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Home Design Makeover (iOS) Guide, Tips & Cheats to Become a Professional Interior Designer

Do you have dreams of becoming a world famous architect or interior designer one day? Are you tired of seeing the same decor in your room and would like to do something about it? Well even if you cannot change some things in real life, this brand new design simulation and puzzle game allows you to achieve exciting new dimensions of design from the comfort of your smartphone. Home Design Makeover is a versatile design and control simulation game from Loop Interactive, that has already garnered huge attention since its release. Home Design Makeover is available to download and play for free on iOS devices from the Apple iTunes App Store as well as on Android devices from the Google Play Store.

The game offers beautiful and eye catching graphics coupled with a smooth and lag free gameplay on most devices in a slightly large package size of 450 MB. Home Design Makeover, being a latest release, receives regular love from the developers and do not be surprised if you are met with some new features which are not discussed in this guide. The most recent update to Home Design Makeover occurred on 23 February, 2018 and brought with it minor bug fixes and added more makeovers and downloadable content to the already rich gameplay experience.

Home Design Makeover is not your typical endless simulation arcade points earning game. To give you an idea just combine an interactive style of missions and the customizability of the SIMS series and you will understand the main concept of Home Design Makeover. The game focuses upon making players work for their fair share of rewards and completing the missions is necessary to achieve any significant advancement in Home Design Makeover. Accurate environmental depictions and real life home designing simulation grant Home Design Makeover the look and feel of a true simulation role playing game with all the elements of an arcade puzzle game also present in the delicious mixture.

Home Design Makeover will give you an incredibly challenging gameplay so do not be fooled by its friendly graphics and user interface. It does not matter if you are a gaming veteran or just a newbie to the world of design and architecture, Home Design Makeover has a difficulty curve that is sure to impress everyone and grant you a true sense of achievement when you are able to successfully complete the missions. The first few levels are a piece of cake for anyone who has the slightest of experience playing simulation and Sim City style games.

Even if you have never touched or seen such a game before in your life and want to begin with Home Design Makeover, the developers have set up a very friendly tutorial that will direct you towards using the basic functions in the game like turning the random visitors into permanent customers, creating new makeovers and managing the decor using the on screen touch controls. Despite this seemingly detailed starter tutorial, you will be faced with an unbelievable and exponentially scaling learning curve and no matter how dedicated you are, you will not be able to progress to a much higher stage without some of the tips and tricks mentioned in this guide. So pick up your smartphone and let’s start the journey to becoming a professional designer in Home Design Makeover!

1. Match Puzzles And Design Homes

Home Design Makeover is a game that has been programmed to represent almost real life scenarios for players so they can get completely immersed in the experience like they would while going to a real home designer service and how they would have liked the ideal interior designer and staff to have been in real life. This also means that the developers of this game have gone out of their way to make sure that the game mechanics and difficulty is also on par with what you would expect in an actual designer service.

These improvements to the generally static Artificial Intelligence in a design simulation game entails that you must learn to improvise whenever needed and quite literally develop a keen management sense if you expect to progress beyond a certain point in Home Design Makeover. The true difficulty of this game does not lie in how hard it is to earn cash or the upgrades being expensive rather it manifests itself on the management staff board, always keeping you on the edge of your seat as you play this exciting game on your smartphone.

Home Design Makeover combines the fun of 3 Match puzzle games and the ultimate sophistication of being an interior home designer into one mega bundle of joy. Therefore to truly succeed in this game, you have to focus a lot on the match puzzle arcade part as well. This is because when you successfully complete a series of match making puzzle levels, you get rewarded with a huge amount of cash and unlockables in the game which you can use to upgrade the décor to your home design. You will find that the two parts of the game are not exclusive to each other so even if you are interested in only the Home Designer aspect, you will have to develop good match puzzler skills in order to earn the money needed to make you home designer dreams come true.

The key trick to performing well on the puzzle match maker games is to have a true gamer’s vision and seeing what possible combinations are available to you even before the level starts. As all the puzzle stages have a timer, it is essential that you use as many combos as possible so that you can make much more matches in a lot less time. This is only possible if you have a keen eye and you can spot all the same color gems on the board as soon as the match making process starts. Keep practicing and soon this will become second nature to you while playing Home Design Makeover.

The third step to developing a good management sense is to pay attention to the small details in Home Design Makeover. The game developers have put a lot of hard work into making this game as life like as possible and that devotion can clearly be seen in the details while playing Home Design Makeover. One of the tiny details that you should always pay close attention to is the tip and mood functions given to the AI controlled restaurant staff in Home Design Makeover. Once you have played the game long enough, you will notice that there are two kinds of staff available to you in the game.

2. Spending Your Cash Effectively

Home Design Makeover is similar to the thousands of other arcade puzzler and real life designer simulation games on the market but this game makes you work hard for a relatively low amount of reward. This means that you will have to be extra careful while spending cash in the game if you want to achieve any significant progress. This is actually the main reason why many new players give up or fail to progress beyond a certain level while in the career mode. They spend tons of cash on needless updates whenever a prompt to do so is shown by the game and as a result they do not have enough cash left for the purchase of a much better décor package or unlocking other cool features in the game.

An easy way to avoid falling into this trap is to collect as much cash as you can without spending any except when you absolutely need to. Following this strategy saves you around 20 to 25 percent more cash. This may not seem like much but it really adds up to quite a lot and will result in you being able to purchase a much better chef and restaurant staff and upgrades faster than you would have been able to had you been spending cash whenever the game prompted you to upgrade your designers and interface. This allows you to save up the cash for some super cool décor packages and upgrades at the later stages of the game and you will realize that your patience is rewarded handsomely indeed.

Another reason why you should hold on to cash is due to the relatively low value that you can obtain from spending it on upgrades whenever prompted by the game. Upgrades come at a small price but you only get a certain amount of visual appeal by using up your upgrade card or upgrading with cash. The only benefit of upgrading homes, your designers and interface is the ability to more efficiently manage the flow of food and control around the restaurant. If you are playing according to the tips and tricks that are mentioned in this guide to Home Design Makeover, this benefit does not seem to matter anymore and you can save your hard earned cash for much worthier upgrades that will require a lot of investment when you reach the higher levels in Home Design Makeover.

Purchasing a new trainer for your designer staff will give you a boost of around +20 to +30 percent cash for that specific levell so now you can clearly decide if upgrading your designers and interface is worth the cash you work so hard to earn. As a general rule however, whenever you do get stuck in a difficult scenario, you should always prefer to put upgrade points into the higher level décor package because it gives you a better ratio of benefit by enabling you to design more homes rather than spending it on many small buildings or cash boosters as both of those things can be supplemented by good management sense in the design department. The power of your thinking determines how fast you can react so always keep your eyes peeled for chaotic designs and prevent any clashes from happening in your beloved interior design kingdom.

3. Beauty Is The Key To Success

Home Design Makeover is one of the few games on the market which gives you the option to design your own decorations that you will be using to makeover many of the homes in the game. This feature adds a great amount of interactiveness to the game as players can vary the cost of the different designs being provided by the interior design service according to the difficulty of the designing process involved. The design rooms have a completely independent management system in the game and you can employ designers and caretakers to look after the more precious of your decorations. Put short, the more time you spend understanding the basics of which design is required in what amount and how to ensure a steady supply of decorations from your interior design service, the more effectively you will be able to help your makeover company grow rapidly into one of the most famous places in town.

Another unique feature provided by the developers of Home Design Makeover is the availablity of attractions and different kind of beautiful decorations for your own interior design warehouse. You will unlock more of these attractions and decorations as you move to higher stages within Home Design Makeover and expand your service to further levels. However it is important to remember that not all that glitters is gold and it is wise to experiment with different kind of attractions to see which one is most popular with the visitors of your design service. As a general rule you should never spend extra cash on attractions and decorations for your restaurant if your staff is unhappy with the salary that you are paying them or if your interior design department is getting neglected as these are the more important factors that will determine the success or failure of your design service in Home Design Makeover. Keep all these tips and tricks in mind while playing Home Design Makeover and there will be no barrier to your becoming the legendary talk of the city!

Trina Morin

Sunday 1st of August 2021

Do you get daily rewards if so how


Monday 2nd of November 2020

When playing the mini matching game, how do you get the couches? I match the blocks and it just happens. But I need to know how.


Thursday 9th of April 2020

I love this game

Tanya Tedball

Sunday 1st of September 2019

What does the lightening bolt mean that you get free for an hour. How do you use it


Friday 6th of September 2019

It means you can play for an hour without running out of time. Usually you get so many losses then it’ll tell you how long you have to play again. But if you have the lightening bolt, that won’t happen.