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Nonsense Fall Tips, Tricks & Guide to Get a High Score

In Ketchapp’s brand new arcade game, Nonsense Fall, a city is under attack, with the roads in chaos. As strange, dangerous things drop from the sky, your objective is to avoid those falling obstacles and to pick up shields to protect you from danger. As you earn more money, you’ll have a chance to unlock new heroes. Sounds like the premise for an in-depth action-adventure mobile game? It does, but Nonsense Fall is yet another one of Ketchapp’s arcade titles for iOS and Android, where the only goal is to earn more money and last as long as possible in the game’s endless setting.

As these games have taught us, the mechanics seem simple, but mastering the game and consistently getting high scores is where the challenge lies. Check out our list of Nonsense Fall tips and tricks if you’re looking to fast-track your mastery of the game and top your highest score.

1. Don’t Tap Too Often

By default, your character (or “hero”) runs slow, but when you tap on the screen, that allows you to move a bit faster. Keeping that in mind, you’ll want to keep your tapping motions to a minimum. The only time you’ll need to tap is if you’re trying to get away from the bombs as they appear over you.

2. Avoid Missiles And Bombs

When it comes to the missiles, these can go different paths, so think before you tap. As for the lasers, the smartest thing to do is to go to the opposite side of your screen before they fire away.

3. Then Again, You Might Want To Go Fast

Instinctively, you may think that Nonsense Fall is all about speed, and that would then require you to move as fast as possible. If you want to go that route, it’s also fine – we advise tapping with both left and right thumbs. Doing that will allow you to run fast all the time, and as that’ll be the case, the only time you should slow down is if you’re waiting for one of the weapons to pass. This can be risky, though, as you may end up walking into an attack if you stop your run too late.

4. Watch Ad Videos To Get More Cash

Once you earn 100 cash in-game, you’ll be able to buy a new character, and you’ll typically earn money as you go farther into the game. And on occasion, once you’ve finished a stage, you’ll be asked if you want to watch an advertisement video. Watching earns you 20 cash, which can really expedite things if you want a new character aside from the stock hero.

5. New Heroes Play The Same Way

We probably shouldn’t mention this for Ketchapp games moving forward, but since there will always be those who aren’t familiar with the company’s titles, we’ll say it again – the new heroes perform the same way as the original one. They only look different, though that may work to your advantage if you’re tired of the character you’re currently using. What does change, though, is the background, which shifts every 20 points you score.