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Polish Blast Tips, Cheats & Hints for Three-Star Levels

Celebrities big and small, as well as popular franchises, now have their own Match 3 games, and the main reason, we’d say, is their simplicity. Even children can play these games and pick them up quickly, and there’s just something about matching three or more pieces and clearing out a board as quickly as possible that you can’t simply put down just like that. That said, the latest “celebrity” Match 3 game is Red Piston’s Android and iOS title Polish Blast, which is endorsed by popular Internet nail artist CutePolish. And instead of gems, you’ll be matching bottles of nail polish, and doing so over more than 100 levels. As usual, you can create special pieces if you match more than three of a kind, and use those pieces, or power-ups, to clear out that board faster.

So now that you’ve been given a backgrounder on the game, it’s time for us to share with you our list of Polish Blast tips and hints for easy three-star levels.

1. Know How The Energy System Works

Like almost all other Match 3 games, there is an energy system you have to deal with. In here, it’s 50 crystal balls as seen on the top of your screen; you lose five for each level you lose. That equates to ten failed levels in one go, which is twice as many as what you’d get in the usual Match 3 game.

2. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Get Energy Back ASAP

Not only is this game quite generous in terms of energy, it’s also generous in the time it allows for you to get one crystal ball back. But if you can’t wait 50 minutes to get all your crystal balls back, you can set the time ahead by five minutes per crystal ball you want to recover. You can change the time back to normal once you’re done, and you won’t be forfeiting the balls you recovered by doing the time lapse trick.

3. Draw Longer Lines For More Special Pieces

The larger the lines you draw, the more special pieces you can get to help you clear out that board. Some of these pieces, depending on where they’re played, can clear out one horizontal or vertical line. You can even clear out two lines in one go. As long as you’ve got that special piece with you, you can play it as part of a combo at any time in the round.

4. How Big A Combo Can You Create?

If you’re looking to create a combo that’s so big it could take out up to half of your board, it’s quite easy to do it. Clear out all colors but one, then save that remaining color till the end of the level. String a large number of them together and adjacent to each other. And once you’ve got about 15 to 20 polish bottles, you can play the combo and earn a ridiculous amount of points, thus allowing for a sure three-star level.