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Overlord Mass for the Dead Postponed Until 2019

Exys Inc. has recently announced that the release of Mass for the Dead, their newest mobile game based on the famous Overlord novel series written by Kugane Maruyama, has been postponed until 2019. Supposed to be released this year and having already created great expectations, the game will only hit the market next year.

overlord mass for the dead

Though the developer hasn’t disclosed a specific release date, we know that the game enjoys over 400,000 pre-registrations already. The developer has disclosed that the game will feature a new visual.

The Overlord series was first published back in 2012 and there are 13 volumes out right now. In July 2015, 13 episodes of the anime series premiered in Japan. As soon as the anime series aired in Japan, Funimation streamed it and also released it with an English dub on DVD and Blu-ray Disc in November 2016. The second series premiered in January and Crunchyroll streamed it as it aired. Once again, Funimation streamed an English dub. On July 10th, the third series was released and streamed by Crunchyroll, while Funimation streamed an English dub.

Mass for the Dead will be free to download and play, with available in-app purchases.