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Property Brothers Home Design Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats, & Strategies to Earn More Money and Progress Faster

Storm8 Studios is one of the longest-standing mobile gaming companies. As a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry since its inception in 2009, Storm8 Studios has earned a respectable reputation with the numerous hit titles under its wide list of offerings coupled with largely positive reviews of its games from both Android and iOS users. Fashion Story, Home Design Makeover, and Restaurant Story 2 are just 3 of the 9 games published by Storm8 Studios that has broken the 10 million downloads mark in the Google Play Store alone.

Most of the company’s games earn an average rating of more than 4 stars and a lot of it find good spots in top ten lists of games in more than 10 countries around the world. All that said, it’s no surprise to find any new titles from Storm8 Studios to be patronized by fans as well as newer players looking for fun, unique games to spend their time on.

Based on the award-winning Canadian reality television show that lasted 13 seasons, Property Brothers, Property Brothers Home Design is Storm8 Studios’ latest game available for both Android and iOS platforms. As a great mix of interior design simulation and puzzle, Property Brothers Home Design is both a leisurely game to take on at your own pace while offering challenges through unique puzzles in-between decoration stints. With just a little over a month after its release, the game has already earned over a hundred thousand installs from the Google Play Store alone and continues to receive largely positive reviews from people who played it. If you have a passion for interior design and decoration, as well as a knack for match puzzles, then you should definitely give Property Brothers Home Design a try.

Step into the world of the home renovation industry as you help real estate experts and twin brothers, Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott as they take on unique and exciting home makeover needs from various clients. There’s a wide variety of choices on how to stylize each home and even more combinations of furniture and fixtures to perfectly suit your unique taste of design. As demolishing old furniture and purchasing new ones cost money, you need to earn every bit of money for the renovations and what better way to do that than to engage in a series of match 3 puzzle games (which actually only require you to match 2 tiles).

The first full renovation you will work through serves as the entire tutorial in the game that you will need. The actual renovation activities are easy and holds no pressure at all but what you would have to keep working on is actually doing well in the puzzle mini games to earn more money to finish the renovation. Once you head on towards the first official renovation challenge, the amount of money you can earn can somewhat be delimited by an in-game stamina. Despite that, it replenishes pretty quickly so in general, you can still very much progress through the game based on how much time you can spend playing each puzzle. In order to earn more money faster and progress quicker, be sure to read our Property Brothers Home Design beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies.

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

One of the usual pressures that increase the challenge of successfully completing match 3 puzzles is the time limit within which you have to decide on choosing your move. Even without it, though, most players will potentially be inclined to race through the puzzles as fast they can so they can claim the money needed to get back into the renovations. In a way, it’s not all that bad as finishing more puzzles means earning more money. On the other hand, the higher level of challenges on later levels will hardly be accomplished by random turns and clicks.

property brothers home design tips

Without much planning ahead on which moves you will make first, you can easily end up running out of turns and ultimately fail the stage. As much as that would be alright during the tutorial level, your very limited stamina will decrease for each failure to complete puzzle games later on.

As such, the best way to go as a beginner is to take things slow and plan a bit ahead before initiating any move on the match 3 puzzle game. While it may be generally suitable to start matching tiles at the bottom of the pile to initiate movement on the upper tiles, numerous unique mechanics in Property Brothers Home Design‘s puzzle game makes it so that it is difficult to apply any general rule that cuts across all variants of the puzzles you will encounter. What you should make a habit, therefore, is to take note of specific rules applicable to the current puzzle and mentally look into the effects of the move you are about to make, before actually making them.

Although taking a little more time before initiating any move on match 3 puzzle will take longer for you to earn money for renovations, ensuring you accomplish each one, in effect, will hasten your money-earning run. As you grow more familiar with all possible mechanics applicable to various puzzles, then you will naturally be accustomed to this and grow to decide and play much faster even with some planning and analysis involved in every move.

2. Stick To The Basics

For many players who have played a couple or several match 3 games before, it’s a common achievement to actually manage to match way beyond what is necessary in one go. If the minimum required tile matches is 3, then going for a 5 or 6-tile combo is all the more satisfying. While these accomplishments can be quite rewarding in other games, it does not matter as much in Property Brothers Home Design. Although matching together greater numbers of tiles can unlock bombs, dynamites, and all sorts of explosives, not having them at the exact place you need them to be won’t be in anyway helpful.

For starters, focus exclusively on the task at hand. Whether it’s popping tiles beside a vase, breaking wooden blocks to drop down flower pots, or triggering pop-ups near pillow sacks, what’s important is getting the requirements done within the number of turns provided. It is important in this game to always remember that the puzzle game is a match 2 game. While many players may occasionally forget that you can pop tiles up just by being beside only another similarly colored one, it can spell the difference between successfully completing the stage and failing to do so.

Likewise, managing to eliminate tiles more than the usual will not in any way affect your total earnings. Earnings in Property Brothers Home Design only come from the puzzles and the amount of money you can earn from successfully completing the puzzle is based on completing the tasks plus the remaining turns you have left as you complete each level. With this, it may be okay to strive for finishing each puzzle with as few turns as possible but without necessarily rushing into each turn and likewise disregarding big moves for mere satisfaction.

3. Make The Most Out Of Unlimited Stamina

As soon as you complete renovations on the first house, which covers the tutorials in its entirety, you will be rewarded with unlimited stamina for the next first hour of your game. If you are not ready to spend most, or the entirety, of that time to run through as many puzzle games as possible, then you should altogether take a break from the game before installing the last makeover furniture or fixture on the first stage.

property brothers home design cheats

As stamina will be an important necessity to keep earning money, an unlimited supply of it, even for just one hour should be an opportunity to grab and make full use of. As such, once you are ready to earn lots of money from puzzle games without break, complete the tutorial, earn the unlimited stamina boost, and start playing through puzzle after puzzle to earn as much money as you can. Again, don’t rush into it much to the point of making careless mistakes that result in failure and a replay of the level. Even so, it is still better to fail at this point than when the unlimited stamina buff wears off.

4. Learn To Set Up Some Moves

As veteran match tile gamers are accustomed to, you should learn at some point to make some sort of “sacrificial” moves to set up subsequent moves to fulfill your intended effects. As the puzzle game works around differently colored tiles randomly placed on the grid, it is a common strategy to eliminate the fewer tiles first to link together the more common ones for an explosive combo. Although combos won’t in anyway affect the money you will earn at the end of the level, there will be plenty of instances where explosive tiles are necessary to get the job done. More so, the bigger the explosive the more helpful it can be on most puzzles, whether it’s destroying more vases, or chipping in more hits on the pillows.

property brothers home design hints

This is actually a strategy that is not expected to be learned as easily by first time players or people who haven’t played any match 3 game before. The sooner you understand this concept and actually apply it to your game will boost your performance in succeeding levels all the better. Again, as we mentioned that you should take as much time as you need to plan your moves at the start of our guide, taking this strategy into consideration should bring you to plan and analyze a little more before actuating a planned move.

5. Fire Up Some Fireworks When Necessary

Although bigger combos and more explosive clicks won’t in anyway affect the amount of money you will earn from a level, each bomb or explosive you detonate charges up your fireworks. Fireworks work like you super special ability which destroys all tiles of you chosen color from the puzzle, enabling a good refresh of the puzzle in its entirety leaving higher chances of bigger combos to follow as well as eliminating some obstacles as well.

property brothers home design tricks

Unfortunately, not all levels really rely on more explosive feats to finish and in some cases, even, will make working around them a bleak possibility. You would naturally want to fill up the fireworks meter as much as you can on more open puzzles where explosives will guarantee a sweeter victory but be sure to always check beforehand how valuable their use will be at the start of each level.

Oftentimes you will find yourself choosing between going straight towards eliminating obstacles or setting up explosions and sacrificing a few turns. As the latter may prove to be an advanced strategy that should take a little more planning and analysis, be sure to study each puzzle carefully before you decide on whether you can sacrifice a few turns just to build up the necessary set up of tiles to create explosives.

6. You Can Change Furniture Designs Any Time

This may not have any impact at all to how you can earn more money in the game but it’s equally rewarding to know that as far as renovations go, you can instantly replace furniture and fixtures you have already spent on at any time. Simply click on a furniture or improvement that you have already chosen and readily select any of the 3 choices you want to consider. Every house you have completed can be visited at any time as well so you can mix and match designs whenever you feel like doing so at no cost whatsoever.

property brothers home design strategies

And this wraps up our Property Brothers Home Design beginner’s guide. We hope that you learned some decent tips and strategies to jumpstart your puzzle-solving and money-earning concerns of the game and we likewise hope you enjoyed reading through it. Do you have any tips of your own you would like to share with us? Don’t hesitate to share your discoveries in the comment area below!


Monday 7th of November 2022

Why do I have to join a team to play any farther on the Property Brothers game


Friday 22nd of July 2022

Why is my game glitching on a certain level and it won’t let me play the level?


Saturday 2nd of April 2022

I had three different forms of glitches with videos. My gems were exchanged for items that upon use - froze the screen followed by glitching, extracted my gems and the booster that revs up in the left corner was rendered unusable (which is currently the most common glitch) so you’re spending your TNT’s or creating them and then just as you have one life left after you use that charged booster to clear out say….all the yellow blocks….knowing that you can use your one last move for that set of two blue blocks because the booster itself doesn’t count as a move. Well, this happened so much and i had so much evidence and it cost me to lose a contest by a freaking hair-margin. I got upset because the glitch was the cause of my loss and while it was a game it was happening constantly. For reporting it as i was requested to (in order to make the game better and more effective for others and user friendly) i was told that its ‘too much reporting’ so they will red flag my account whereby i will receive no help. So the game is glitched and now no one helps. There was one individual that made this difficult. It was a female. Her name is Zoey. It doesn’t matter what you say , she misunderstands and escalates it - she’s emotional and angry for any given situation and cold in her messaging as if she were working for the CDC or FDA. Its a game, relax Zoey.

Look, im not upset that this company is for profit - but do it equally across the board don't rig the system for profit whereby you’re distributing hardship between one player to the next due to a money making algorithm that is referred to as ‘random’. Zoey needs to learn the definition of random or her colleagues need to make sure she communicating how it works. She’s not familiar with the details and she’s difficult to have logical conversations with Its okay if two people do not see eye to eye, but you should be able to express your point of view without fear of a customer service personnel getting emotional, threatening to red flag your account for a problem they caused and refuse to acknowledge something that a customer service rep wrote before she popped on. Its not always the same person. Ever since i spoke with Zoey and she became upset, not other service rep has been available and nothing gets answered even if the game fraudulently charges. There was a a charge somewhere between 15-25 dollars and i went through the logistics with another customer service agent who agreed that it was their fault and i would be refunded. Zoey however, interrupted when i popped on to a new conversation and it said if i didn't reply in three days that the case is closed. So i kept note of the case number for it to be reopened. Every time i requested it to be opened, Zoey would close it just out of spite.

Its just a game, im guessing she dislikes what she does or is having personal hardship.

Im not being given any advertisement-booster options whereby i can acquire TNT’s or bonus lives etc via watching a 15-45 second advertisement. many or most others have this option and many complain about it. But the alternative is you get nothing. You have 5 lives then thats it. Do you want to win?

One person on here said “you have to earn TNT’s and boosts before you’re allowed to use them” Umm…yeah, ? Its not a game if you are 1 inch from a bowling pin in a bowling alley and its the only pin that exists and you can just toss it into the whole, Alex or whoever you are. Complains that he has to ‘work with strategies in order to win’ - well you can play tic tac toe or catch those falling blocks on another game. He chose a semi strategic game and wants to win at the top level with things being handed to him without any difficulty. Usually this reflects - to a small degree - on what their personal life looks like…fails to make their bed, skips work, has a job not a career -however most notably - doesn’t work hard for much of anything. Its a game, if you cant cool off with a game - personal life is what they should be focused on. There are so many complaints about people because imperfect people want a perfect world to escape to, without work and without reprimand and without fault and they want it NOW. Since when are people like this? Before the internet they had to suck it up and not be keyboard hero’s in the basement. Grow up, Karen.

Its a great game, i enjoyed when it was less about charging you a mortgage for a gem just because they know you bought it twice or five times. Its very irritating. If you spend money expect to continue to pay more over time while receiving less and this is my primary complaint. The glitches happen, NOTHING is perfect, nothing. Tell me a perfect game app without error on the ‘free’ market today…. Exactly - likely doesn’t exist. At least to my limited knowledge. Lastly, my main complain is the aforementioned ZOEY who has anger up her wazooloo. Good grief. Put an add in a paper so you can escape the hell you’re obviously in. She hates working as a customer service rep, its like communication with the devil so whenever the game glitches you’re like “hmmm should i get my money or 1 hour worth of work or 3 games back or should i avoid dealing with Zoey?” Nah…not today, SATAN

**key message** IF YOU PAY FOR ANYTHING… bonuses, lives, doubling up your lives to 10, the 30 day gem countdown, piggy bank, on and on….they will continue to raise the price and lower the amount of benefits they offer you.

There are PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT HAVING TO PAY AS ‘HIGH AS 2.00$…yeah well, for that same thing - they are charging other 9.99 or more - so stop paying entirely or bark up the at a different tree.

**SHOULD YOU PAY EVEN ONCE, you’re in the system as someone who has paid. Even if .99c if you pay once or twice they not only increase the cost of everything (up to ten fold…some people pay .99c and others have to pay 10.99 or more, they will put you at a higher risk of finding a charge on your bank or card and you have to keep an eye on it because they charge in groups. If you spent 99 cents on Monday, 99 cents following Monday every day until Sunday - you might get that 7+ dollar USD charge the FOLLOWING Monday. So you have to keep a personal record of what you’re physically doing, your rep/game ID (identifying number) and compare it with bank statements and payment/charge schedules because they have improperly don't this twice and so the second time it happened i had videos to prove it and an excel spreadsheet that was easy to keep track of- but guess who interluded that dance…? Good ole Zoey, the happy game elf.

ALL OF THE BEST BENEFITS WITHIN THE APP WERE…incentives to create strategies or play more games to create TNTS to win Coupon Mania or whatever your incentives are - but the additional incentives dissipate along with the desire to play the game because the more you enjoy the game the more benefit they take away from you. There are people on my same level who have to pay even MORE than im paying. There are people on my level paying nothing, who are offered things that would cost me 30 dollars, for 99 cents! Oh, its random? No, its directly in line with how long they’re on for. The less you play the more they want you to play, the more you spend the more they realize they can increase the charge. So have some self control which is something I'm going to do - so that this algorithm of theirs will either be obsolete or they will need to create an ethical change

for TNTS, bonus’s gems etc - many games they disappeared once you show ANY interest in ever spending money. They think..oh if they will spent 2 they might spend 4 and then they will continue to increase the price. Then, they also do this with how often you play the game. If you play a lot everything goes up in cost and difficulty but if you barely play the game they basically put all their bonus options and gems up for clearance. Like 99 cents even something that would cost 9.99$ so it’s extremely frustrating and I’ve deleted the app once for this and might do it again. Both my cousins quit for this very reason. We were opposite of the typical - we WANTED the adds, I don’t have the option to watch an add. I complained constantly about it so they gave it to me for one day, then it disappeared. Why? The company that created this game for the Brothers say that its random but we’ve tested it out and its very much not random. Its an algorithm created for the purposes of driving interest and making money.

Im at level 8056 my team is called MARKA, i remove people who are not doing well or inactive once every month or so. Sometimes its at 50 (maxed out group) rarely although it happens someone will remove themselves from the group but usually im removing a few every month and within hours or a couple days people are already coming into the group. Sometimes i have a minimum they must attain before entering the group. Its always changing to check back.

Ive learned a considerable amount of things with this game that allow you to move forward. The team has a lot of momentum during team relays - while we run it primarily in NORWEGIAN - most people on it speak English and encourage each other. Zero foul language, zero negative energy and people help one another. They work to get keys and other bonuses and sometimes buy extra lives for the premium account which provides the whole team a bonus. Or don't, its up to you.

Zoey, please change rolls, or slow your roll- you need a vacation, you’re angrier than bull who's been shown red when the topic is a simple basic question. You’re not working for a tax office. Its a game. Turn on the fan and make some chamomile tea. Its all good girl, the world doesn't’ end here but please turn over a new leaf and find a different job. Maybe your a customer service rep for a company that responds to multiple games, i have no idea - maybe its with the company that created the app, but good god - you’re extremely difficult …actually impossible…to work with. I refuse to use the customer service tool now and will be creating only public enquiries, complaints and compliments.

Tania Van Ommen

Tuesday 18th of January 2022

What does the lightning bolt symbol at the top of the screen of the game mean?

Cäsar Jacobson

Sunday 3rd of April 2022

@Tania Van Ommen, it means that the player has unlimited* ‘Stamina’

Stamina = unlimited ‘life’ losing and winning as much as you want. It doesn’t matter if you lose ten in a row or you can take your time to ensure you win each one with the time allowed.

You can lose or win however many times you want and the catch is you have however long it indicates. This can be for 1Hr or 3hrs. Usually you’ll receive them when you reach the pinnacle markers like game 100, 1000, 500, 1500, 9000 etc or after completing a Home Reno, DIY Project, other games. Sometimes it works out where two games are completed at once, i would personally only complete one (usually the one that is time sensitive) and use up that hour and then live life….when i am ready for bed, I will kick in the other free house by placing the LAST ITEM into its place with my coupons or coins whereby it finishes that project and activates that 1Hr stamina, that way you don't have to sit there for two hours to play a game. Theres a way, within reason, to decide when it is you’re playing the game via stamina.

Stamina = the amount of time allowable to use unlimited* booster as indicated. It will show which of the boosters or benefits you can use in the games under the understanding that you’re aware that you need to have the remaining lives to utilize them in, try not to active the unlimited boosters such as TNT for five minutes if you’re out of lives or ‘life-stamina’ for 30 mins as you cannot pause the game on any stamina.

The lightening bolt indicates that you can use a booster; a TNT/BOOSTER/BOMB are some of the options and can be used as many times as you want and in as many games as you’re able to play. (Assuming you have the LIVES or life-stamina to do so as you wouldn't want NO stamina but unlimited bombs) for 5 mins, 10 mins - is usually the lengths of time they’re usable for.

Hope this helps.



Wednesday 12th of January 2022

If I activate a premium pass will it be for all the seasons or for just one season?