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Plexiword Answers & Solutions for All Levels

Plexiword: Brain Thinking Game & Fun Word Guessing is an Android and iOS brain game comes from the same company that gave us Pictoword. This game from Kooapps, while also designed for children and adults alike, is more on the “brain game” side of things as far as that genre is concerned — it’s a free puzzle game that could “enhance brain training and spelling skills” by solving pictograms and coming up with a word that’s actually a combination of two separate words. You’ll need to look at several things, such as the color, the word’s position, or other clever references that could clue you into the answer.

There will be some times, however, when the answer still isn’t obvious even if you’ve looked at the words and the clues repeatedly and still cannot come up with something. But we’ve got something for you if you’ve got some problems figuring out some of the first 160 puzzles. Check out our Plexiword answers and solutions, and we’ll clue you in ourselves and give you all the answers you need. Of course, we should also warn you that this shouldn’t give you carte blanche to read the answers from start to finish. That’s going to defeat the purpose of brain training, wouldn’t you agree?

Plexiword Answers & Solutions

Level 1: Ready
Level 2: Makeup
Level 3: Shortcut
Level 4: Icecube
Level 5: Today
Level 6: Crossroads
Level 7: Greenhouse
Level 8: Haystack
Level 9: Firstaid
Level 10: Nobody

Level 11: Elbow
Level 12: Paycheck
Level 13: Touchdown
Level 14: Drawbridge
Level 15: Sandbox
Level 16: Loophole
Level 17: Leftover
Level 18: Deadend
Level 19: Sideburns
Level 20: Airline

Level 21: Forget
Level 22: Kingdom
Level 23: Backdoor
Level 24: Microscope
Level 25: Blanket
Level 26: Downtown
Level 27: Wavelength
Level 28: Indoor
Level 29: Splithair
Level 30: Clockwise

Level 31: Tulip
Level 32: Somebody
Level 33: Happiness
Level 34: Blackhole
Level 35: Country
Level 36: Adverb
Level 37: Crossbow
Level 38: Lemonade
Level 39: Standby
Level 40: Thinice