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One Tap Tennis Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Unlock More Characters

Chillingo’s new Android and iOS game One Tap Tennis offers just what it says it does – tennis action where you perform each action with one tap. Just tap at the right time and tap when the ball is in the red zone. Unlike real-life tennis matches, this game promises “super short” matches and tournaments in various worldwide locations. You can also strive to be the world’s top-seeded player by choosing the World Ranking Matches option

Unlike other companies with casual sports sims for mobile, Chillingo doesn’t resort to the tactic of using the words “real players” in the game description, even if the game’s appeal mainly centers on the multiplayer side of things. That said, there definitely aren’t any real-life tennis pros in this game, but there are tons of characters for you to unlock. These include a bear, a spaceman, a zombie, and even a bee – all quirky customized characters whom you definitely won’t see at real-life Wimbledon. So read on as we now bring you some One Tap Tennis tips and tricks that are mainly designed to help you unlock more of those quirky characters. And while at it, we’ll even help you learn how to play the game.

1. Keep Your Eyes On The Line, Not On The Ball

Your first instinct may be to focus your eyes on the ball. But you should rather be focusing on the line, as the perspective could make it quite tricky for you to determine where the ball really is. That could mean a ton of missed shots if you keep looking at the ball; instead, look at the line scrolling down the screen if you want a better idea of how and when to time your shots.

2. Go For The Perfect Shot

The real challenge here is trying to make those shots as precise as possible, though by practicing regularly, you’ll be able to get the hang of getting a perfect shot. Your taps should be immaculately timed in order to get one, and once you hit that perfect shot, you’ll get a nice bonus that will be quite useful in helping you defeat your opponents faster.

Aside from helping you beat more opponents and assisting you in having faster matches, perfect shots also come in handy when it comes to unlocking characters. Certain characters can only be unlocked if you’ve gotten so many perfect shots, so focus on precision if you’re trying to collect all of them.

3. Take Part In The World Ranking Matches

The World Ranking Match is one of this game’s primary selling points, and you can start setting your sights there once you’ve unlocked the ability to take part in leaderboard matches. That’s going to get you some bonus characters unlocked, while helping you practice for the game’s single-player mode. World Ranking Matches are especially fast-moving, and once you’ve “trained” enough in those matches, you’ll find that playing in the single-player campaign is a breeze, thus allowing you to win more, and unlock more characters in the game.

That’s it for now, as far as our One Tap Tennis tips and tricks are concerned. If you know other hints that we haven’t included in this guide, be sure to let us know!