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Pocket Troops Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 4 Killer Hints You Need to Know

Pocket Troops is a new iOS game from Heyworks that is described as a charmingly strategic and humor-filled, yet tactical kind of war game. The game’s description warns of “infrequent/mild alcohol, tobacco, or drug use or references,” but it also claims to be a family-friendly experience where no trooper ever gets killed. As a commander, it is your goal to recruit, train, and equip the soldiers in your army and fight intense, bite-sized battles. There are six trooper classes, as well as the ability to collect and upgrade weapons, upgrade your base, and take part in player-vs-player challenges, among other key features.

Reviews have been very kind to Pocket Troops, and to be fair, the game does live up to its charming description. It’s a very different type of war game, and if you want to win more battles than lose them, check out our exclusive list of Pocket Troops tips, tricks and strategies.

1. The More Troops, The Better

Though, you will eventually get to a point where you can sustain success in the game, you will start out losing a lot of battles. That’s okay, though – it happens to almost everyone, as all players start out with precious few troops. What you can do, however, is to spend all your money on recruiting new troops; having one really good soldier gives you someone you can rely on, but when starting out, there’s definitely more strength in numbers than in one powerful troop.

2. Focus On Individual Targets

Now, that we’ve established that strength in numbers is important early on, we’d also like to point out one of the quirks in this game – even if an enemy soldier is at the verge of “death,” he’ll still be at full strength when it comes to his attacks. That means you’ll have to focus on one individual soldier and take the enemy army out one man at a time. Typically, you’ll want to focus on the strongest soldier, which would normally be the one wielding a bazooka or any other heavy weapon.

3. Train Your Soldiers

Aside from accumulating enough troops to stand out in terms of your overall headcount, you should also keep training those soldiers. This normally takes just half a minute in the early goings, and any improvement, small as it may seem, could pay off later in the game. Use the stars you earn in battle to buy new equipment, and combine identical pieces of equipment to make them more powerful – you can call this a mechanic similar to enhancing or evolving weapons in RPGs.

4. Variety Is Also Important

We touched earlier on those bazooka-handling bad guys, which are the enemy’s top soldiers. It may seem like the instinctive thing to do, to have a lot of soldiers wielding bazookas or heavy weapons, but you actually want a more varied lineup of soldiers. Assault rifles are there to slow down the enemy, so have a balance and don’t be a one-trick pony out there in the battlefield.

In case you’ve come up with some other Pocket Troops tips, tricks or cheats that we haven’t listed here, don’t hesitate to let us know!