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Pick The Exact Word Answers for All Levels

Level 21: Force, Power, Energy
Level 22: Drive, Byway, Travel
Level 23: Aimed, Point, Direct
Level 24: Funds, Money, Wealth
Level 25: Globe, Earth, Planet
Level 26: Flame, Warm, Heat, Hot
Level 27: Lyric, Song, Poem, Ode
Level 28: Latch, Lock, Bolt, Tie
Level 29: Height, Peak, Blue, Sky
Level 30: Fence, Cage, Wall, Bar

Level 31: Cable, Rope, Wire, Net
Level 32: Mouse, Vole, Hare, Rat
Level 33: Grove, Bush, Wood, Den
Level 34: Caste, Fort, Keep, Bow
Level 35: Brush, Wipe, Wash, Rub
Level 36: Weary, Bore, Jade, Irk
Level 37: Cloud, Mist, Veil, Fog
Level 38: Laugh, Jape, Joke, Gag
Level 39: Stick, Seal, Weld, Gum
Level 40: Hurry, Race, Rush, Run

Level 41: Moon, Bulb, Lamp, Fire
Level 42: Game, Golf, Ball, Polo
Level 43: Food, Meat, Fish, Rice
Level 44: Gold, Glow, Gilt, Gild
Level 45: Draw, Line, Pull, Legs
Level 46: Pencil, Canvas, Draw
Level 47: Person, Mortal, Soul
Level 48: Rocket, Bullet, Bomb
Level 49: Hollow, Cavern, Hole
Level 50: Copper, Silver, Iron.

Level 51: Justin, Bieber, Song
Level 52: Nicole, Kidman, Film
Level 53: Donkey, Rabbit, Wild
Level 54: Church, Parish, Amen
Level 55: Tennis, Hockey, Team
Level 56: Mammal, Animal, Orca
Level 57: Chips, Toast, Picnic
Level 58: Hanger, Closet, Hook
Level 59: Howdy, Lasso, Cowboy
Level 60: Bradpitt, Tomhanks

Level 61: Pants, Jeans, Denims
Level 62: Sim, Sin, Sir, Sit, Side
Level 63: Thai, Baht, Asia, Rice
Level 64: Shadow, Clouds, Dark
Level 65: Chimney, Stove, Lamp
Level 66: Frog, Worm, Wasp, Moth
Level 67: Credit, Moneys, Coin
Level 68: Facebook, Linkedin
Level 69: Maradona, Ferguson
Level 70: Blossom, Daisy, Lily