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Paint Hit Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Beat All Levels

Paint Hit is a unique arcade game created by MAG Interactive for Android and iOS devices. In Paint Hint you are controlling paint as it flies towards the blank canvas. Your goal is to keep painting as much as you can without hitting any of the parts that you have already painted. It sounds easy at first, but the more spaces you paint successfully, the less room you have for errors. You will need to time your painting properly to ensure you don’t accidentally hit any of the existing paint. There are over a hundred levels for you to complete, each one more complicated than the last. It takes more than just reflexes in order to succeed in this game. If you find yourself stuck in any of the puzzles, just check out our Paint Hit tips, cheats and tricks for beating all levels!

1. Timing Is Key

The first circle is deceptively easy. You just need to place the paint in the white space. Since the entire circle is white, you can do it with your eyes closed. The succeeding steps get complicated quickly. You need to time the paint perfectly in order to avoid hitting the existing paint. The timing gets more difficult as the circles pile on. Make sure you practice a lot. It takes a few tries, but you will eventually get the timing correct.

2. Patience Is A Virtue

Don’t get pressured into making a move right away. If you are starting to have trouble with timing the paint correctly, you should take time to calm down. Patiently observe the movement patterns until you are confident that you can predict the position of the canvas. The circle will eventually slow down and stop at regular intervals. You just need to know when to anticipate it. Shooting recklessly is a sure way to get yourself in trouble.

3. How To Use More Colors

If you feel like unleashing the artist within you, there are a few more colors you can add to your arsenal. You get a new color palette every time you complete a level. With the exception of boss battles, you get the same number of colors for each palette you unlock. You also get the chance to unlock new colors every time you open a chest. If you want to use a new palette you just unlocked, just head into the card menu and pick what you want. Your choice will affect all levels, so you won’t have to choose each time.

Bosses have their own color palettes, and as such, acquiring those will take more than just completing the boss level. In order to unlock a boss palette, you will need to accomplish the unique challenge each boss gives you. For example, one challenge would require you to have one paint blot on each circle. It may sound easy in writing, but once you are there, you will realize that these challenges are not as simple as they seem. The good news is that bosses appear every five levels, so you will have time to prepare yourself.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Continue Your Run

Sometimes you just need a few more circles painted but you accidentally make a mistake that would end your run. The good thing about Paint Hit is that you can continue where you left by simply watching a video advertisement. What’s even better is that there is no limit to the number of times you can continue. If you are really struggling with a particular level, you can win it through brute force by watching an infinite number of ads.

Painting through levels is a lot of fun, especially when you rely on our Paint Hit guide to help you overcome all challenges! If you have anything to add, please drop us a line in the comment area!