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Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Become Immortal

Chop goes the axe, endlessly cutting, but it seems this strange tree will never fall down. So much for timber. Finally, it seems your axe makes a cut on the tree, and a glow emanates from within. Out of it comes… A bigger axe. You are either going insane or this tree is making fun of you, and you oblige this insult with the bigger axe.

nobody's adventure chop-chop cover

A bigger whack, and rather than lumber, you get boots? A suit of armor? Ancient relics archaeologists would drool over? What kind of tree is this!? Looks like your little log cabin will never be done, so you wear all this weaponry and go out on an adventure, beat up monsters, and go back to hack at that tree again every time your weapons prove too puny for the next opponent. Not like you can live a quiet life if you can’t build a house out of the only tree existing for miles.

Welcome to our Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop Beginner’s Guide! Nobody’s Adventure is an idle game that more or less plays itself and has pretty much no twitch-based skill or tactical acumen needed but instead requires both patience and long-term strategic stat building. The art is skillfully made but the game has absolute zilch for a story, though the player character designs are based on the Medieval-era Chinese novel Journey to the West.

nobody's adventure chop-chop gameplay
This axe can somehow chop wood into swords, armor, necklaces, anything EXCEPT logs!

It is heavily reliant on getting good drops from chopping down an ancient tree and is more or less about getting your CP number ever higher and more bloated. That being said, even here one can build stats simply by making the choice of accepting or leaving item drops, and this is where most of the thinking lies in this game, with the way stats interact with each other in the autobattles you play.

Stats that are seemingly similar in effect have just enough subtle differences, such as Combos and Stuns having seemingly the same functional effect of you hitting twice for free. Until you notice that Stuns move the turn counter forward but Combos don’t, which means that while Stuns prevent Counterattacks, they allow the enemy pet to attack since they strike after every several turns! Without further ado, here is our beginner’s guide for Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop.


nobody's adventure chop-chop fight
And stay down!

While the game essentially plays itself, your actual fun comes from figuring out what stats you’d want on your character and watching that CP number go up. That being said, a slightly higher CP number won’t win fights, and between two near-equal CP counts, countering the other guy’s stats so your character gets free, un-returned hits either through Combos, Stuns, Counterattacks, or anything else, tends to be how you win fights. Here are some tips for general play.

Gun For A Stat

nobody's adventure chop-chop auto mode
Here you can set your favored stats.

Once you unlock Auto chopping, it will be easier for you to forcibly fine-tune your character build. The way the game works, focusing on one of the percentage-based stats (Combo, Lifesteal, Crit Chance, and anything else available to grab from the Auto settings) is highly effective, since a lot of them ensure you hit multiple times per attack.

On the other hand, having many percentages spread out weakly over all your stats means none of them are likely to proc except for Lifesteal, which is guaranteed but still needs high percentages to be effective.

Inspect Enemies

nobody's adventure chop-chop enemy inspection
Looks intimidating, but how bad can this guy really be?…

In the Adventure Mode, you can inspect an enemy’s stats. This is pretty important if you get stuck as you have two options: Wait until you have over-leveled equipment for the fight, or set your Auto Chop to give you equipment that hard-counters their resistance to things like say, Combos.

This is another reason you will see to gun for a single stat too: Even in your first week you will find enemies that have such high Combat Cesistances that if your Combat Attributes (Stats such as Stun or Combo) are split evenly, you will find that they will be lower than even the lowest enemy resistances, and thus do nothing!

Combat Resistances Are Subtractive

nobody's adventure chop-chop combat resistance
Okay, he’s absolutely horrid. Hope you brought a bigger weapon!

So you have a 30% stun chance, and your opponent has a 30% stun resistance. Say goodbye to any stuns, as Combat Resistances directly subtract away from your Combat Attributes. Once again, we cannot stress enough how powerful having a single really high Combat Attribute is, as you will eventually find foes who have even their basic Combat Resistance numbers as high as 40%, and the actual stuff they’re strong against hitting 100+%!

Watch For Events

nobody's adventure chop-chop event
The writer did not even notice this until he saw his top screen pile of icons suddenly just got a tad larger.

Some events come with loads of fanfare, some with nothing but a little icon popping out on the top of the main screen. Check for both and either finish their missions or fight their battles. These events will often come with extra loot like Peaches and Jade, so keep an eye out for any unusual new icons on top of your screen when you play.

Feed Your Beasts, You Can Make Them Spit It Back Out Anyway

nobody's adventure chop-chop beast
See that reset button? You can use it if you find your dream beast.

If you are worried you are wasting your Beast Fruit on a low-tier Beast, don’t be: You can spend some Jade to make them spit all of it back out. This allows you to hand all those levels to a newer, stronger beast once the time comes that you get one. We don’t recommend doing this too often as the Jade is better spent in the Shop, but you will need to do this at least once or twice until you get a really strong

Check The Guild Shop Every Day

nobody's adventure chop-chop guild shop
If you are truly unsure what to get, there’s saving up for SSR shards or more Peaches.

The Guild Shop refreshes its products every day. It has a lot of useful materials in it such as Beast Fruit, Peaches, and Holy Water, along with more advanced stuff like Cobra Sigils. You often get around 1000 or so Guild Points to spend a day simply by chopping the tree repeatedly, which consists of the majority of Guild quests.

Keep Your Rats Busy

nobody's adventure chop-chop blessed land
Hard-working little rodents.

Look in the Home tab and you will find the Blessed Land tab. Go in there and you can tell Rats to gather small amounts of resources for you. While it may be tempting to gun for Spirit Stones and Holy Water, your best bet is to simply go for both Vitreous Orbs and Peaches. Vitreous Orbs allow you to summon a new Rat permanently once you gather enough of them, and Peaches allow you to chop the Tree for loot.

Gathering Spirit Stones is typically not worth the trouble as the amounts are so puny you’re better off just dismantling the Gear you get from Peaches to get such stones and Holy Water, while useful to speed up Tree Level upgrades, is gathered in such pitiful amounts that you’re better off waiting and chopping the Tree instead.

Gathering jobs don’t take very long, a few minutes at most per rat, so always keep an eye on them as you play and keep them rolling for Peaches. You can also gather Celestial Charms later on to use in the Ability Gacha under the Bloodline tab.


nobody's adventure chop-chop gear check
nobody's adventure chop-chop gear check 2
nobody's adventure chop-chop gear check 2
You can press this little arrow to check your stats.

The main stats are easy enough to understand: HP is health, ATK is how hard your character hits, DEF is how hard they can take a hit, and Crit is how often they inflict critical hits. AGL determines which of you gets the first turn, and might even net you an extra turn if it is boosted mid-fight to be faster than your enemy.

Then there are these stats, which are more esoteric in their effect, and often the order in which these stats proc in a fight can determine who wins or loses. The existence of Beasts makes this a tad more complex than one would expect, as they attack based on turn count and many of these stats don’t make the turn count move forward, or can be ignored by Beasts.

CATK – Striking Back

nobody's adventure chop-chop counter attack
An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.

The CATK stat determines how often your character counterattacks. This means they will throw an attack after taking a hit, so this occurs on the enemy’s turn. This can chain into Combos, or inflict Stuns, allowing for extra hits after the fact.

It can also be triggered upon enemy Combos, but not if the one who is supposed to Counterattack is Stunned. Two characters can slap each other repeatedly on the same turn since Counterattacks can also trigger more Counterattacks from the one taking the hit!

Dodge – Can’t Touch Me!

nobody's adventure chop-chop dodge
Watch where you swing that thing!

The Dodge stat makes your character more likely to avoid damage entirely, though some attacks can ignore this such as the additional damage effect from certain Genies. A dodge is one of the few defensive options in the game along with Lifesteal and Combat Resistances, and while a Dodge avoids damage entirely, Lifesteal is more reliable as it always procs on strike.

Stun – Stop, Cease, Desist!

nobody's adventure chop-chop stun
Oh, my head!

A counter to the Counterattack stat, Stuns prevent the enemy from moving, thus stopping them from Counterattacking. This, like many of the other stats, allows you to throw out an extra hit, this time also while moving the turn counter forward, moving your pet closer to its own attack. On the other hand, this does not prevent the enemy’s Pet from attacking back, so you can still get killed by that.

Combo – Many Hits, One Turn

nobody's adventure chop-chop combo
Take this! And one of these! And another of those!

The Combo stat makes your character hit multiple times more often. Combos are the most direct way to get multiple strikes, and unlike Stuns and Counterattacks, don’t allow the enemy’s Pet to shoot back, as it happens on the Combo-user’s turn rather than moving the turn counter forward as Stuns do.

Combos can also chain into more Combos, so it is very possible to simply batter an opponent to death in a single turn without even letting them hit back, unless your opponent also has a high Counterattack stat, as Combos can proc Counterattacks. Combos can also inflict Stun if you have a Stun stat too.

Lifesteal – A Little Chug

nobody's adventure chop-chop life steal
Your main way to patch yourself up.

Lifesteal always procs on any direct attack (ie your character swinging their weapon) and as such is one of the few not based on probability percentages, much like a main stat. Instead, the percentage determines its effectiveness, healing a certain amount based on the damage your basic attack inflicts. The only way to counter lifesteal is to have a Lifesteal Resist stat, which reduces the amount of healing it does. Lifesteal is tied to the damage dealt, so DEF can also dampen it.


nobody's adventure chop-chop game modes
The last four modes are so far away that by the time you get them, you will be far, far away from needing this guide or any other guides.

There are quite a few game modes to unlock in Nobody’s Adventure. While all of them pretty much play the same (You watch your character auto-combat an enemy until he or the other guy keels over), the rewards and difficulty are often different, and some have additional pre-combat mechanics such as the ability to pick buffs before battle or infinite Hp foes that give rewards after certain damage thresholds are met. Here are the ones likely to be available to you early on if you grind like crazy.


nobody's adventure chop-chop duel
A good way to test yourself against other players.

The main PVP game mode, Duel allows you to pit your character against other players’ characters. It’s all about how one builds their stats, and so a higher CP does not necessarily win a battle. As an example, the other guy might have 1 million and a thousand CP, while you have 900 thousand. You end up winning anyway simply because you lasted 5 turns and had a pet that hits 4 times as hard as you do every 5 turns, or maybe you stun-locked your opponent to death. You will need at least 1 million power to be able to win fights reliably, as sub-1 million players are few and far between here. This is one of your more reliable sources of Spiritstones and Auric Shards, provided you get good matchups.

Demon King

nobody's adventure chop-chop demon king
Knock this mook’s crown over.

The Demon King battles allow you to fight bosses you’ve previously beaten. This is your main source for Binding Charms to use on the Genie gacha, and one of your sources for Peaches so you can chop the tree. If you have beaten a certain level in the Demon King fights, you can Blitz the previous level, which gets you no Binding Charms but gets you more Peaches than the first time you beat it.

Beast Invasion

nobody's adventure chop-chop beast invasion
Pet food and pet licenses!

Beast Invasion is ideally the last or first of the modes you do before everything else: You fight a boss until you die, and the amount of damage you inflict determines your reward. You can get Beast Fruit to upgrade your Beasts, and Beast Seals so you can summon new Beasts or dupes of Beasts you are currently using, Jade, and Peaches. You get 5 attempts a day. You can either do it last so you can go in with your spoils of the day and roll over it violently, or do it first to get some early Peaches to start the day chopping.

Demon Pagoda

nobody's adventure chop-chop demon pagoda
And the tower came tumbling down.

The Demon Pagoda is a tower and the longest mode you’ll do every day, as the tower is reset every day. Never hesitate to throw your character at this mode, as even if you lose, your progress is not reset, only resetting automatically at the end of the day. Every 10 levels, you get to pick a buff for your character that strengthens them for this mode.

As usual, your best option is to rack up a single stat like say, Combo or Lifesteal, as far as you can. If you get a duplicate of a stat that you already have equipped (They have to be the same stat AND the same color) level that stat up rather than eating up another slot. If they differ in color though, they have to take up a new slot.  , You get Lingshi Mushrooms to upgrade the Bloodline Gacha, Spirit Blossoms to use the Bloodline Gacha, and Spiritstones to upgrade your Tree.

Skyward Ascent

nobody's adventure chop-chop skyward ascent
You can spot the bots as they are usually named Ascent Guards. If all you care about is the loot, it’s a good idea to bully them.

Skyward Ascent is another form of PVP mode, which allows you to earn Skyward Ascent Points for the Skyward Ascent Shop which sells Peaches in batches of 50, Spirit Stones in batches of 20k, Taoist Tomes, and Sigil Packs. Here, it’s easier to find low-ranking enemies, which is fine and dandy as the rewards for beating strong foes and weak foes are the same: 25 Ascent Points.

Demon Hunt

nobody's adventure chop-chop demon hunt
As the Circle Bonus stacks with other players but lasts only for an hour, you might want to check when everyone is usually online together.

A guild-exclusive game mode, Demon Hunts are the equivalent of Guild Raids in other games, where you fight a boss once a day, and the rewards are based on the total damage you and your guildmates have achieved, with you and your guildmates being given rewards after reaching certain total damage thresholds like a super large version of Beast Invasion.


nobody's adventure chop-chop defeat
If your character manages an amazing chain of 5 or so Combos and Stuns together and STILL loses, it might be time to grind.

As a stat-crunching game, Nobody’s Adventure has many ways to get stronger. Unlike a lot of stat-crunching games, CP isn’t the be-all-end-all, and trying to make a specific build around a single Combat Attribute will almost always beat generalist builds unless the opponent hard-counters it with his own incredibly specific build.

Many things can swing a fight around too, like Beasts and Abilities, which often make certain turns quite dangerous for you or your opponent, since they ignore various things like Stuns and Dodging.

Chopping The Tree

nobody's adventure chop-chop sleepy
He’s suffering from a peach-induced food coma. Poor guy.

Chopping the Tree is the main way you get stronger. To Chop, you need Peaches, which are given to you every day from various daily rewards or battle rewards. For every Peach spent on the Tree, you get a piece of equipment, which you can either wear or dismantle for EXP and Spiritstiones to upgrade the Tree and its drop rates.

Eventually, you will unlock Auto, which has a bevy of useful settings to make it easier to get rid of any junk and keep all the good stuff. As you progress in the game, it is suggested that you raise your standards for gear rarity in Auto as the drop rates improve, since you’ll need to dismantle a ton of junk to upgrade your Tree anyway!


nobody's adventure chop-chop beast stat
Your companion can pull victory from the clutches of defeat.

Beasts are a powerful addition to your fighting ability, and they can often clutch a losing battle depending on how well they work with your stat build. If your character has a basic attack, think of your Beast as their auto-skill: Every few turns, your Pet will do something, with some pets healing every so-and-so-turns, attacking and debuffing the enemy every 2 turns, slapping your opponent with a massive 400% damage attack to the face every 5 turns, etc. Investing in a pet is also easy, as you can simply make obsolete Beasts spit out all the Beast Fruit you fed them for 100 Jade.


nobody's adventure chop-chop genie
Aren’t Genies supposed to be from the Middle East and not the Far East?

Genies provide some passive buffs that can seriously boost your character. The lower tier Genies give small but useful buffs like percentage stat boosts, but others can give you stronger abilities such as a second instance of damage in every strike that ignores Dodges and takes its power from your AGL rather than ATK. The only way to upgrade Genies is to get enough dupes to rank them up. Eventually, you will be able to equip three Genies at once, so take a mix that plays well with your build.


nobody's adventure chop-chop bloodline
It can be quite tough to have a solid family genealogy here.

Your Bloodline gives you both minor stat boosts and major ones. Each Bloodline Stone you slot upgrades some of your Main stats or side Stats, with the largest stones upgrading both Main Stats and coming with Bloodline bonuses that greatly increase one of the Side stats that allow for Combos, Stuns, and other such things as long as they match.

These bonuses tend to be large enough that you may be better off keeping matching Family stones rather than just going for higher Main Stats, though usually these family bonuses only last several rounds.


nobody's adventure chop-chop ability
nobody's adventure chop-chop ability 2
Some extra spice to an otherwise ordinary halberd whack.

Once you reach the Transformation I level, you will unlock Abilities under the Bloodline tab. These abilities can give you an edge in a fight, with some of them being passive and others being active and requiring you to fill an energy bar using your attacks.

When the bar is full, your character will release a special attack, say a Thunderbolt which boosts Crit Damage and hits for 160% of your ATK stat, or whatever else you have equipped. You can equip 4 abilities at a time, a single Active ability, one Passive for your attacks, one Passive for your Beasts, and one defensive Passive.


nobody's adventure chop-chop compatriot
Best to focus on one of them.

The Compatriot screen lets you give gifts to a certain bunch of girls, and getting their Affection stat up gives you various buffs, sometimes for direct combat, other times for things like improved drop rates for gear.

You also get Stamina to explore a map, which can give you random rewards or Affection boosts for the Compatriots you have already unlocked. They also let you fight them for rewards, but they can be some of the toughest to get past.


nobody's adventure chop-chop mount
Ride on!

Mounts allow you to pick a single big stat resistance while giving you general boosts in other Combat resistance stats. Don’t make the mistake our silly writer did of wasting his Jade trying to figure out where to spend it: Gun for all of the Mounts early, as having them all allows you to swap each of them out depending on what opponent you have in Adventure Mode since each Adventure enemy often has one Combat Attribute they are good at which you would do well to dampen. Mount upgrades apply to all mounts and use Auric Shards for general upgrades and Five-Color Stones during certain thresholds.

And this ends our Nobody’s Adventure Chop-Chop Beginner’s Guide. We hope this helps, and if you have your own tips, leave them in the comments below! Have fun.


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What is considered as “combat talent”? Because the Event right now Frost vault and has a skin of Xiao Wu with "COMBAT TALENT +20%" I'm thinking getting it but idk what stat is it