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Plants War 2 Tips, Tricks & Guide to Crush Your Enemies

Plants War 2 is the sequel to 4:33’s Plants War, and is now available for Android and iOS devices alike. The game is advertised as having the “simplistic gameplay of true mobile RTS and MOBA action,” but unlike your usual MOBA, you’ll be dealing with plants, as opposed to mythical heroes and monsters. Like you would in a typical real-time strategy game, you’ll be in charge of a hero, and you’ll also be crawling through dungeons, leading you army to crush the enemy base. There are leagues and 3 vs 3 hero matchups, all staples of the MOBA genre, and the option to play co-op with friends to destroy bases and score some loot.

Yes, it’s quite a peculiar game if you’re reading about it the first time, but as you begin to play, you’ll realize that most, if not all the classical features of mythical RTS/MOBA hybrids are there. Still, you might need some help feeling your way around the game, which is why we’ve got some pretty cool Plants War 2 tips and tricks here for you for some beginner assistance.

1. Keep Your Hero On The Battlefield By Sending Him To The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is, as the term implies, a safe haven for your hero. Send them there to keep them safe from danger while keeping them on the battlefield, should you be up against a particularly tough boss or human player.

2. Launch Your Army Strategically Against Enemies

Need some backup? Make sure to deploy your minions with strategy in mind. Time it in such a way that the enemy wouldn’t know what’s coming, or better yet, use a “hold the line” strategy. This means having those high-health units up in front and the high-offense units in the back. Having your tanks up front lets them soak up damage from the enemy; they don’t have to be skilled attackers, just as long as they’ve got bundles of health points to burn.

3. Know Your Minions

Plants War 2 has four different classes of minions. Melee fighters are the high-offense/attack units we were talking about earlier, while Support refers to the tanks with high health points, but oftentimes less impressive attack stats. Range units attack from long range. Lastly, Siege units can be all-rounders, but oftentimes excel in terms of movement. Know what each minion class does and review those stats accordingly so you can utilize them in the best way possible. Also, choose the best Super Minion to bolster your army, as these minions can serve as game-changers against human players and bosses alike.

4. Upgrade Your Heroes Regularly

This one goes without saying, but you can’t expect to hold your own against tougher foes if your heroes aren’t upgraded. And when upgrading, make sure you cover everything – their stats, skills, sanctuary, towers, the whole nine yards.

5. Claim Your Rewards

Visit the shop in Plants War 2 and you’ll be able to get free equipment and minion rewards for logging in. You can also earn rewards for clearing areas with the most possible stars, or by completing quests; you can never go wrong with completing quests, as they can reward you richly, apart from allowing you to progress story-wise.

Know some tips for the game, that we haven’t included in our guide? If you happen to come by some other tips and tricks for Plants War 2, don’t hesitate to let us know!