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Paper Fold Answers for All Levels

Paper Fold is an addictive puzzle title from Good Job Games, that’s available on iOS and Android platforms. Different art pieces, interesting mechanics, and a truly charming process await you in Paper Fold! This brain puzzle game will enhance your ability to think from different angles and make decisions fast. Just like in other puzzle games, the player will get both the fun and the training effect at the same time.

With simple gameplay mechanics, cute graphics and likable themes, Paper Fold is considered a very relaxing game. Paper Fold is suitable for all ages. Just tap to fold the paper and you will have the most relaxing time of your day. Tap or slide to fold the paper in the correct order.

paper fold answers

If you fold the paper in the wrong order, you have to fold it from the beginning. Let’s fold the paper in the correct order to get a perfect picture. There are many stunning pictures waiting for you.

Now, if you get stuck, don’t worry. We have come up with a complete list of Paper Fold answers, cheats and solutions, that you can check out below!

Paper Fold Level 1-10 Answers
Paper Fold Level 11-20 Answers
Paper Fold Level 21-30 Answers
Paper Fold Level 31-40 Answers
Paper Fold Level 41-50 Answers
Paper Fold Level 51-60 Answers
Paper Fold Level 61-70 Answers
Paper Fold Level 71-80 Answers
Paper Fold Level 81-90 Answers
Paper Fold Level 91-100 Answers
Paper Fold Level 101-105 Answers

Paper Fold Answers & Solutions

Paper Fold Level 1-10 Answers

paper fold level 1 answer

Level 1: right, left, bottom, top

paper fold level 2 answer

Level 2: left, bottom, right

paper fold level 3 answer

Level 3: top-left, top-right, left, right, bottom

paper fold level 4 answer

Level 4: top, left, right

paper fold level 5 answer

Level 5: top, left, right


paper fold the cook 1 answer

1. Left, right, top, bottom

paper fold the cook 2 answer

2. top, bottom, left, right

paper fold the cook 3 answer

3. right, bottom, left, top

paper fold level 6 answer

Level 6: bottom-left, left, top-left, top-right, right, bottom-right

paper fold level 7 answer

Level 7: top, right, left

paper fold level 8 answer

Level 8: left, right, top

paper fold level 9 answer

Level 9: bottom-left, left, top-left, top-right, right

paper fold level 10 answer

Level 10: top, right, left