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Pudi: A Color Matching Game Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints You Should Know

Matching puzzle games have continuously been evolving and Pudi: A Color Matching Game takes it to the next level with its unique mechanics. Available on Android and iOS, this game will have you control a set of colored shapes and will need to match them with the ones that are falling from above. Swipe quickly in order to catch the matching colored shapes in time. Stay ahead of the falling shapes in order to keep progressing. If you feel like you are falling behind, you should rely on our Pudi: A Color Matching Game tips and tricks help you.

1. Master The Controls

The controls for the game are pretty easy to learn but can be difficult to execute accurately when under pressure. Swiping upwards will turn the circles clockwise while swiping downwards will turn them counter clockwise. Make sure you swipe outside of the circles because swiping on the circles will swap their positions. Just rotate and swap until you have the colored shapes in the correct order to match the falling ones. Once you have the colors correctly match, you can make the falling objects fall faster by pressing and holding on the screen.

2. Swipe Quickly And Accurately

Even in the earlier stages, you should already start practicing how to match colors as quickly as you can. The game itself isn’t really fast but the difficulty level builds up and you will need to be nimble in your reaction times in order to keep up with the falling shapes. Once you have mastered the game, you can practice making the shapes drop faster by holding so you can get more points.

3. Strategic Positioning

If you are wondering how you can react faster to the game, a good way is to position your thumbs correctly. For starters, you should always use both your thumbs for easier access to the screen. Assigning tasks to each thumb will also help minimize confusion. Use one thumb to rotate and use the other one to swap shapes. This way you can multi task without mixing up the actions that you intend to do. Always position your thumbs strategically to avoid committing mistakes and wasting precious time.

4. Eliminate Distractions

This game benefits more from your ability to focus and react. Make sure you are always functioning at a hundred per cent when playing. Minimize distractions by choosing a location where you can concentrate. The game also has an upbeat music that sounds great but can be distracting. If you feel like you are getting distracted by the techno sound, go ahead and turn the music off.

5. Competitive Play

Even though the game does not have an online feature, you can still get creative in finding someone to compete against. Invite your friends to play and record each other’s high scores. Friendly competitions help keep the game interesting and will challenge you to keep doing better in the game.

Match and catch as many as you can in Pudi: A Color Matching Game! Just follow the tips and tricks to stay ahead of the game! In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, let us know in the comment area!