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Pocket Mine 3 Guide: 11 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Dig Deeper and Collect More Treasures

Pocket Mine 3 is a fast paced game from Roofdog Games with an exciting career mode in which you must reach the end of the pit, hidden deep beyond the surface. There are lots of interesting things to see down below, and lots of undiscovered wonders to collect, but only if you are playing smart.

Since the game is a classic take on the dig games formula, you have to watch for many different things on your way to the top – or, in this case, the bottom. Rocks that are harder to break than regular, numerous monsters, hidden pathways, locked chests, and valuable ore are just some of them.

On your journeys down you will be tested, and while the first couple of levels are a breeze to play, as you progress in Pocket Mine 3, the game becomes harder and harder. Of course, it is possible to beat every level, but for that, you’ll need quality gear, smart playing tactics, and a bit of luck (we will explain later why you need to be lucky in order to beat harder levels). You can also play one of the many special events that bring extra money and loot (although loot pieces aren’t significant, more on that later), giving you some extra money to upgrade the forge and equipment.

Overall, Pocket Mine 3 is a great, fast-paced game in which you have to think before you act, and one that won’t forgive mistakes. As we said, beating harder levels and reaching the bottom of the mine during special events can be tricky, but entirely achievable, just follow the advice we shared with you in this guide. Stay with us and find out how you can become the best Pocket Miner ever.

1. Your Pickaxe Is The Most Important Piece Of Your Gear

You craft your gear at the forge, and sadly, Pocket Mine 3 doesn’t have an option to pick which piece of equipment you want to craft. All you can do is selecting the rarity (common, rare, epic, and legendary) of the gear you want to craft and that’s it.

So, as we said, you will have to be a bit lucky in order to get a quality pick. So, there’s no harm in crafting gear because each time you do it, there’s a chance you’ll craft something nice and helpful. And since the player cannot pick individual pieces of gear to craft, just craft that equipment until you get something valuable.

2. Try Crafting A Decent Pickaxe Before You Upgrade The Forge Too Many Times

The forge can be improved, each upgrade allowing it to craft higher level equipment. But before you spend all of your money on upgrading the forge, try crafting a decent pickaxe. Each forge upgrade raises the price of each gear tier, which is shown in tokens that are collected during mining. And since epic and legendary tokens are pretty rare to stumble upon, you need to craft a +20 or more pick before upgrading the forge.

Of course, you can level up the forge before crafting a strong and durable pick, but limit the upgrade to level 3, since after then the prices really start to skyrocket.

A solid pick should give you around 20 bonus hits (and it would be great if you could get a 25 or more extra hits). You see, your miner has a limited number of hits with their pickaxe before it gets broken, meaning game over. So it is important to craft a nice pick first. Just play, and replay levels until you receive a robust and durable pickaxe.

Oh, and one more thing about pickaxes. As long as it gives you more bonus hits than other ones you crafted, don’t change it. The only case when equipping a pickaxe with fewer bonus hits is advisable is when it gives you a super useful special ability (like a high chance to break boulders without losing durability) while at the same time it offers almost the same number of bonus hits.

3. Don’t Craft Common And Rare Gear; It Is Better To Exchange Them For Higher Tier Tokens

As we already mentioned, gear is divided into four tiers, and you collect tokens for each tier during your Pocket Mine 3 adventures. Common and rare tokens are plentiful in the dark depth, while epic and legendary tokens are much harder to find.

Since you can exchange ten lower tier tokens for one higher tier token, you can craft epics and legendaries without collecting tokens. We advise you to exchange common and rare tokens instead of using them to craft gear because there’s a really slim chance you’ll get something useful and better than what you already own.
But by exchanging tokens you can collect enough to craft a couple of legendary gear pieces each day, and they are better than your current equipment in most cases.

4. Before Upgrading A Piece Of Equipment, Make Sure The Upgrade Is Worth The Money

Each piece of gear can be upgraded, increasing its unique ability. Since these upgrades are pretty expensive, and you should also save up money for upgrading cards, think good before you decide about upgrading equipment.

We advise you to upgrade gear only in case it carries very powerful special abilities – like 50 percent more explosive crates, or a chance to break a rock without spending pickaxe durability points. In all other cases, just forget about it. Pocket Mine 3 is too unforgiving for you to spend your hard earned money on upgrades that won’t make the game easier for you.

5. Save Up Gems For Buying Card Packs

Cards give you better miners and some cool bonus modifiers before each level. They can mean a difference between reaching the bottom and dying in dark depths of Pocket Mine 3. Cards are also grouped into four tiers, and they can also be upgraded.

We advise you to save up your diamonds (you get one for clearing a level, five for clearing the last level on each world, and one for each achievement) to buy card packs. Card packs can give you some powerful bonuses, and some wicked miners, that can make Pocket Mine 3 much, much easier to play.

We saved up 40 diamonds and bought five packs that gave us lots of epic and legendary cards that were a great help during our adventures through the depths of Pocket Mine 3. For instance, we got some serious bonuses (more explosive ore boulders, more bomb crates, more powerful explosions) and two awesome miners with incredible special abilities.

So, do not spend gems on reviving your miner once they spend all of their pick hits, or to buy single cards. Save them up and buy a five-card pack. This will make levels easier and your earnings noticeably higher. Of course, 40 gems is a lot so after you buy the five card pack spend gems on buying single packs that cost ten gems each.

And now, let we explain you which cards are the best. When you start a level and when you get bonuses for the level, look if there are cards that give you more explosive crates and those that transform ore boulders into explosive metal and mineral blocks. They are best, and if you don’t get a single one of them, just shuffle the cars until you receive at least two of them.

6. It’s Better To Spend Money On Upgrading Cards Than On Gear

Gear upgrades slightly improve special equipment attributes (which aren’t that helpful in most cases) while card upgrades do two things. First, since you have to own two same cards before you can upgrade them, upgrades remove duplicates. This rises chances of getting better cards at the start of each level.

Second, since each card gives you better bonuses than most gear, improving card bonuses in Pocket Mine 3 carries more value than upgrading equipment. So, upgrade the cards whenever you can, and upgrade gear only when you have lots of cash and none cards to upgrade.

7. Loot Chests Aren’t Important

Loot chests give you loot pieces, and while getting lots of interesting loot may look like a perfect thing to do in a game like Pocket Mine 3, loot isn’t important. You see, there are three different loot collections to complete on each world, and completing a collection will only give you one card.

Since common loot collections give you poor value cards, and managing to complete an epic and legendary collection is as hard as it gets (since epic and legendary loot is more difficult to get than a sunny day during polar winter) we advise you to not invest money in upgrading gear that gives you lots of keys to unlock loot chests or better chances to get better loot.

It is simple – it is much more valuable to invest money in upgrading cards since the bonuses are much more attractive. Completing an epic loot collection is virtually impossible, and even if you somehow manage to do it, all you will get is one epic card, which isn’t valuable enough to justify the countless level replays and money invested in gear giving you loot bonuses.

8. Be Strategic About Which Block To Break

There are lots of different miner blocks that explode on impact. You have huge explosion crates, bomb crates, explosive gas crates, ore boulders that will destroy all surrounding blocks, and more.

So when you start a level, instead of hitting all of the blocks, choose wisely. Hit the ones that are placed on the bottom and loo for explosive ones. If you are playing strategic, you can make wicked explosions capable of clearing the path towards the bottom of the mine.
For instance, if you break a bomb block wait for the bombs to explode before resuming with digging. The explosion can activate another explosive block, and that block can activate another, allowing you to activate chain explosions capable of clearing a huge portion of the screen and thus preventing the pick from losing its durability at a fast rate.

So, do not hit every block, just the ones that lead you below. And when you stumble upon an explosive block, wait for the explosion to finish before resuming your digging.

9. Monsters Are Easy To Bet, Just Hit Them With Your Pick As Soon As You Discover Them

There are lots of monsters to be found in Pocket Mine 3, and all of them will end your miner’s life if not killed. The best way to beat monsters is to tap on them as soon as you spot them, rapidly. Just hit them swiftly and they will be dead before being able to hard your miner.

Also, explosions are a great way to kill many monsters at once. If you find lots of monsters and there’s an explosive crate near them, don’t tap on monsters. Instead, destroy the explosive crate, and it will kill all of them at once.

10. Sell Any Unused Gear

Selling gear will give you one token of the gear’s tier, and while that doesn’t look like a fair trade, it can help you tremendously. If you have some rare, epic, or legendary gear just lying at the side, collecting dust, it is better to sell it and get valued tokens instead just keeping it in your inventory. And this is a nice way to give you at least something after you spend lots of tokens and receive unusable gear.

11. Your Digger Is Very Fast And Agile, Do Not Forget That

Pocket Mine 3 is a great game, especially because your miner is fast as hell and can climb upwards without problems. Use that to your advantage. If you found lots of monsters below you, just quickly travel to the other side of the screen and continue digging in an area that isn’t swarmed with enemies.

Also, money, tokens, and loot will be automatically collected, but only if you are close enough. So after each explosion just quickly sweep through the mine in order to collect all money, ore, and tokens. You can use your miner’s speed to get away from monsters or to activate explosive crate before monsters notice you quickly. There is a huge number of situations during which you shouldn’t be slow and strategic, but fast as a shark.

Okay, that was all. We played Pocket Miner for days and days and had found out that the most important piece of gear is the pickaxe. So, again, make sure you have a solid pick before venturing into harder levels. Also, craft gear every time you collect enough epic or legendary tokens because it will raise your chances of crafting an awesome pick that will carry you through numerous levels.

Thanks for reading our Pocket Mine guide. We gathered lots of helpful advice, tips, and trick, and we managed to beat most levels on the first try. We hope the guide will give you useful information and that it will make Pocket Miner 3 one highly enjoyable game. Again, thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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