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Slice IN Guide: 5 Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Slice IN is an interesting little game developed by Bica Studios. It takes the best parts of games like Dulp, shakes things up a bit by adding Slice It game mechanic and at the end we get a game where you have to put missing fragments back into the rotating circle. You do that by launching them at the circle (like in Dulp), until the circle is whole again. The first couple of levels are relatively simple, there are just a couple of slices missing and rotation speed is laughably slow. But, as you progress, things tend to get (more) than a bit tricky. The circle starts spinning faster and faster, there are more missing pieces, making the gaps between them narrower, and let’s not forget the fact that circle can switch the rotation direction. Since this kind of game can get frustrating for some people, we constructed a helpful guide that will launch your Slice IN skills to a completely new level. So, let us begin.

1. Find Your Rhythm

In this kind of games, finding a perfect launch rhythm is essential. Finish a couple of levels, test different launch tempos, and when you notice the slices slide into the circle seamlessly, you’ll know that a perfect launch rhythm has been found.

2. Tend To Play The Game In Short Bursts

Games like Slice IN can drain your focus reserves in just a couple of dozen minutes, making your precision go from perfect to nonexistent without even noticing it. It’s advisable to (because of the said reason) make brakes often and to play the game in short gaming sessions. This way, you’ll never be mentally worn out, won’t feel frustrated, and will score higher.

3. Never Forget To Save

Slice IN lets you save your game every time you lose all of your lives, we advise you to do it every time after you run out of them. Saving game will also save your score so you’ll always have a chance to set up a new high score, a great motivation factor to play all games, not just this one. It’s a nice move by developers since a constant chance of setting a new high score is one of the strongest factors to continue playing a game.

4. It’s Better To Launch Slices Fast One After Another

Since Slice IN lets you fill out a circle, this means that empty circle pieces will be placed at equal distance one from another. Because of this fact, once you start successfully placing them, you can just launch them at equal pace, making every launch a perfect hit. By combining this with your perfect launch rhythm, you’ll become a Slice IN master in a matter of hours.

5. During Early Stages, Try Launching Slices Immediately After The Empty Part Of The Circle Gets Lined With The Slice

We noticed that in the majority of cases, it’s easier to fit the slice into the circle by launching it just after the gap becomes lined with the slice, instead just before it lines with it. Yes, it’s not really logical, but it works. After a while, when rotation speed picks up the pace, try launching slices before the gap lines up with the slice, because on higher rotation speeds, logic returns to the game.

We’ve come to the end if this short, but helpful guide. We sincerely hope that, by reading it, your high score in Slice IN will just get bigger and bigger. Happy gaming everyone.