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Pooking – Billiards City Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete All Levels

Pooking – Billiards City is a unique modern arcade style billiards game from Mountain Game. There is a plethora of pool games on mobile and we have played a ton of them over the years. Pooking – Billiards City boasts decent graphics, very intuitive controls, and in-game physics that rival the best among its peers. What we feel sets it apart from loosely similar games is how forgiving it seems when it comes to gameplay mechanics, making it a highly addictive single player game that both casual and hardcore mobile gamers can enjoy.

pooking billiards city tips

Pooking – Billiards City provides a quick and simple tutorial session that players of all ages and expertise can surely follow. The slider on the right side of the screen, which controls the direction of the cue stick is an ingenious and convenient design that makes the game easier than most and the power adjustment controls on the left tie in perfectly to bridge the gap between the shots you imagine and its actual outcome.

If you have yet to feel the satisfaction of clearing an entire pool table without missing a single shot in real life or in any video game, then Pooking – Billiards City is most likely the first mobile billiards game that can let you experience being a king of pool.

pooking billiards city amazing shot

Considering everything, Pooking – Billiards City practically guarantees progression even for complete beginners. Like any pool game as well, practice and repetition will serve as your main source of learning and skill improvement. However, if you want to further proper your career as a pool hustler and fast track your journey towards clearing all of the levels in the game, our Pooking – Billiards City beginner’s guide has all the tips and strategies you need to set you on your way!

1. Take As Much Time As You Need

Billiards is a game of patience as much as it is a game of skill and strategy. Pooking – Billiards City currently only has a single player game mode that does not have a set time limit within which you have to make a shot. Most especially for beginners, failing to bank a shot in the game is almost always a result of a miscalculation, potentially borne of hasty inclinations to perform a shot that seems perfectly accurate at the time.

Even players who have some experience with other pool games need to get accustomed to the game’s physics regardless of how precise it seems. Likewise, repetition and practice with using different power levels is needed to ensure that succeeding shots you make will have the exact level of power you need. This applies not only to banking a shot but placing the cue ball as well to an optimum spot for the next shot to make.

pooking billiards city patience

One of Pooking – Billiards City’s unique mechanics is that the balls are not always situated at the center of the pool table just like conventional billiards games. There are hardly break shots at the start of the level and you proceed to choose from among the scattered balls which one to attempt to bank first. While the aim may be particularly focused on a particular target, taking the unlimited time in your hands as a strategic tool should prompt you to consider every other option.

This same scenario applies to all other shots you make. Pooking – Billiards City makes it very convenient in that the cue stick will seemingly point towards a potential target after each shot you make. Although gameplay is generally easy enough in that banking whichever ball in whichever order you want can result in cleaning the table, always exercising patience to consider the best possible choice will tremendously raise the chances of an actual perfect play.

2. Lower Power Is Often Better

It can still happen that the actual shot you make is far from how you saw it in your mind despite exercising patience. Miscalculations are common especially for beginners and while perception of angles is an equally common culprit, errors in projections can be attributable to using excess power in your shots.

Even in a real game of pool, power shots are typically only performed on break shots, especially since doing so leaves better chances of spreading the balls out, even increasing chances of lucky banks in some cases. Beyond the break shot, there is hardly any need to even exert effort as far as applying power is concerned in the subsequent shots.

pooking billiards city power

This should be always kept in mind with every shot you make in Pooking – Billiards City. The power level adjuster to the left may have a wide range within which you can choose the power level of the shot you want to use. However, be conscious and avoid the temptation of using its maximum capacity. For the most part, you should only consider playing along the halfway point of the adjuster. The friction of the pool table in the game is decent and even the slightest tap on the cue ball can go a long way.

One common scenario that follows a shot with too much power involves the target ball shaking back and forth on the inner sides of the pocket. Although this may sometimes result in the ball ultimately being banked, chances swerve more towards the ball being spit out of the intended pocket. Whether it is a corner pocket or a side pocket in a conventional table, a slowly approaching ball towards it, even with a lack of precision, has a much higher chance of falling in.

Another hazardous effect of using too much power leads to a scratch that could have been otherwise avoided. One of the reasons you want to have absolute control of the cue ball is to pinpoint exactly where you want it to wind up after each shot. Employing too much power makes it more unpredictable to determine where the cue ball will end, with additional collisions adding more variability to the shot’s ultimate outcome. More power, in this sense, risks a higher chance of leading to a scratch.

3. Always Keep The Next Shot In Mind

Break shots, or the first shots in a game of billiards, as well as the last shot, are the only shots in the game that do not require the player to think ahead. Since there are no break shots at the start of each level in Pooking – Billiards City, all but the last shot you take should be done with the next shot in mind.

Beginners are likely to focus exclusively on the shot at hand, figuring out which of the remaining balls ought to be targeted once the cue ball comes to a halt. Experts and veterans, on the other hand, will mentally map out all the shots they need to make to clear the table before even taking their first shot.

pooking billiards city next shot

It takes a lot of experience and practice to be able to fully plan the sequence of shots you need to make to clear the table. Way beyond that, it is several folds more challenging to actually manage to do it. At the very least, however, we recommend making a habit out of preparing the next shot with each shot you make.

This involves banking your current shot and at the same time leaving the cue ball in a location that makes it perfect to take the next shot. Of course, this involves looking into at least 2 of the available balls in play and considering them as your first and second targets, respectively.

It certainly will not be as easy at is sounds but with some patience and practice, you should be able to manage doing it consistently enough to take it to the next level. Ultimately, the goal in mind leads to being able to do it just like pro billiards players do and mapping out the sequence of shots you need to pull to clear each table. Even professionals do not consistently experience perfect plays but Pooking – Billiards City is a lot easier and you can more easily clear a level even with some or a couple of deviations from your initial plans.

4. Learn To Utilize Spins

Spins characterize more advanced concepts in the world of pool but Pooking – Billiards City makes it easy enough for you to take advantage of the concept to make better shots and preparations across every kind of table. It will not be covered in the game’s tutorial but the cue ball icon at the upper right side of the screen is actually your spin control.

By default, the end of the cue stick strikes the dead center of a cue ball. If this is the case, a perfectly straight shot will result in a stop ball and even the slightest deviations to either side of the target ball will result in the cue ball rolling to that side afterwards. More often than not, shots seem to veer more towards the upper side of the cue ball, resulting in it following the target ball forward.

pooking billiards city spin

If you tap on the spin control button or “cue ball” at the upper right side of your screen, you can adjust the part of the ball you will hit with your cue stick. By sliding the cursor however you wish. Adjusting it upwards will lead to your cue ball moving further forward after hitting its target and aiming at the lower side of the cue ball will leave your cue ball rolling backwards after connecting with its target. Adjustments to the left or right can likewise influence where the cue ball will spin to after contact.

With these concepts in mind, you should have a lot more control over how the cue ball will react following its collision with the target ball. Not only will you have more options on how to prep the cue ball for your succeeding shots, utilizing spins should also lower or eliminate the chances of yielding scratches or cue balls winding up in any pocket.

It is not that difficult to witness the cue ball make its way towards the same pocket where you sank your target ball, especially in a straight shot. Some angles on long shots can also involve your targets being banked in one pocket, leading the cue ball towards another. This is fairly common in conventional pool tables and Pooking – Billiards City even holds unique pool table with unfamiliar layouts.

5. Break Balls Apart When You Can

The balls in Pooking – Billiards City are hardly ever racked and set at the center of the pool table, leaving you without any need to perform break shots to scatter them about. However, there are levels when some of the balls will be situated in contact with another. In some cases, these setups provide you with an opportunity to bank both balls on separate pockets but in other cases, you have to resort to bank one and deal with the other at another time.

If you have watched professional pool players, you will notice that they tend to avoid having the cue ball come in contact with any other ball other than their target, unless it is the last option. This is because any collision made with the cue ball or any other ball, for that matter, results in after effects that are difficult to predict. Keep in mind that preparations and precision go hand in hand in any billiards game, so it is only wise to avoid variables that may complicate the table’s setup at any given point.

breaking balls apart in pooking billiards city

In the event of some balls being placed too close or absolutely in contact with one another, it becomes important for you to break them apart. This will make succeeding shots and preparations easier, enabling you to ultimately be able to clear the table without hassles. If it is possible to bank one of the adjoined balls, do so while at the same time avoiding leaving your cue ball stuck beside any other ball.

Alternatively, you can also target one ball and at the same time make it so that the after spin of your cue ball will lead to breaking the other balls that are situated together. This is a more challenging approach in most situations but is a more viable option than completely ignoring the stitched up balls at every opportunity.

6. Remember That There Are No Call Shots

There are certain mechanics in Pooking – Billiards City that evidently makes it easier than conventional pool games. For starters, you do not need to adhere to any rules of sequence with regard to how you will choose to pocket each ball. Stripes and solids, as well as each ball’s number, do not actually matter.

Another absent rule is calling shots, most especially on the last ball. These traditional pool rules are all simple to observe, yet their absence in the game cuts down the complexity of gameplay by a lot makes for a simpler, less stressful activity.

pooking billiards city calling shot

There are, however, bonuses you can get from some shots as indicated by icons that can pop up on a pocket any time during the game. A heart or a hand may appear on a pocket, making it a little more enticing for you to bank a shot on that pocket. Hearts grant you an extra life or attempt while the hand takes out a random ball on the table.

In every level, you will start off with 8 hearts. Every failed attempt to pocket a ball or every instance of scratch will have you lose 1 heart. 8 hearts, in our opinion, are actually well more than enough to clear any level. Chances are that you can clear more levels with more than 8 hearts than less, especially if you follow everything on this guide. As such, shooting for an extra heart is not much of a benefit but a challenge.

pooking billiards city hints

On the other hand, having to bank one less ball can be a big enough incentive. This is very impactful when you are down to 2 balls or a ball closely placed to another one is among the potential ones that will be taken out. Just the same, it is important to consider both the benefits and the risks involved. A chance to actually miss a pocket for a chance to have one ball taken off the table is the potential equation to keep in mind.

In almost every instance, Pooking – Billiards City will only show the enticing icons on pockets if performing the shot is actually doable. It can be more challenging in some instances, but never impossible. In this sense, you should only consider taking on the challenge if you are confident that you can make the shot and prep for the next one if possible.

7. New Cue Sticks Are Cool But Never Better

Pooking – Billiards City provides players with options to use different cue sticks. Beyond the default one, players can unlock a new cue stick after completing every twentieth level in the game. There are also unique ones that can be purchased with real money but all other cues only have an advantage in appeal in comparison with the initial one.

pooking billiards city cue sticks

Once unlocked, you can switch cue sticks at any time during the game by hitting the cue sticks icon just above the power level adjuster. The ones you can unlock having an A grade are actually cool and have unique designs and glows. As much as using them can certainly make you feel like a king of billiards, however, they do not have any added effects that benefit you. Even if they did, though, the default cue stick can actually take you through all of the levels in Pooking – Billiards City.

8. Offline Mode, Quick Reset, And Replay

Video ads in free-to-play games are nothing new and if you download and play a free game on mobile, especially casual games, you should be surprised to discover one that does not exhibit ads of any kind. Although we can still expect some players to be annoyed or turned off by the presence of ads in games they play and enjoy for free, it is important to understand why ads exist in such games.

While there are free games that do not incorporate the use of ads of any kind, those types of games revel in micro transactions or premium services. Casual games like Pooking – Billiards City, on the other hand, rely more on ads to help keep the game available for players to enjoy absolutely free.

pooking billiards city settings

If, for some reason, you feel that the ads that play every after each level completion is a distraction to your performance or a blockage to your enjoyment of the game, you can always opt to play the game offline. Pooking – Billiards City is actually an offline single player game and requires no internet connectivity for it to run. You will not miss anything by playing offline and playing the game online is primarily your most basic gesture of support to the game’s developers.

You earn ratings with every level you clear in Pooking – Billiards City and whether it is silver, gold, or a crown rating, you will still be able to move forward and earn new cue sticks after reaching level milestones. If you missed your first shot and want to attempt a perfect run, you can quickly reset the level. Simply tap on the settings button at the upper left side of the screen and hit the reset button.

pooking billiards city levels

You can also easily play through any of the levels you previously conquered. After all, it is very satisfying to see nothing but crowns lining up all the levels you completed. Simply tap on any level and you can replay them. Doing so will not yield any quantifiable benefits but adds to practice and experience points that can lead to you becoming a true master of the game.

We are certainly hopeful that more features will be added to the game through future updates but for now, this is where we end our Pooking – Billiards City beginner’s guide. We hope that the simple tips and strategies we shared have helped pave the way to letting you become a top tier billiards king.

Do you know of any helpful tips and tricks in the game that we don’t? Surprise us and share your discoveries below!


Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

Great work on these suggestions. I'm playing into the 1300 level and still pick up a pointer now and then. There is a 2 heart penalty for a scratch. Why doesn't this list accompany the game? It would save a lot of frustration.