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PUBG Mobile New Era Guide (2020 Update): Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Keep You Ahead of the Pack in Every Match

It has been two and a half years since the global launch of PUBG Mobile and from then until now, it has continued to maintain its dominance in the battle royale scene. With over 600 million users worldwide, PUBG Mobile may seem like it has already peaked its growth and yet, it still continues to bring huge updates guaranteed to further immerse players into its world and more intensely attract newcomers to join the fray. If you have yet to dive into PUBG Mobile, or any battle royale game on mobile for that matter, now is the best time to do so, especially with Tencent Games’ PUBG Mobile – New Era update!

PUBG Mobile – New Era is the latest update to the game’s always growing and expanding world. With its host of new content and features and an unending supply of challenges and events that keep players engaged, PUBG Mobile – New Era is still very welcoming to new players who may initially feel that they need to catch up to more experienced and veteran players in the game.

If you are among the first-timers who will dive into Erangel following PUBG Mobile’s biggest update yet, then we recommend reading through our PUBG Mobile beginner’s guide as the basic tips and strategies we discussed in the guide still applies to the current version of the game. Beyond that, we also have a PUBG Mobile ultimate guide that provides more advanced tips and strategies to help you survive longer in Erangel and even aid you in crushing your enemies.

pubg mobile new era guide In this new guide, we will be diving into even more tips and strategies that can help beginners who have no prior experience in PUBG Mobile and need all the help they can get as well as experienced players who may not be readily familiar with the upgrades that come with PUBG Mobile – New Era. While nothing beats obtaining first-hand experience through actual immersion and exploration, it certainly helps to have a good idea of what to expect from the game and identify important details to look into as you start immersing yourself further into each match.

In case you still have no idea about the basic premise behind battle royale games like PUBG Mobile, the idea is that you will be lobbed into a huge battle arena, along with 99 other players, to duke it out with one another until only one remains. The other players are not the only ones you need to survive as there is a constantly shrinking safe zone where you need to keep yourself in or suffer an almost instant death in the storm beyond it.

There are random elements to consider in each match and despite countless hours of practice and hundreds of matches to dive into, there is no such thing as a guaranteed win. Just the same, preparation and learning how to strategize can go a long way, and at the very least net you better performances and higher ranks in each match.

1. Tinker With The Settings

PUBG Mobile – New Era lets you dive in straight to a match as soon as you log in and for starters, you will be playing with bots and victory is guaranteed. The difficulty spike can be felt once you enter the succeeding matches as you will then be playing with real people who each have their own levels of expertise and tactics. As exciting as it is to jump straight into more matches as soon as you are able to, a quick set of preparations is in order to ensure that you will be at your best when you step into the battle arena.

One of PUBG Mobile – New Era’s best-selling points goes well beyond it visual overhaul and improvement. As it is already brimming with tons of content and features, the numerous activities each player can do within the battle arena also means there are a lot of buttons and menus you can tap on to maximize the utilization of each of these features.

Despite the developer’s best efforts to provide a default setup of configurations and even button layouts to ensure the best experience for each player, no single setting will simply cater to millions of individuals with unique preferences and tastes.

pubg mobile new era settings

It may happen that as you play through the initial match, you will easily become attuned to the default control settings and the button layout. If you feel that the default settings and button layout can still be improved, then the first thing to look into is the in-game settings to customize both more to your liking. You can easily access the settings by tapping on menu button at the lower right side of your screen and then clicking on the settings (gear) icon.

Be sure to browse through each available category of settings as each one can impact your performance in the game. For starters, there are a lot of options you need to decide on as far as the basic controls are concerned. Each one is set to be on the most convenient for players in general, but you can opt for your very own unique set-up.

As far as the controls are concerned, you have the option of opting for a fixed movement and fire button, or have both floating or free buttons instead of the default setting where the movement button is floating and the fire button is fixed. Be sure to read through the camera controls as well especially the rules for holding down multiple buttons.

PUBG Mobile – New Era comes packed with a whole new set of vehicles players can use not just for faster means of transportation but also as a killing tool as well. Just like all other weapons in your arsenal, an efficient utilization of this resource is important especially since you will be disadvantaged if you will always choose to avoid using vehicles. There will certainly be situation when you will need to hop into one like emergency travels toward the safe zone from a distance where simply running will not ensure that you make it through.

Sensitivity is commonly an aspect of every first or third-person shooter that applies differently for each player. More experienced and veteran enthusiasts are more likely to check and tinker with adjustment options for aiming above all else. Even as a beginner, therefore, aim sensitivity is a game aspect that you should be critical about. Although the current setup may already be okay with you, try to test adjusting it even for a bit as you may come to discover a much better setup that will improve your performance later on.

One of the most important features that comes with PUBG Mobile is the highly customizable button layout that you can access through the controls menu. On top of choosing between fixed or floating buttons for aiming and moving, you can tap on the customize button to adjust or completely rearrange the buttons on the screen you have in the battle arena.

There are a lot of buttons and menus on the screen and you have absolute freedom on how to arrange each of them. There are no best ways to do so except to follow what works best for you. In any case, there are ways to test it out before actually diving straight onto the next match after you edit it.

2. Spend Time In The Cheer Park And Training Grounds

There is a training mode that comes with PUBG Mobile where you can hone your skills better. Instead of heading into a match immediately, spend time in the Cheer Hub and the Training Grounds within it to get more acquainted with aim sensitivity, handling throwables, the different guns and their respective recoils, as well as getting a good feel of driving some vehicles. To access the Cheer Park, simply tap on the select mode on the main screen and choose “Training”.

pubg mobile training grounds

Entering the Cheer Park feels much like signing up for a match and once the loading has ended, you will be taken to the Cheer Park, which is a huge map, that you should freely explore as it offers various mini games and other activities. Within the Cheer Park, you will have access to the Training Grounds, which is much like the same map as the Cheer Park itself but holds its own set of training activities for you to revel in.

While the activities within the Cheer Park are somewhat more liberal and free flowing, the Training Grounds actually provides you with objectives that serve as an excellent test of your proficiencies. There are moving targets and bots to take on, and while it pales in comparison to potential agility and marksmanship of advanced players, it can still provide a decent boost to your shooting and predictive skills.

3. Play Across Through Solo, Duo, And Squad Sessions

By default, PUBG Mobile lodges you in matches with a full squad of 4 people and while that can be especially helpful for beginners, it is best to engage in solo matches and with 1 teammate as well. There will always be contentions as to which of these options is best for you to consider going for but like most things with random factors and elements to consider, the answer is it actually depends.

One key feature you need to familiarize with as far matchmaking is concerned is that you can actually turn auto matchmaking off. If you have friends in real life who are into PUBG Mobile as well or if you happen to amass in-game friends as you play the game, then you can always opt to be with them in a squad. Under the “select mode” option on the main screen, you can chose between solo play, duo play, or a full squad. Remember to look into it and try to switch across these options to gauge which one you are most comfortable at.

pubg mobile solo, duo and squad sessions

As a beginner, you may want to initially jump into a full squad, even with random people. Most especially if you just started playing after the recent update, it is best to look into how other players go into each match up close. There is always a fair chance of being able to team up with more skilled and experienced players that you can learn a lot from as well as equally or less experienced ones that you learn from as well once you realize what they are doing wrong.

A notable advantage that comes with playing in a full squad is that you are theoretically on equal grounds with all other squads. There is nothing in matchmaking that prevents solo players from duking it out with full squads, and if you happen to encounter even 2 opponents together in the battle arena, then you are already at a disadvantage.

Another concrete plus that comes with a squad or a partner is the revival aspect of the game. Whenever a player is downed, it does not directly lead to elimination from the match as the player can still be revived by an ally as he or she continues to crawl around.

One challenge that comes as you play with a full squad of random players is the relative unpredictability that comes with it. After all, playing with a full team should mean that you need to look out after one another.

Beyond staying relatively close to one another, or at the very least keeping full track of where everyone is, trying to survive with you squad also means sharing the loot as fairly as possible. At the worst, there could be trolls who can “accidentally” kill off their teammates with wrongly thrown grenades or so, so watch out for those as well.

4. Strategize Before The Jump

As we mentioned in our ultimate guide, the match starts not after you land on the battlegrounds but rather, before you even jump off the plane. Choosing where you want to land, is in itself already a strategic point of action. Deciding where to land should be based on several factors, like your perceived expertise level, the expertise level of your partner or squad, and the general pattern of jumps you witness, which can lead to an assumption of where everyone else will be heading.

There are major landmarks or drop spots in Erangel and each one has gone through a major makeover following the version 1.00 update. While the stunning visual enhancement is truly a sight to behold, the improvements attributable to each of the major locations are themselves, strategy-defining. Whether it is your first time to dive into Erangel, or first time after the update, it is important to know what to expect from these locations.

If you are one of the frequent visitors of the prison as it is among the most popular battle zones then, take note of the huge changes in terms of how structures are added into this already resource-laden area. Walls have also been built around the prison so both entry and exit runs will change dramatically, impacting strategies involved when targeting to move or veer away from this landmark.

pubg mobile best strategies

The Mylta Power competes equally against other popular spots with its extra warehouses and resource spots in play. With the extensive remodeling of this area, it is best to thread carefully within it on your first runs as it is an attractive spot for battle-frenzied people.

The Quarry is not as bare as it used to be as 7 new warehouses have been added into it. Like all other upgraded spots, this will likewise be a more attractive drop or camp spot for some players and generally an area where extra caution needs to be taken for good measure. There are a lot of new terrain adjustments as well as military weapons and structures on some locations.

Overall buildings in residential areas have been updated to include basements and will likewise host more hidden resources for those brave enough to venture within it.

All these alterations and upgrades call for a modified strategy as well and even before initiating a jump at the start of each match, a plan in mind should already be made. In general, you would want to avoid areas that potentially have high population density and opt for the more barren choices that offer limited resources.

Another point of consideration is the general timing of your jump as those who jump ahead of the pack, regardless of location tend to have better opportunities to equip themselves better but also risk more encounters with fellow early bird divers.

If you still feel that you should avoid confrontations as much as possible, staying at the last second to jump and going for more desolate areas is an easy start. This will also change if you are in a squad especially if you will opt to stick with any of your fellow squad members.

5. Know When To Engage And To Flee

The most exciting and engaging aspect of every battle royale games comes from the encounters you partake in within the battle grounds. Whether you are at it on your own, with a partner, or a full squad, experiencing triumph over other players or groups brings a kind of satisfaction that cannot be matched by any tangible rewards.

In essence, this is subliminally what you would hope for in every encounter but unfortunately, a positive outcome cannot always be consistently achieved, as there will always be better players and other factors present in every skirmish. In that sense, it is always better to forecast the outcome of each encounter, and consequently decide swiftly if you need to engage or bail.

pubg mobile tactics

There are a plethora of tactics applicable in a skirmish, regardless of how simple it all seems. For one, your location itself can be an important factor to consider. Your decision should depend on concerns like if there are multiple entry and exit points in the area and how well you know it. Your weapons and gears in conjunction with medical supplies is also a point to consider.

Lastly, being on your own or not should affect your decision as well. If there are more of you present in your squad than the opposition, then that should be an advantageous scenario that should push you forward.

Relative to conflicts and surprise encounters, one valuable tip to always keep in mind is composure, You may have practiced long and hard and your aim may be well above par but under pressure, your overall performance may change. There are a lot of instances that evoke panic in every match so be sure to be ready for anything and stay as calm as you can through any surprising event. Regardless of your level of expertise, the right amount of confidence and clear thinking can go a long way.

6. Every Opportunity Can Be A Threat And Vice Versa

As vague as this sounds, it is a given that you simply cannot eliminate luck as a factor in any battle royale game and even with all the training, preparation, and hours after hours of gameplay, you are still bound to experience something uniquely different in each match. In this sense, it is only fair to consider both opportunities and threats in the game as interchangeable circumstances you can strategize around with.

With every major spot in Erangel has been loaded with more structures and resources, these areas now present even more opportunities for those who choose to land, loot, or camp within them. As this notion will be a common mentality to most aggressive players, there comes a higher level of threat as far as encounters and eventual conflicts go. It is not an absolute scenario but statistically speaking, there is a higher probability that even more players will be inclined to go for these common battle grounds.

Another attractive opportunity comes in the form of airdrops. Airdrops in PUBG Mobile drop down randomly throughout the match and, most especially for those who sought for better gears and armaments, these instances are opportunities that are hard to ignore. There are types of players who most especially make an effort to go for an airdrop early on as the chances of rival players or squads with better weapons grow higher with each passing minute and for starters, there is a huge chance that only those ill-equipped will set out towards the airdrop locations. In this sense, the airdrops become a vivid threats as much as they are opportunities.

pubg mobile tricks

On your own, it will be a lot more difficult to consider even going close to where the supplies drop. With a dull squad to back you up, however, the airdrop does not just present an opportunity to secure resources, but a decent bait to ambush other players.

For our last example, let us take into consideration the prevalence of the shrinking safe zone and the fatal environment left outside of it. It is very challenging to predict the behavior of the safe zone consistently but doing so brings bountiful opportunities to take steps ahead. So despite the threat of danger that it brings, this feature offers plenty of benefits to the strategically inclined. Much like airdrops preparing to ambush players naturally drawn to safe zones is a common tactic.

Snipers, among other surprise attackers find camp sites suitable for attempting to eliminate players without much risk. If you are ready for all these possibilities then you can handle yourself better regardless of whichever side of the fence you are in during these situations. Considering everything as well, this is where having a high level of familiarity to the entirety of the map comes in handy. Knowing potential sniper and ambush spots are will naturally help you predict outcomes and be better prepared at anything other players can throw at you.

Considering everything, PUBG Mobile – New Era is not all about spending countless hours perfecting your skills in the battlegrounds nor simply crafting strategies one after another to test out on each match. A healthy combination of both, a steady supply of friends and crew members, and some mission achievements to earn you more skins out should naturally give you the right amount of motivation to continuously grow and develop in the game.

With an open mind to the tips and strategies we shared in this guide, as well as your own inkling to strategize around every scenario that comes your way, you will continue to pave the way towards securing better results in every game mode you engage in.

And that sums up all the tips and strategies that we have for PUBG Mobile – New Era. We certainly hope that this guide will help you discover some new tactics and strategies to stay on top of the game or at the very least lit the way towards enabling you to discover your very own tactics. If you have come across some unique tips or strategies we have not mentioned in any of our PUBG Mobile guides, do not hesitate to tell us about it and drop us a note in the comments!