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Flakey Twist Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Ways to Possibly Break the 50-Point Mark

Yes, it’s another one of those casual games where the first word is an adjective, often made-up, ending with the letter “y,” and the second word is a noun with one syllable. Not Common Facts’ Flakey Twist is a game where all you have to do is to tap to bounce the yellow snowflake upwards, while avoiding obstacles and collecting stars to earn points. That’s all there is to it, and that’s all the game says in its description, which is as short and punchy as the game is simple.

If this game sounds familiar to you, that’s because Flakey Twist has gotten a lot of attention for a promotion its makers apparently have for players – if you’re able to get a score higher than 50 and post a screenshot of that score on Instagram, you can win up to $200 in prizes. Now we’re not sure if we can help you beat that score – this game, after all, is easy to play and hard to master, as many casual arcade games claim to be in their respective descriptions. But we can at least help you beat your old high score, with these Flakey Twist tips and hints. So can you master this new viral sensation of a casual title?

1. Watch The Obstacles’ Patterns And Take Your Time

Once you’re able to take your snowflake past the next obstacle, you should take about a second or two to monitor the obstacles’ patterns before making your next move. As there is no time limit in Flakey Twist, you can actually take longer than a second or two. Find a rhythm to your bounces and make sure your timing is right on the dot, so you’ll be able to take your snowflake through the obstacle without ending your run by crashing into it.

2. Plan Ahead By Looking Ahead At Other Obstacles

Aside from watching the very next obstacle, you should also watch the one that comes after that. If you’re able to see that obstacle from your vantage point, that might put you at risk of dying after you make it past the current obstacle if you jump too fast or mistime your jump. In other words, you should be planning ahead for two obstacles, and not just one. It’s really all that simple, so take your time and try to see all that’s ahead of you.

3. Keep On Practicing

This might sound like something that’s painfully obvious for these games, but practice does make perfect. Those obstacles will become more familiar to you with each play-through, and even if you’ve got a good idea of when and where to expect them, you’ll still need to practice religiously if you’re looking to beat the 50-point mark and win that $200. You may, and you will get frustrated from time to time, so don’t stress yourself too much – you should take regular breaks to refresh your mind and your fingers from time to time.

4. What Do You Do With Those Stars?

Stars are the game’s points and its currency as well, as each star collected can be spent later on in the game once you’ve got enough of them. So what happens next once you’ve collected enough stars? Well, the game will allow you to unlock new snowflakes with different colors than your stock flake. Of course, this would only be good for aesthetic purposes and for breaking the monotony of using your stock snowflake over and over again; none of these special snowflakes (pun definitely not intended) come with special statistics or boosts. They do, however, have varying prices, with the cheapest costing 100 stars and the most expensive listed at a whopping 2,000 stars. Unfortunately, there’s no option to watch ad videos for some quick and easy stars, nor is there an in-app store for you to buy stars with real money.

5. Has Anybody Hit 50 Points?

As of this writing, there appears to be one person so far who’s hit 50 points and posted a photo on Instagram of this achievement. If you’re lucky enough to reach this mythical score, go to your Instagram, or create one for yourself if you don’t have an account yet. Post the photo with the tag @flakeytwist and the hashtag #flakeytwistwin200, and you just might win that $200 grand prize!

And this ends our guide for Flakey Twist. In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, let us know below in the comment section!