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Non-Stop Space Defense Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Stop the Invaders and Earn More Gold

Non-Stop Space Defense is a colorful new idle tower defense game for Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will be commanding your very own space fleet as you defend from an infinite number of space invaders. You will have a bunch of neon-colored spaceships at your disposal. These will serve as your defense towers. They will shoot down any invaders coming your way and earn Gold in the process. The Gold you earn can then be used to upgrade your spaceships, making them more powerful and allowing them to take down even more invaders. Since you only have a limited number of spaceships, it will become tougher and tougher to hold the line. Soon, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the endless waves of space invaders. Prepare yourself for the ultimate space battle by reading our Non-Stop Space Defense tips, cheats and strategies below!

1. Spread Your Upgrades Evenly

non-stop space defense tips

The game gives you four ships to defend with. Each ship works the same way, so there is really no need to focus on any one of them. You can upgrade a ship’s firepower and speed. Power increases the damage dealt with each shot. Speed increases the fire rate of each ship. That means both upgrades are essential for boosting your overall combat ability. Since upgrades become more expensive with each level, it is more cost efficient for you to spread your upgrades evenly instead of pouring all your resources into a single upgrade at a time.

2. Tap For Stronger Attacks

Since you are playing an idle game, you can expect the ships to shoot and defend on their own even if you just watch them. If you want to progress further, however, you will have to play actively. That means you need to tap in order to increase your attacks. Whenever you tap, you will fill up a bar on the right side of the screen. Once it is full, your next tap will unleash a spray shot. This will take out more invaders in a single move. The bar will then be emptied, and you can start over. Filling up this bar repeatedly means you get more spray shots, which in turn wipes out more invaders quickly.

3. Earn Gold While Sleeping

non-stop space defense cheats

The easiest way to earn more Gold in Non-Stop Defense is to simply let it play on its own for a while. You can take advantage of this by leaving your device turned on while you sleep at night. Just make sure you turn off any auto-sleep or auto-lock function of your device before leaving the game idle. You might also want to keep your device connected to the charger to prevent it from running out of juice before you wake up. Don’t worry about dying at this point because your ships will just keep resetting. When you get back to your device, you will have tons of Gold waiting for you. Spend all of that on upgrades and move on to the next level.

4. Prestige Gives You More Money

If you have played other idle games before, you will be familiar with the concept of prestige. This is the term for starting the game over in order to gain a certain advantage. In this game, the first prestige option presents itself at level 41. Before you reach that stage, your best source of income will be collecting green chests that you see on the corner of the screen. After your first prestige, however, you will be making more money from killing enemies, making the green chests less valuable. Every time you prestige, you will earn even more money for killing enemies. You also get to keep all the upgrades you purchased, which means you get to progress further.

Once you have a lot of Gold, you will be able to purchase advanced upgrades. You can access these by tapping on your experience level. Look for the Upgrades button in the submenu. This is where you can find upgrades for your special attacks. Keep in mind that these upgrades will be really expensive. You will need the money you get from prestige before you can realistically afford it.

The world is in danger, and you are its last line of defense. Secure your victory by relying on our Non-Stop Space Defense strategy guide!

Stuart Erskine

Monday 25th of July 2022

I found the quickest way to earn money is through the chests. It appears that the amount of money you get from the chests is tied to the average cost of your next upgrade amongst your drones (buttons at the bottom.) So to get the most money from your chests the quickest you should always upgrade your highest cost possible each time you get a cheat. This is because it's next coat value will increase the most. There is diminishing returns on the multiplier for prestige. I decided to stop prestege at multiplier x1200 because the next gives only a paltry x1500.