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Recently Featured by Apple, PAPER Anne Is the Papercraft Puzzler Fairy Tale Fans Have Been Waiting For

Having recently unfolded its papercraft wonders onto the App Store, PAPER Anne is the new charming puzzler that lets players loose within a world of fairy tales. Peppering in elements from some of fiction’s most famous storybooks, iOS users have plenty to look forward to in this tale of self-discovery.

Placing you in the role of paper heroine Anne, PAPER Anne’s multi-layered environments are easily explored with its drag and drop controls, with levels shifting and sliding as you attempt to unearth the mystery of why you’ve entered its fairytale setting.

Upon arriving, It isn’t long before you learn that PAPER Anne’s world is one that’s been decimated by the wickedly evil Queen of Hearts. Only Anne can rise to the challenge of saving this magical kingdom, with many intricate puzzles to solve and famous characters to meet along the way.

Now’s the time to quite literally unfold the story laid out before you, taking Anne on a path to create her own story. PAPER Anne is available to download now on iOS with an Android version set to come soon.