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Pirate Alliance Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Build Your Sea Empire

Oasis Games’ new mobile title called Pirate Alliance is a base management game for Android and iOS platforms. In this game you play the role of a pirate captain trying to build your own Sea Empire, teaming up with other real players and joining an alliance, as you fight other pirates and other alliances as you would in any other MMO base management game. The game is described as a unique SLG (simulation game) strategy + card development mobile online game, and your top priority here is land development, as you will have to collect sea items, plunder territories, produce resources, and perform a variety of other tasks in order while developing your land. And of course you’ve got your online PvP battles – this isn’t a game that centers around defeating cookie-cutter AI enemies, but real human-controlled rivals on the hostile seas!

Once again, Oasis Games has combines simulation gaming, base building, and card training to come up with a unique title that they claim can be picked up even by casual gamers. We’re not so sure about that, as this is quite a deep game, but even if you aren’t the type to play MMO titles, we believe it is possible to learn this game and do well in it. Just follow the tips in this Pirate Alliance strategy guide, and you should be in good hands each time you do battle.

1. Collect Your Free Rewards

As Pirate Alliance is still a pretty new game, that means there are tons of rewards for you to collect, all of them for free. For starters, you’ve got your online rewards, which you can collect once the game has been open for a specific amount of time. As the game automatically turns off auto-lock as long as you’ve got it running, you don’t need to worry about doing anything while waiting for your rewards – just make sure you’ve got your phone plugged into a charger!

As for the Lottery, you can take advantage of this feature a specific number of times per day. Your Gold Treasure Chest can be opened every ten minutes for free, but you’re only allowed to open it a maximum of three times a day. The Pearl Chest offers even better goodies such as ships, but you can only open one of these chests for free every 24 hours.

Lastly, the Event button will allow you to access a ton of login rewards – this is rather strange, as this would normally be where you’d go if you want to take part in special events. Instead, it’s the place to go to access rewards for achievements, such as your sign in reward, your lord level upgrade reward, and much more. Check back regularly, as more achievements may be added over time!

2. How To Use Your Inventory Items The Right Way

As we told you above, there are a lot of tasks which you can complete while playing the game, with no shortage of rewards for completing these tasks. These items typically include “cards,” which correspond to certain types of resources, and using one would allow you to effectively buy the matching resources, may it be gold, food, or any other form of resource. It’s your call if you want to use them right away, but you can also hang on to them in case you may fall short and need a refill in a pinch. That said, the game plays out in such a way that it’s hard to have resource shortages if you’re completing those tasks.

3. Upgrade Ships Regularly

If you want to stay sharp against your human enemies and win as many battles as possible, you should be upgrading them with components, meaning your sail, rudder, cannon, and armor. But that’s where the crafting mechanic comes in, as you will need materials to craft all of these four components. Tap on the corresponding slot, and Pirate Alliance will tell you what materials you need to craft the component in question.

Once you’ve completed whatever is there to complete in the component list, you’ll have a chance to permanently upgrade the ship, thus giving it a huge statistical improvement. Go look for those materials so you can craft more components, and make this your top priority – it’s important that your ships are regularly upgraded!

Aside from crafting, you can upgrade ship skills by spending gold. It won’t cost you much gold to upgrade your ship’s skills, so don’t hesitate to pay some currency to upgrade skills and keep your ship up to speed. As it’s easy to earn about 10,000 gold just by completing some of the in-game tasks and it costs less than 1,000 gold to upgrade some of the introductory skills, you shouldn’t be spending too much at all in comparison to what you can earn.

4. Assign Crewmates To Ships

If you want to further boost your ship’s stats, you can assign crewmates to each of your ships. Bear in mind that each of your crewmates boost a specific stat, and that they’re limited to only one ship when equipping them. Head to the Tavern if you’re looking to recruit some new crew members for your ships.

5. There’s No Disadvantage To Joining An Alliance

You know the deal with base management games, or the entire MMO genre in general. Joining an alliance is de rigueur in these games, a requirement for you to enjoy all the game’s features and modes. As usual, there are myriad benefits to joining an alliance, including 200 pearls free of charge – pearls are the game’s premium currency. Since nobody likes waiting for construction jobs to wrap up, alliance members can help speed things up. They can also help you in PvP battles. And some say this is the most important benefit – you can make some new online friends in the process! As you can see, there’s no disadvantage at all, though you are always free to go your own way and take on the enemy on your own.

6. Keep Your Construction Queues Busy

Speaking of construction, which we did mention in brief above, you should make it a point to have something queued up at all times. This means making sure you’re working on new buildings, upgrading existing ones, upgrading resource generating buildings, and so on, and so forth. Your construction queue should always be filled up, as there are tons to build in this game. And, as we mentioned in the tip above, if you hate waiting, you’ve always got your alliance members to rely on, provided you do join one.

7. Upgrade Your Warehouse

Out of all the buildings you can upgrade in the game, the Warehouse is one of the most important to upgrade. Upgrading it will protect your resources in case opposing players attack you, though we should also mention that Pirate Alliance features include an old standby of games in this genre – attack immunity for your first few days in the game, which you should use to get yourself prepared. Once that immunity period ends, you’re fair game to enemy players, and they would be able to take some of your resources if they attack you. And the more you upgrade your Warehouse, the greater percentage of your resources can be protected.

That’s all you need to know to be successful in Pirate Alliance! If you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comment area!