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Otter Ocean is an Upcoming Simulator that Lets You Collect Adorable Otters on Your Phone

If you’ve always wanted to raise a pet otter but have absolutely no idea where to start, Otter Ocean does you one better – it lets you collect adorable otters right from the palm of your hand so you can build your very own otter kingdom.

otter ocean

Finifugu’s upcoming, freemium idle game combines low-intensity adventuring with a relaxing collectible experience. Coupled with an eye-candy of an art style and a delightfully lighthearted sense of humour, Otter Ocean is the ideal family-friendly game that doesn’t demand too much of your time. The totally chill pace of the game is a welcome respite from the hectic chaos of everyday life, all while spreading awareness about cleaning up the seas to boot.

Essentially, you simply send your otter into a dive and wait for them to come up with new discoveries each time you leave and open up the app. Sometimes, they’ll find treasures you can collect to use as decor around the map; other times, they’ll discover a new otter, which you can then send on more dives to unlock more locations. Of course, you have to give your otter friends some TLC by feeding them, grooming them, and caring for them when they get sick.

You can try your hand at expanding your otter empire when it releases early next month on iOS and Android, or stay updated on the latest developments from its official Facebook page.