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Poly Bridge Guide: 6 Tips & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Who knew that engineering could be so much fun? Poly Bridge is a fun bridge-building simulator that is exclusive to iOS devices. The goal of the game is to help vehicles reach their destination by building bridges across gaps. There are different types of bridges that you can build and it will be up to you to find the perfect one for each puzzle. You will receive a request to build a bridge for crossing a certain gap. It will be your job to come up with a plan to build a bridge within a given budget. Use your creativity in figuring out a way how you can get the vehicles across. You can use moving drawbridges, swings, and even jumps! There are over a hundred levels for you to complete and you will need the help of our Poly Bridge strategy guide to get through all of them!

1. Start With The Simple Puzzles

Poly Bridge lets you decide which level you want to play in campaign mode. The more advanced levels are immediately accessible even if you haven’t tried the earlier stages. While you are free to go for the crazy stunts right away, we recommend that you stick with the easy ones and work your way up. There are a lot of things that you need to learn and master in the game and you may not be able to grasp these concepts if you jump ahead. The good thing about this game, though, is that you can go back and tweak parts of the bridge separately so you don’t have to start over if something goes wrong.

2. Know Your Tools

There are several tools available for you to use in order to complete each project. Learn how to use these to your advantage by understanding how each of them can help you complete the bridge. Using the right tool is crucial to your success in the game so we have listed them below to help you get an idea about what they do.

Stress View

Shows you the weak parts of your bridge by highlighting them in red. The highlighted sections are the ones that would most likely fail if put under the stress of a vehicle’s weight.


As the name suggests, this tool simulates how vehicles would pass through the bridge once it is completed. If the vehicles are able to reach the flags with the bridge intact then you have completed the stage.
Camera Controls

This can be used during the simulation so you can see how your bridge behaves during simulation. Watching the bridge from different angles can give you a better idea how you can improve it.

Arc Tool

This is the most useful tool in the game because it does the job of arc tracing and joint placing for you. All you need to do is trace the lines and the tool will automatically snap the joints onto the curve.

3. Aim For Lower Budgets

Even though you are given ample budget for each bridge, you get bonus points for going under budget. You won’t fail the stage even if you go over budget but it won’t give you a full clear on the world map. There are several things that you should keep in mind in order to keep costs to a minimum during construction. First, it’s best if you stick to triangular shapes for connecting joints. There’s a reason why you see these triangles in real bridges. They are the most effective when it comes to bearing load on your bridge. Just make sure you make all the sides of the triangle equal so it will remain strong.

Another trick you can use is to rely on an on-screen grid to help you find inconsistencies in your structure. This will help you make a more balanced bridge overall. Lastly, create a land brace by using fixed terrain to support your bridge.

4. Consider the Types of Vehicles

Each bridge will be catering to different types of vehicles so it is important to factor that into your construction plan before you begin. Motorcycles are light so they are the easiest vehicles to build for. Station wagons and dump trucks are a lot heavier so you will need to create stronger structures for them. Another vehicle you need to consider will not even use your bridge. There will be levels that have boats passing underneath your bridge so make sure you check before finalizing your design. These boats will destroy your bridge if you do not create an arc high enough to let them pass. You could also create a drawbridge so boats can pass safely without have to arc your bridge too high.

5. Use Different Materials

Before you begin construction, check out which materials are available to you. Some materials are unavailable on certain stages, while in others they will come in limited supply. You should also think about the characteristics of each material before using it on your bridge. Wood, for example, is sturdy and cheap but it might not hold up if it will be used by a lot of heavy vehicles. Metal, on the other hand, is a lot stronger but is also heavier than wood. Your bridge might end up collapsing from its own weight even before any vehicles passes through.

6. Watch In Slow Motion

Sometimes it can really be difficult to figure out what’s wrong with your bridge even after using all those tools. One thing you can do is to use the slow motion option for watching the bridge in action. You just need to adjust the slider on the right side of the screen to change the viewing speed. Seeing things in slow motion and from different angles can help you pinpoint the exact moment when you bridge starts to fail. You can then zoom in on this part of the bridge to find out what you can tweak in order to make it work.

Unleash your creative side and build crazy bridges in Poly Bridge! Just follow the strategy guide above to complete all levels!