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One Punch Man – The Strongest Lets Players Experience the Hit Anime Series on Mobile, Now Open for Pre-Registration

MOONTON Games’ One Punch Man – The Strongest is giving fans of the hit anime even more reasons to immerse themselves in their favourite franchise on mobile. Coming to iOS and Android on September 22nd, the strategy RPG is officially licensed and is now open for pre-registration in the US and EU regions with special launch rewards.

In One Punch Man – The Strongest, players can look forward to reliving the best-selling Japanese anime series in a variety of ways on mobile. The turn-based combat lets players experience delivering a powerful K.O. with a single punch. Additionally, pre-registering will offer players unlockable rewards plus the chance to win a free PS5 or Nintendo Switch.

In One Punch Man, players follow the story of Saitama in a world where he can defeat enemies with a punch alone. The official mobile adaptation was supervised by the production committee to make sure it stays true to its source.

one punch man the strongest carry out justice

Players can encounter iconic heroes from C-Class to S-Class as they battle against Deep Sea King, Carnage Kabuto and Boros. The game also boasts the original voice cast from the anime series as players recruit Genos, Terrible Tornado, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic and more.

If you’re keen on getting your hands on the title, you can pre-register for One Punch Man – The Strongest on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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