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Pokémon GO Guide: How to Get Arcanine, Clefable, Exeggutor, Golem, Geodude, Graveler, Machamp, Muk and Other Pokémon

Despite all the server issues gamers have had to deal with since Niantic Labs released it a few weeks back, Pokemon GO is still massively popular. And we don’t think this game will be losing any steam anytime soon, with 151 different Pokemon from the original titles available for you to catch. These include some underrated, underappreciated creatures whose names don’t usually get thrown around when talking about those with high CP, and those whom you can trust to guard your gyms. You can probably call these Pokemon your silent performers, those who often get overlooked, but are very much worth the catch.

We’ve given you quite a few tips and tricks on how to catch certain types of rare Pokemon, and now we shall be moving on to this new Pokemon GO strategy guide, where we list some more tips for catching Pokemon, this time the underrated characters we were hinting at above. With a little patience you may soon be able to get these characters, so read on if you need some help on getting the characters we shall be listing.

How To Get Arcanine

Should we still consider Arcanine underrated? The jury’s still out on that one, but as far as we’ve noticed, there are several Arcanine out there being used to guard Gyms. And why wouldn’t they go for it and have them fulfill such a daunting task? Why, it’s because Arcanine’s maximum CP is a whopping 2,983. That makes it one of the most powerful characters in the game, trumping Dragonite, and coming close to beating Snorlax on a level-per-level basis. When it comes to catching Arcanine, we suggest dropping one or two lures on the sand; this would include deserts or beaches, or a couple in residential parts of town. You can do the same if you live in a warm country, and take advantage of your surroundings. Lastly, you’ll still have the option to farm for Growlithes and collect as much of its Candy as possible – it requires 50 units of Candy, to be exect.

How To Get Clefable

Interestingly, Clefable is one of the few Pokemon on Pokemon GO to switch types since the release of the original titles several years ago. It has a maximum CP of 2,497, making it the most powerful fairy type in the game. And as a reminder of what fairy types can do, they’re the most suitable type to combat against dragon types – this would mean the likes of Dragonite, of course. So where to find Clefable? The best place to look would be around your city or town’s landmarks; you don’t need to use lures in order to find and capture Clefable. You may also be able to find Clefable and other fairy types in cemeteries, though out of respect for the dead, you might not want to do this. It’s also possible to use Clefairy candy to evolve your current Clefaries into a Clefable.

How To Get Exeggutor

Out of all the Pokemon in this list, Exeggutor has the highest max CP with a rating of 2,980. That puts it on similar footing as Arcanine and Dragonite, and makes it even stronger than Articuno. All told, Exeggutor is the most dominating and powerful among grass types, and is also more powerful than Mew as a psychic type. And if you’re wondering where you can find this underappreciated hero of the Pokemon GO wirld, we shall tell you below.

As Exeggutor is a grass and psychic type, you’ll be better off looking for him in hospitals, residential areas, golf courses, meadows, parks, and farmland. Basically, anywhere that has grass, plus hospitals due to the fact that he’s a psychic type. It’s always better to do this if the area you’re going to has a ton of PokeStops, as that would allow you to drop lures.

How To Get Golem / Geodude / Graveler

Golem’s max CP is a very, very respectable 2,303, which isn’t as high as the max CP figures for some of the other characters in this list. As the name suggests, it is a rock type and provides a strong defensive boost against other types. Specifically, those rock attacks can throw off fire types and flying types, and since many other Gym leaders seem to favor fire and flying types for their lineup, and to guard Pokemon Gyms, Golem should be just perfect for his job.

Geodude and Graveler can also be found in urban areas, or in places where there is a lot of concrete. But since Geodude is one of the more common Pokemon out there, being easy to find by hatching him from a 2Km egg, you can collect 125 units of his Candy to evolve a Geodude that already has a high CP rating. Try collecting 20 units for the first and fastest evolution, then move on to 100 units for the second evolution.

How To Get Machamp

Compared to other fighting types in Pokemon GO, Machamp is truly a monster, with a max CP of 2,594. That gives Machamp an advantage over Snorlaxes, and when talking about how to acquire Machamp, you should go to deserts, casinos, gyms, and sporting arenas, and drop a lure while you’re there. You can also farm for Machops Candy to evolve your Mashops into a Machamp, which can, and will take long, just to give you a heads-up.

How To Get Muk

Believe it or not, Muk has a maximum CP of 2,602. This character is a poison type, so you’ll want to look for him in wetlands such as swamps or marshes. Poison types sometimes crop up in urbanized locations, so you should try looking in there as well. But if you would rather get Muk the old-fashioned way, you can hatch Grimer from a 5km egg, then use enough Grimer Candy to evolve into Muk.

How To Get Nidoqueen And Nidoking

Most people don’t realize it, but Nidoking has a 2,485 maximum CP, while Nidoqueen tops out at 2,475. These are big figures that should make them very attractive, and you will definitely want to have them guarding your gym the moment you’re able to catch one, or both of them. Nidoking is a poison type and Nidoqueen is a ground type, so keeping this in mind, you will likely be spotting them near wetlands, e.g. swamps or marshes. You may also find Nidoqueen, who’s a ground character, in paved areas. And if you’re having no luck in those areas, or if you don’t live in a place that has nearby wetlands or paved areas, you can collect as much Nidoran Candy as you could – both types, meaning for Nidorino and Nidorina. You can acquire both Nidorans by hatching 5km eggs, but you won’t be able to find the evolved Nidoking and Nidoqueen by hatching.

How To Get Poliwrath / Poliwag / Poliwhirl

Poliwrath is a water and fighting type, and we can go on record saying that he’s one of the top most underrated Pokemon out there. That’s mainly because he’s a good creature to be used against fire types, which may include the likes of Rapidash. Best places to hunt for Poliwrath include water sources and nearby. But given his status as a fighting type, you can also go to deserts and sporting arenas, and go hunting nearby. He’s also visible near casinos, so this could be your lucky day if you happen to hail from Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or any of the world’s other gambling hotspots. You can also head to your nearest gym and go searching around that area – by gym, we mean an actual one where you can exercise and work out, not a Pokemon Gym.

As for Poliwag and Poliwhirl, these are two less-evolved forms of Poliwrath that do not show up near a gym. For the former, you should save up 125 Poliwag Candy, with 25 allotted to the first evolution and 100 for the second one. You can also find Poliwag by hatching him from a 5km egg.

How To Get Slowbro

Slowbro may be slow alright, but he has a formidable maximum CP rating of 2,597. That means it’s much stronger in terms of psychic types than Alakazam. This is a strong water type, and also a psychic type. For the former, you want to explore around rivers, lakes, and the ocean, as well as around farmlands. And for the latter, you should be exploring around your nearest hospital, which is a popular place to be for those psychic types in the game.

How To Get Vileplume

If you remember the old games, Vileplume wasn’t as strong then as he is now. The character’s 2,492 max CP is undoubtedly very impressive for this grass and poison type. Go hunting for Vileplume in meadows, grasslands, parks, and other grassy parts of town. You can also head to swamps and marshes like you would when on the lookout for other poison types. In addition, you might want to drop a lure, or head to an Oddish spawn point so you can transform Oddish into Vileplume, provided you have enough Candy on you.