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Idle Museum Tycoon Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build the Greatest Museum in Town

Idle Museum Tycoon: Empire of Art & History is the latest simulation title from Pixodust, a relatively new game developer from Brazil that specializes in Idle games and, so far, has released two other games.

As the title implies, Idle Museum Tycoon puts you in charge of building, repairing and managing the town’s next great museum. If you love art and history, that’s even better, because the game will also test your general knowledge of the subjects through a series of fun and captivating quizzes.

Players are invited to kick start their adventure by setting up the first gallery which is dedicated to Renaissance art. Next, they can begin setting up lines, welcoming visitors and distributing tickets – all in an effort to earn the necessary cash required to expand the museum.

idle museum tycoon strategies

It’s pretty easy to just pick up Idle Museum Tycoon and start playing even if you don’t have previous experience with games from the category. A quick tutorial provides the additional insights regarding the game’s mechanics, as you make your first round through the museum.

In the beginning, Idle Museum Tycoon might feel a bit slow as your budding cultural establishment is still small-scale and so it won’t be able to accommodate a lot of visitors. The challenge is to learn how to make profits fast, so as to be able to unlock the upgrades needed to make the museum a more exciting and welcoming place.

As simple and straightforward as Idle Museum Tycoon seems at first, getting ahead quickly is a bit tricky. That’s mainly because profit collection is a slow affair, but with the right strategy in place you’ll be able to set a nice pace for development. If you’re not exactly sure what’s the best way to approach this game, we’ve got a few ideas that we’ve outlined in this practical guide dedicated to Idle Museum Tycoon. Continue reading below to learn about tips and tricks that will surely have a positive impact on your gameplay and overall experience.

1. Keep The Earnings Multiplier On At All Times

Like all idle clicker sim games out there, Idle Museum Tycoon lets you earn profits continuously. Each minute you spend in the game brings in a sum of cash which is calculated based on a few things including the number of active exhibitions and the state of these galleries. In the beginning, you earn a small amount, but as you add more exhibitions to your museum, the sum steadily increases.

olivia idle museum tycoon

To ensure you can maximize your gains at all times, you should turn on the earnings multiplier in the game right from the start. At the bottom of the display, tap on the 2x clapperboard icon and watch an ad to start a campaign that will increase your earnings by 100%One ad unlocks 1-hour worth of boosted finances, but if you’re willing to watch more, you can secure several hours of bolstered revenue (up to 6 hours). It all depends on your tolerance for watching ads.

Our recommendation is to make an effort and watch a series of ads in quick succession to make sure you’re covered for a longer period of time. It’s true the video ads can stretch anywhere between 15 to 30 seconds, which might seem way too long to a lot of players, but despite the inconvenience, it’s certainly something worth doing considering the reward. While your phone is playing those ads, maybe find something else to do (browse a book or a magazine) for a few minutes. You won’t regret doing so.

Turning on the earnings multiplier also influences on the amount of offline rewards that you receive.  Taking time off from playing the game is encouraged in the majority of idle games, including Pixodust’s latest. Upon their return, players are usually given the opportunity to grab offline rewards, which in this case consist of cash. The sum varies based on a few additional aspects including how long the break has been, or whether you’ve hired dedicated staff to help you at the museum.

earnings multiplier idle museum tycoon

Ensure you get the maximum amount by logging back into the game every two hours. Return sooner, and you risk getting a smaller amount, but if you visit less frequently, you might miss out on some rewards.

Every time, you’re encourage to tap on the green “Watch” button to grab double the earnings in exchange for watching an ad. If you don’t feel like doing so, you can always go straight for the “X” to close the pop up window and simply collect the standard reward amount.

2. Alternate Between Upgrading Existing Galleries And Building New Ones

Cash is the lifeblood that fuels the growth of your in-game museum, and so you’ll need lots of it if you’re going turn your project into the town’s next cultural hotspot.

Making money is the primary task in Idle Museum Tycoon, as everything else happening in this game is closely connected to this sustained endeavor.

As explained above, the first thing you need to be doing once in the game is to turn on the earnings multiplier. Then you have to figure out how you can increase the profits per minute. This is achieved mainly by building new gallery spaces or by improving the existing ones. Naturally, new galleries produce more money than the older ones.

As for existing ones, if you tap on them you’ll notice four options and in this section will discuss them in turn.

gallery upgrade idle museum tycoon

Gallery – the gallery button allows you to increase the earnings produced by each gallery in part. Press the upgrade button to level up a gallery. Once you’ve hit specific milestones like the 100th or 200th level you’ll be able to redeem tiny rewards that consist of gems and cash.

Waiting line – this is the line capacity of the gallery in question. It needs to be upgraded fast and consistent, in order to prevent visitors getting angry and leaving the queues thus abandoning the goal to visit that particular gallery

Guide – the guide oversees gallery group tours. These start off small, featuring only one person, but as you invest, the group capacity will expand, so more people can join the tour at a time. Upgrading the Guide also has the effect of clearing the queues forming outside your galleries.

Golden tickets – the golden ticket allows you to further increase your galleries’ profits. However, these upgrades cost Gems not cash, and therefore are a lot more valuable. For example, in exchange for 20 Gems, you can increase the profits from your Renaissance gallery with 50%. We’ll talk more about Gems in section 4, but for now, know that this is premium resource that is harder to procure.

While expanding your museum is the ultimate goal of this game, you’ll need to be aware of an issue. The more exhibitions you have running in your museum, the harder it will be to keep up with upgrading them all, as each new level puts an increasing strain on your thinning budget.

A good strategy here is to prioritize some galleries over others. Choose to pour funds into the “better” exhibitions, meaning those that yield more profits and improve them. Remember, the newer additions are usually the ones that provide better gains. So if you have the Jurassic, Mesoamerica and Egypt exhibitions set up in your museum, the most productive is the Egypt one, followed by Mesoamerica and then Jurassic.

Don’t neglect the entrance area of your museum. Here you can also perform a few upgrades including adding new lines, so that more visitors can enter your museum at one time. It’s possible to reduce the waiting time, as well, if you’re willing to invest. And of course you can improve the earnings that come from selling access tickets if you purchase Golden tickets.

galleries idle museum tycoon

But don’t get caught up in simply leveling up your galleries. Remember, that you must strive to expand and improve your museum and that means building new exhibition spaces. So you’ll have to alternate between upgrading existing galleries and focusing on unlocking new ones.

Creating a new exhibition spaces usually costs a lot of cash, so you’ll have to abstain from performing gallery upgrades for a while in order to amass the necessary cash needed to take the museum to the next level. In this time, you should concentrate your efforts on a few activities, which we’ll detail in the next section.

3. How To Get Your Hands On More Cash

While the galleries are your main source of income, there are a few other things you can do to make sure your cash reserve expands at a healthy rate. In this section, we look at how you can bring in more dollars to your museum’s bank account.

Keep an eye out for VIPs visitors – from time to time your museum is visited by VIPs. You’ll be notified of the event, as a VIP slider will appear on the upper right side of the display. When you notice one, quickly tap on it and watch an ad in exchange for a pretty nice cash prize.

Unfortunately, if you want to get anywhere fast in Idle Museum Tycoon, you’ll have to subject yourself to a lot of ad watching. Unless you’re open to taking the easier route which has you using your credit card to buy all kinds of extra resources and power-ups.

Catch the thieves roaming in the museum – spend some time exploring your museum and listen to what your visitors are saying. Some might be voicing complaints about a robber and are asking you to take the necessary action to eliminate the issue. You can either hire a security guard, but that costs Gems, or you can go on the hunt for the criminal yourself.

Just look around the museum for a few seconds, you’ll probably have no problem in spotting him, as thieves are usually marked with a red circle. Tap on the wrongdoer and he will disappear while leaving behind a very nice cash reward.

Clean up the garbage – litter is another problem that your guests are probably bringing to your attention. You can hire a janitor to help keep the museum clean, but if you don’t have the resources, don’t worry. You can do this task yourself. Just tap on the garbage you notice on the floor and you’ll receive a nice cash prize for your efforts.

cleaning up garbage idle museum tycoon

Collect rewards from your employees – you can hire staff to help you around the museum including a security guard and a janitor. It costs Gems to bring them on board for 4 hours, or else you can always swipe your card and hire them forever. Once on board, your staff will not only keep your museum clean and bandit-free, but will also collect cash for you. You’ll receive the money, once you return to your museum.

rewards idle museum tycoon

Check the vending machines – there are two vending machines in your museum which generate money. Make sure to regularly check them, to get a quick cash fix.

Exchange Gems for cash – in case you managed to put aside enough Gems, you can go into the Shop and exchange them for cash. You can trade bundles of 60, 130 and 550 gems in return from money.

Play Quizzes – Quizzes are a great source of cash, as well as Gems. Every two hours, a new quiz will be made available for you. Each features up to five questions and includes general knowledge questions about art and history, for example, “Pop Art originated in which city?”.Answer all of them correctly and you’ll be awarded a series of cash prizes, as well as a few Gems.

quiz idle museum tycoon

If you make a mistake, don’t worry! You can watch an ad (or spend 5 Gems) and return to the game.Additionally, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to wait 2 full hours for the next quiz. Watch an ad, and you can unlock a new one. Do so, when you’re looking to make quick profits or you really need more Gems.

4. Complete Quests To Get Gems (And Other Methods)

Now that you know how to make the dough in Idle Museum Tycoon, it’s time to turn our attention to the next most important resource in this game – Gems.

With Gems you can hire more staff, but most importantly you can purchase Golden tickets to increase your galleries’ earnings substantially. One of the main ways to boost your Gem reserve is to complete quests. You’ll find the list of available missions by tapping on the Quest icon in the lower part of the display.

Quests vary depending on where in the game you find yourself at. For example, Building the new Aquatic gallery unlocks 3 Gems, while activating the advertisement campaign (earnings multiplier) for 30 times, will unlock 3 more gems.

quests idle museum tycoon

Try and work in the direction indicated by the available Quests. For instance, if you notice a mission tasking you to upgrade a gallery up to a certain level, focus on this on this particular job and pour the resources you have available into that specific gallery. Then comeback to Quests and reap the rewards.

Gems can be harvested from other sources, as well. As we already mentioned above, you can play quizzes to unlock batches of 15 gems.

Don’t forget to check into the game daily, and redeem the daily rewards. Most of the times these are Gems and if you’re not opposed to watching yet another ad, you can double that amount in under one minute. Unfortunately, ads are big part of Idle Museum Tycoon, so you’ll have to learn to tolerate and exploit them to your advantage. There’s always the option to get rid of all the ads in exchange for a fee or to use your credit card to acquire extra Gems and other bundles that could help you advance a lot faster.

5. Add More Workers To Your Staff (Paid Option)

You can hire staff to help you manage the museum and increase its overall profit. But while you can get the janitor and security guard to work for you in exchange for Gems, if you want additional assistance you’ll have to rely on your wallet to bring more workers on board.

Tap on the Galleries icon at the bottom of the display and then on the Office tab. Here you’ll see the list of all the personnel you can hire at the museum. The bad news is that you can’t purchase them using in-game currency, as these are paid boosters.

staff idle museum tycoon

Nevertheless, if you decide to spend, the benefits are pretty significant. For example, you can hire Professor Morales who will help you increase the maximum offline time by 3 hours, allowing you to earn more while away. Alternatively, you can boost your overall earnings by bringing on board people like Tax Advisor Kate who will increase all your museum’s earnings by 100%.

While not everyone will be open to spending money to play Idle Museum Tycoon, these are viable options that can help you boost your funds quickly. Just remember that they are there, just in case.

6. Use the Time Jump Cheat To Make Money Fast

In section 3 we outlined all the legit ways to make more money in Idle Museum Tycoon. However, if you’ve grown a bit wary of all that ad watching and find yourself wishing you could just skip to the good parts (aka building new galleries), we might have a solution for you.

As we explained above, in Idle Museum Tycoon you’re encouraged to take frequent 2 hour breaks from the game, so that upon your return you can redeem maximum offline rewards.  The good news is that you don’t have to wait all that long to get your hands on the cash.

maximum offline rewards idle museum tycoon

Once you’ve redeemed a batch of offline rewards, quit the game and go to your device’s settings. From there, modify your phone’s time by adding two extra hours (or more). Or you can change the date to the next day in the calendar. It’s up to you. Then go back to the game and redeem maximum rewards again. You can repeat the process as many times you want, although we recommend moderation. This way you get to continue to enjoy periods of grinding for progression in the game.

This sums up all the tips and tricks we’ve rounded up for Idle Museum Tycoon. We’ve certainly hope you’ve learned a lot from this guide and that you enjoyed going through it. If you’ve played the game yourself and have stumbled upon some hidden tricks that haven’t been mentioned in the guide, we encourage you to share them with the community via the comment section below!