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Paperama Cheats, Tips & Tricks You Never Heard Before

Ever played a mobile game based on origami? FDG Entertainment’s Paperama (iOS, Android) is just that. It’s a new and unique puzzle adventure, where you can fold paper sheets to make origami figures as accurate as possible. The game warns you not to use too many folds and tells you there are more than 70 puzzles to solve.

All in all, this is really a unique mobile game, and that may require a steeper learning curve than usual. But as you’ll find out, that isn’t the case, and you may be able to learn this game quicker through these Paperama cheats, tips and tricks.

1. Be As Accurate As Possible

Paperama’s description tells you to be accurate, and that is indeed very correct. When trying to make accurate designs, you’ll want to work slowly – there are no time limits – and make sure you’re completing a design with the folds that you’re allowed per level. Take your time and don’t hurry at all. Your goal here is to create origami designs and create them accurately, not to create them as quickly as possible.

2. Play The Tutorial Segment

The tutorial part of the game will get you started, but you can always go back to it anytime and practice your folds. In fact, Tani (the first level) will tell you how you can match corners, which is one of the most fundamental things you can learn. Keep replaying this level until you’ve gotten your technique down pat.

3. Work On Larger Folds

Figuring out how to start things out in this game can be difficult for some, but it should be much easier if you try to work on the larger folds first. Take care of them before you continue on with the smaller folds on the rest of the paper. This will eliminate the amount of space that you need to take care of before completing the rest of the folds. In addition, you wouldn’t have to make use of the hint function so often or, should you run out, purchase more hints.

4. Go For Those Free Hints

Speaking of hints, you’ll want to take advantage of any opportunity available to grab them without having to pay a single cent. After downloading Paperama, you’ll be asked if you want to rate the game. Choose this option, and you’ll get three hints for free. That’s going to take you to the App Store each time you do this, but you don’t have to rate the game. As long as you don’t rate the game, this option will keep coming up, so go for it and get more free hints.

5. It Doesn’t Hurt To Undo

The game has an Undo feature, which you can use instead of quitting the game and repeating a level every time you slip up. Tap on the Undo button and you can go back to where you were before you made a mistake.

6. The 80 Percent Rule

When gunning for the highest possible star rating, you should try to fill up 80 percent or more of the shape. Accuracy, of course, is still something you should pay much attention to, but that’s where the Undo function comes in, so you can go back and refold.