the block in the same way as you would if you jump underneath it.


Tuesday 24th of January 2023

What good is collecting points?

David Cajas

Friday 23rd of October 2020

I lost all my lives and I don't have enough coins to get more and the free life for an ad does not work and I am tired of waiting what do i do.

Robert Kilian

Monday 18th of February 2019

How do you replay a level? It doesn't seem to let you go backwards...and what is the trick for getting through level 2?


Saturday 7th of July 2018

how to get gems