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Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself Tips, Cheats & Hints: How to Beat M.I.R.A

Science fiction has always predicted that nanobots will bring nothing but doom to humankind. Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself follows this trend as the story opens with nanobots that were meant for healing people go on a murder spree. In this first-person action game, available on iOS and Android, your goal is to find M.I.R.A., the nanobot mother creation, in order to put an end to the nanobot rampage. Your mission is a dangerous one and you will need the help of our Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself strategy guide if you want to complete it.

1. Explore Everything

One of the main things you will have to do in this game is to explore. Be careful while exploring because it will deplete your energy. Once your energy reaches zero, you will die. What you need to do while exploring is to open up everything you find. There are lockers, chests, boxes, and other things. These things will give you a variety of items that will help you in the game. The most important finds will be Nanocoins and, of course, energy. On top of searching for treasures, don’t forget to take note of the clues you find as you will need those to find M.I.R.A.

2. Energy Is Life

As mentioned above, running out of energy in this game means death for your character. You initially have 50 energy and it will be consumed bit by bit as you move around. Always keep an eye out for energy refills as it is impossible to survive on just 50 energy. When you get more Nanocoins, you can spend it to increase your initial energy level.

3. Purchasing Upgrades

The very first thing you should invest in once you have a good amount of Nanocoins is your energy. Even without enemies to worry about, you will still be unable to complete the game without enough energy. Focus on upgrading your energy a couple of times first before you consider other purchases. Your next purchases will then depend on how you play the game. You can choose to be tanky and upgrade your health or armor. Or you can choose to focus on damage by upgrading your weapon power and decreasing weapon costs. Think carefully before you invest your Nanocoins as these decisions will potentially make your life easier or harder in the game.

4. Choose Your Battles

Keep in mind that your only real target is M.I.R.A. All other battles are optional so don’t get into fights unless it is unavoidable. Lucky for you, you have a cloaking ability. It only lasts for a short period of time but it is enough to get you through some hairy situations if you use it correctly. Know when to engage enemies and avoid battles when you can.

5. Check The Map

The game provides you a map for every area you enter. Use this to your advantage because enemies are everywhere. Check which areas you can explore freely and which once can be useful for setting up ambushes for enemies. You don’t have allies so maximize the use of your map. It is the only thing that is on your side.

It is your turn to save humanity by eliminating the nanobot menace in Dead Ringer: Fear Yourself! Follow our strategy guide to ensure mankind’s survival!