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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies You Need to Know

Awaken, Soul Diver, and begin your journey in the world of Ni No Kuni!

ni no kuni cross worlds tips

In the world of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, you play simultaneously as a regular human partaking of the Mirae Corporation’s Soul Dive technology and as the royal protector of the Nameless Kingdom in the fantastic world of Ni No Kuni. However, almost everything and everyone has their own reasons for participating in the game, and as you continue your journey, the lines between your own reality and that of Ni No Kuni blur, raising the question – was there ever a line at all?

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is an MMORPG where you can collect familiars, make friends, gear up, and embark on dangerous and thrilling quests in an effort to rebuild the Nameless Kingdom and become the savior of two worlds. The game is available on both the App Store and the Google Play Store. For PC users, it’s also available via the Netmarble launcher.

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has a ton of content to go through, so for newer players who feel intimidated by the sheer amount of options the game offers, this beginner’s guide is for you!

Before You Start

Do note that while Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has a PC client, it’s in beta and the performance can be a little iffy, and some issues do stick out like a sore thumb (such as screen tearing, my personal bane). Even if you do opt to play on a PC via the Netmarble launcher, you will still need to download and register an account via a mobile device – so get your phone or emulator ready.

ni no kuni cross worlds stack

When signing in, you have a wealth of accounts that you can link – Google Play, Apple, your email, Facebook, Twitter, or as a guest account. As with all new, big games on the block, I highly urge that you link your account to one of these to increase your account’s security. Not only will you be able to sleep easier with a secure account, but you’ll also gain access to some account link rewards.

The game is set by default to 30 FPS, which I personally can’t stand. To increase the game’s FPS, tap on the upper right button (the three bars), then go to the lower middle of the screen and tap on the gear. This will allow you to access the settings. Do note that the game caps at 50 FPS though.

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For the purposes of this guide, I’ll be using the PC client, as I like the big screen size. However, mobile or emulator players can easily follow along too!

ni no kuni cross worlds nft
I have to say I’m not a fan of this.

The rumors are true, too –  yes, there are NFTs in the game, and yes, as of writing – June 13, 2022 – the best-in-slot gear for PVP is buyable from the shop, fitting the textbook definition of pay-to-win. However, even ignoring the PVP, there’s still a lot of enjoyable content that you don’t need to pay for – and if you’re interested, read on!

ni no kuni cross worlds ring
A “common” ring that only comes from an ancient battlefield or from bosses. Yeah, that’s definitely “common”.

Finally, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has a ton of resources, so it also has the all-important source button. If you don’t know where to get an item, you can tap on its icon, then tap the source button to find out.

Learn To Navigate The Menu

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is essentially an MMO, and while it doesn’t suffer from a claustrophobic UI like many others in the same genre, it can be tricky for a new player to find out where each button is.

ni no kuni cross worlds menu

Let’s start with the base menu. This is the menu that’s always present on the screen.

ni no kuni cross worlds menu 1

At the upper left of the screen is your level, hit points, and current CP (combat power). To the right of these meters is where you can assign what health potion and energy drink (increases grinding gains) to use. The shield icon on the right side shows your current buffs, and the plus icon beside that one allows you to quickly use any buff items you have in your inventory.

Below this upper left menu is your party menu (accessible by tapping the plus icon) and your quests. You can use the arrow icon below the quest menu to minimize or maximize the quest tab. The scroll with the exclamation point lists quests in your area, and the arrows turn on auto-questing, which walk you towards the next objective and work to fulfill said objective automatically.

ni no kuni cross worlds menu 2

The lower left of the screen is mostly for information, such as how much experience you’ve accrued for the next level, your device’s connection status, and how much battery your mobile device has left. This section also contains the camera menu, where you can shift between automatic, fixed, or free modes.

ni no kuni cross worlds menu 3

The upper right of the menu is more for direct game-related functions. From left to right, these icons are current events, the item shop, notifications (which helpfully tell you if you have quests or upgrades available), the mail inbox where your level-up rewards and other stuff go, your inventory, and the in-depth menu, which deserves its own section.

Below the three lines, you can open the minimap, scan for monsters for botting mode, and read game notifications.

ni no kuni cross worlds menu side

By tapping the three lines, you’ll open a more in-depth menu where you can access various aspects that would otherwise be quite hidden. These buttons are pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll do a quick rundown of each of them:

  • Character deals with class grade, skills, mounts, costumes, the deck, and titles.
  • Equipment opens your inventory, polish/upgrade menu, and gems.
  • Familiars lets you view your familiars, train them, give them toys, hatch more familiars, release them, and check the familiar forest.
  • Records displays your achievements, codex, collection, and adventurer records. Notably, this menu is also where you get your rewards for these milestones.
  • Power Up opens the heart stars, tetro puzzle, and Higgledies menus.
  • Community opens the kingdom, dominion, rankings, and social tabs.
  • The Missions menu allows you to access the dailies, reputation, and handbooks tabs.
  • The Challenge menu opens up the Power Up tab (different from the Power Up button on the left side), as well as the Chaos Field, Dimensional Border, Labyrinth of Dreams, Adventure, Field Boss, and World Boss screens.
  • Battlefield deals with all things PVP – the Duel Yard, Lava Valley, and Familiar Arena can be accessed from here.
  • Finally, the Shop tab opens up the cash shop, the summon menu, medals, and the NFT wallet screen (blech).
ni no kuni cross worlds menu 4

The lower left of the screenis the combat area. Here you can switch between your equipped weapons, as well as use your normal attack (the big central icon), your skills (from the 9 – 12 positions around the normal attack button), roll and jump (the lower left corner and the upper right corner) and use special skills (the 3 – 6 positions around the normal attack button).

ni no kuni cross worlds menu 5

I hope you didn’t think we were done – the lower middle of the screen opens the chat menu, the emote and pose menu, and the auto battle menu on the far side (tap and hold to fine-tune your botting settings). The middle of this menu also shows your currently equipped familiars, which can be commanded to use their skills by tapping on their portraits. If you’ve unlocked mounts, you can also ride your current mount by tapping on a button to the left of the auto battle button.

ni no kuni cross worlds menu on the middle of the screen

This menu changes if you’ve opened the in-depth menu (the three lines on the upper right). While that menu is open, the lower middle menu buttons change to open the forum, open the game’s settings (finally!), and go into sleep or photo mode.

Building Up A Reputation

ni no kuni cross worlds edelian
Where’s that Darth Maul meme when I need it…

Quite understandably, few people in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds are willing to trust you off the bat. There are, after all, a metric ton (possibly more) of mercenaries and self-styled heroes, so you’ll need to put your money where your mouth is before you’re given access to higher tier quests and other stuff.

Do Reputation Quests

ni no kuni cross worlds reputation quest
Time for the noblest and most important part of any hero’s journey: doing chores for the local wildlife citizenry.

To raise your reputation, you’ll need to regularly do reputation quests. These quests are often simple, but they provide reputation points that will increase your reputation level – and you get paid for doing them, too. You also gain rewards for reaching new reputation levels, so every little bit helps.

As your main quest’s progress is gated by your reputation level, it’s in your best interest to do reputation quests whenever and wherever you can. Note that the reputation quests in Evermore will also introduce you to new mechanics and unlock new features, so do them as soon as they’re available.

ni no kuni cross worlds reputation grade reward
Every little bonus helps.

Note that each main area has its own reputation gauge. You’ll need to do quests to appease the locals in each area you pass to boost your reputation level. While most reputation NPCs live in Evermore, you’ll occasionally have to go out of your way to talk to and complete chores for some of these key figures.

Build Up Your Character

Well, obviously. But because there’s so many ways to get stronger in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, this part needs quite a bit of explanation – this way, you’ll be better prepared for the challenges to come, and you’ll also know what path to greatness you should pursue first!

Leveling Up

The most basic way of increasing your strength in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is leveling up. Each level gives you a small boost to your stats, and unlocks new quests and content for you.


ni no kuni cross worlds stats
The numbers, I love the numbers.

Yes, Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has stats, though finding them can be quite cryptic. Luckily I’m here to save the day – go toyour inventory screen (the bag in the upper right is the fastest way to do this), then tap on the magnifying glass beside your CP.

Class Grades

You may have noticed that when you level up, the game calls it a “class level up”. This is because you can create one of each character class in a server, and gaining a level for that character is a level for that class.

ni no kuni cross worlds class grades
It’s not a job change per se, but it’s pretty close.

More importantly, these levels tie-in with class grades, which happen roughly every 20 levels. These grade ups not only give you cosmetics and stat boosts, but also increase your daily Territe gain and cap.

At your first class grade up, you’ll also gain access to your class’ burst skill, a powerful ultimate ability that draws from an energy gauge that’s filled up as you fight. To use your burst skill, tap on the glowing icon that appears above each weapon. And yes, that means you can technically use your burst skill thrice per charge – once per element!

Get New Skills

Skills are the backbone of almost any combat game, and in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, there are several skill pools for your character to draw from.

ni no kuni cross worlds whirl

First off are your class skills – default abilities that are always available to characters of a particular class. You start with 3, and you won’t get any more. However, you should always upgrade these skills whenever you can as these will serve as the foundation of all combat.

ni no kuni cross worlds cry
I may have just ruptured my voice box.

Next off are special skills, which can be earned and used by all classes, and can be switched out depending on what you need at the moment. While you’ll get the first couple of special skills while doing the main quest, you’ll have to earn the rest by redeeming and using magic tomes – if you don’t know where to get them, you can use the almighty source button. You’ll also need these tomes if you want to level these special skills further.

Take note that you can only equip 3 special skills at a time.

ni no kuni cross worlds passive skills
The silent power behind the throne.

Finally, you can also equip 3 passive skills. Just like special skills, any class can equip these, and you’ll also need special tomes to both learn and power up these skills.

Achievements, Collections

I’ll simplify this section by saying that virtually every thing you do or collect can be registered in either your achievements menu, your codex, or your collection menu. Whether it’s new arms and armor, monster soulstones, new titles, or heck, even new cosmetics, anything new can and will give you a CP and stat boost.

ni no kuni cross worlds achievements
You’ll be seeing this screen regularly.

With that said, always be sure to check your collections menu from time to time and redeem your rewards – they go a long way in making you stronger!

Heart Stars and the Familiars’ Forest

After helping out the World Keeper Ignis, you’ll unlock the Heart Star system.

ni no kuni cross worlds heart stars
What’s my sign? I’m a C6 Terra Libra.

Heart Stars serve as a way to augment your stats by filling in constellations where each star you choose provides you with a passive bonus. There are three different Heart Stars, and to fill them out, you’ll need to partake in various activities.

To get more upgrade materials for your First Heart Star, you’ll need to visit your Familiars’ Forest.

ni no kuni cross worlds familiars forest
No, you can’t make the familiars toil for you, or they’ll unionize.

The Familiars’ Forest serves as a home area for you and your familiars. Here, you can set various decorations that you can purchase or earn throughout your journey. You can also take a rest and try out farming life by planting and tending to fruit trees or crops.

ni no kuni cross worlds gifts
Appease me with gifts and sacrifices!

Naturally, this isn’t without a reward – the better your Familiars’ Forest, the happier your familiars become, and the better the presents they’ll give you – which include the aforementioned Heart Star upgrade materials. Gifts are given out at set times (2pm to be exact), and there’s a limit as to how many gifts your familiars can give you per day.

Beef Up Your Equipment

Any hero knows that to be the best, you need to take constant care of your equipment. Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has a ton of item upgrades and customizations to make, all of which you’ll need to learn to make yourself even stronger.

Exploit Elements and Bring Multiple Weapons

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds has an elementalsystem in place, and leveraging this system to your advantage can really change the flow of battle. For those who want numbers, an element takes 50% more damage from the element it’s weak to, and 50% less damage from what it’s strong against.

For reference, fire is strong versus earth, earth is strong versus water, and water is strong versus fire. Light and dark are strong against each other. To compute weaknesses, just reverse the chart: for example, fire does 50% less damage against water.

ni no kuni cross worlds elements
And it’s pretty much a one-way street formula, so it’s easy to remember.

With that in mind, it’s always best to have a weapon that suits the mobs you’re fighting or the world boss you’re gunning for – and that’s where Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ three weapon slots come into play.

Rather than having to switch between weapons in the middle of a fight, you can equip up to three different weapons at once, which you can switch between at will via the right side of the screen. This means that you’ll always be strong against at least three elements, and in the worst case scenario, you can switch to a damage type that’s neutral against whatever you’re fighting to avoid that nasty 50% damage debuff.

Not only does equipping multiple weapons better prepare you for what’s to come, but each individual weapon also adds to your attack stat. Don’t ask questions – it just happens. And it just so happens that because of this system, you can switch to a different elemental weapon without compromising your attack power. Handy!

Polishing Your Gear

ni no kuni cross worlds polish
Shinier equipment for cracking skulls better.

Polishing your gear is one of the most basic ways of improving your performance. By applying elemental varnish to your armor and weapons, you’ll be able to deal more damage and take more hits, and create a better, more sustainable grinding model.

Yes, I said elemental varnish. That’s because varnish for polishing weapons comes in every element, and you get an experience bonus for polishing a weapon with a varnish of the same element. Leveraging this system is key to getting the most out of the varnish you get.

ni no kuni cross worlds hammer
The flashiest bonks.

Finally, don’t be a dum-dum like me and select items one by one. You can select multiple upgrade materials by tapping on more varnish or other equipment in the side panel.

Enhancing Your Gear

Polishing your gear is just the start. Once your arms and armor are nice and shiny, it’s time to enhance them!

ni no kuni cross worlds enhance equipment
The pluses are very nice to look at.

Enhancing gear requires the use of weapon enhancement stones, which are separate for both weapons and armor. Once you have these stones, head on over to the enhancement menu, put your stones in, and hit that enhance button.

If your enhancement is successful, you’ll gain a + on that piece of equipment, along with a stat boost. The higher the enhancement level of an item, the more gains it gets from further enhancement. However, enhancement isn’t guaranteed, and the higher your item’s enhancement value, the lower the odds of a successful enhancement are.

ni no kuni cross worlds four-leaf clover
Thanks, I guess?

Failing an enhancement won’t destroy your item, but it can get damaged. A damaged item can no longer be enhanced until it’s repaired with an anvil, but you can still use it normally. Also, if you fail, you will lose the enhancement materials. You will, however, walk away with a consolation prize. So…there’s that.

Awakening Your Gear

ni no kuni cross worlds awaken equipment
Hungry hungry weapons.

Your equipment can also be awakened, which is a fancy term for feeding them duplicates of themselves to gain a substantial stat boost. Do note, however, that there is a chance for failure – while you get to keep the base item, you will lose the copies. To avert this, you can always opt to use even more copies of that item to increase the success rate.

Awakening can bring your equipment all the way up to awakening tier 10. Good luck!

Upgrading Your Gear’s Star Rating

In a shocking twist, the (usually) last step in upgrading your gear…is called upgrading your gear. Terrible, I know.

ni no kuni cross worlds upgrade equipment
This feels like collecting star stickers in preschool all over again.

Polishing your gear can only get it up to level 30, at which point you’ll need to raise your weapon’s star rating – this’ll increase its stats and give it another star, while dropping it back to level 1 so you can upgrade it all over again.

Salvaging Gear

Of course, if you can’t be bothered to upgrade all your 1-star weapons, you can always just salvage them to make weapon bits.

ni no kuni cross worlds salvage
Break the thing to get bits, put the bits together, then use those to break other things. Simple!

Salvaging equipment will destroy it, and in return, you get some crafting materials back – a pretty good deal if all you’ve been crafting or rolling is garbage. Speaking of which…

Craft More Equipment

…you can paste the weapon bits back together via crafting.

ni no kuni cross worlds craft
Amazing what you can do with a bit of duct tape.

Once you have enough recipes and crystals – either from smashing or gear or beating up field mobs – you can return to Tumba in Evermore, who’ll gladly paste the bits together to make a new piece of equipment. The good news is that what you get isn’t exactly random – you will always get a weapon for the class you’re currently playing as. The better news is that while you will likely get even more garbage 1-star equipment, there is a pity system in place that will guarantee a 3-star craft.

The bad news is that crafting equipment uses Territe, which is part of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ NFT shtick. While Territe isn’t the cryptocurrency itself, it’s the resource through which you can get tokens. Still, you can craft equipment without subscribing to the whole blockchain thing – Territe can be earned from doing dailies and fighting in the Chaos Fields.

Enrich Your Companions

Your journey through the world of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds doesn’t have to be done alone.

ni no kuni cross worlds equip familiars
I hope that name isn’t indicative of how it acts in battle.

Along the way, you’ll gather companions both fierce and friendly who will stand by your side and make life easier!


Familiars can be both dependable combat allies and playful, cuddly pets – and sometimes both at the same time! These creatures are core to Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, so much so that there’s a dedicated gacha for getting more familiars.

ni no kuni cross worlds oroboros

Much like your weapons, familiars can also be enhanced in what’s essentially the same as the polish system, just with a different name. Like in weapon polishing, using familiars or beans of the same element as a familiar gives it an experience boost.

ni no kuni cross worlds jelly
Any chance I can try one of these?

Where familiar enhancement really differs is in enhancing your familiars. Instead of using stones to increase the enhancement value of a familiar, you feed jellies to your pets, which will grant them a direct increase to their stats. To help you keep track of how many jellies you’ve already fed a particular critter, that familiar will have a + value which indicates the number of stat jellies it’s scarfed down.

Hatching Familiars

ni no kuni cross worlds hatch familiar
Good thing I didn’t eat the eggs when I was hungry.

You’ll eventually gain the ability to hatch familiar eggs via a reputation quest for the Eastern Arcana Expedition. Via this menu, you can generate familiars using those eggs that come as quest rewards. To hatch an egg, you’ll need both the egg itself and a fair amount of Dream Shards, which you can get from dailies as well as the Familiars’ Cradle challenge.

ni no kuni cross worlds hatch familiar 2
Man, even my wishes are mediocre.

While the outcome of familiar hatching is random, it’s possible to influence it to some degree via the wish system. Before hatching an egg, you’ll be given a list of 5 random modifiers that you can select – and selecting a modifier (up to 3) weighs the chances of the familiar having that modifier. Of course, it’s not perfect, and the modifiers themselves are random – but they can be rerolled up to 5 times daily, for a modest sum of gold.

Once you’re happy with your modifiers or lack thereof, just tap hatch to start the incubation process. Egg hatching is quite lengthy, usually taking up to 2 hours per egg. If you’re impatient, you can tap on an egg to reduce the incubation time; this will require spending Sands of Time, each of which will reduce the timer by 10 minutes.

Taming Familiars

You’ll also gain the ability to tame wild familiars. This is done by interacting with Brighterflies (neon blue butterflies), which will then summon a random low star familiar. Offer that familiar food, and hey presto, you’ve got a new friend!

Familiar Awakening

ni no kuni cross worlds awaken familiar

Just like your equipment, familiars can also be awakened. This process is similar to the one for weapons – you need at least two of the same type of familiar, the highest awakening tier is 10, the chance for failure increases the higher your tier, and you can use more duplicates to increase the success rate.

Awakening a familiar not only increases its base stats, but also makes its skills more potent. With that in mind, be sure to awaken the low-star familiars you have: you might be in for a real treat!

Familiars in Action

ni no kuni cross worlds cow
These horns ain’t just for show, you know.

Familiars can assist you in battle. To do so, all you need to do is equip a familiar to one of your available slots. You can gain up to 3 slots by leveling up, and all equipped familiars will perform their skills whenever they’re off cooldown. Take note that because familiars are elemental creatures, their attacks can also be used to gain an additional advantage against the element they’re strong against!

The Familiar Arena

No pet collecting minigame would be complete without the chance to have them smack each other around, and in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, you can do that via the Familiar Arena.

ni no kuni cross worlds familiar arena
What stands beneath your feet?

The Familiar Arena is a PVP mode that’s very similar to other games. Players set both an attack and defense team, then pick fights with a selected opponent, with victory going to whoever can knock out the opponent’s team or has the most familiars standing at the end of the round.

So why participate in this mode? Because the Familiar Arena is where you get materials for your Competitive Heart Star, and if you’ve read the guide all the way to this point, you know how powerful those bonuses can be.

ni no kuni cross worlds leaderboard
Pain is temporary, glory is eternal.

Do note that your first five battles in the arena serve as your placement matches, if you’re planning to go full competitive. There’s also a leaderboard, as well as a reward for your final placement in the weekly rankings.


ni no kuni cross worlds cat
He does look derpy, doesn’t he?

Mounts allow you to traverse the world of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds faster, and they provide some stat bonuses, to boot. To unlock mounts, you’ll need to complete an Evermore reputation quest for Great Uncle Autumn, which will appear as one of the last level 2 reputation quests. Once you complete this quest, you’ll gain your very own derp cat Catarumpus, a loyal and faithful companion who will serve as a basic mount – at least until you replace it!

ni no kuni cross worlds cat stats
At least he doesn’t have fleas. Right? RIGHT?

Mounts can also be trained, which will increase their stats. While you’re mounted, your mount imparts 100% of its stats to you, which are mostly defensive in nature. This sounds annoying, but don’t fret – just having a mount equipped gives you 30% of its stats. Not so bad now, eh? But what is bad is that training isn’t guaranteed – the basic training item, for example, only has a 70% success rate on the Catarumpus.

ni no kuni cross worlds meow
He can be cute when he wants to be.

Do note that each mount gives its own stats, and you can pick and choose a mount to either complement your current defenses or help patch up deficiencies.

Adventure, Adventurer!

Now that you’re suited up, it’s time to actually step outside Evermore’s walls and explore the vast world of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds! And this time, I mean don’t use autopathing!

Vistas, Chests, and more, Oh My!

ni no kuni cross worlds vista
This ad has been brought to you by the Tourism Department of Evermore.

Exploration is its own reward, true, but in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, you can get paid for exploring. By exploring the world, you can find various goodies – not just wild familiars or powerful monsters, but also scenic vistas and hidden treasure chests!


As you venture deeper into the world of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, you may run across some handbooks.

ni no kuni cross worlds handbook
A guide in a guide. Brilliant!

Handbooks are codices that provide you with valuable guidance, and more importantly, rewards for following said guidance, and you’ll get your first one by talking to Elfina in the “The Legendary Secret Tome” reputation quest.

These handbooks provide you with a set of tasks that you’ll need to complete in sequential order, and in turn, you’ll gain various rewards. On a side note, you can still gain progress for quests that aren’t the active one, but you’ll still need to complete the current quest to access the next ones. No skipping for you!

Each handbook is also tuned to a general field; for example, the first three handbooks deal with equipment, familiars, and the Nameless Kingdom.

Earn Titles

As you continue your adventures, befriend more people, and face down more dangerous foes, your fame will spread far and wide, eventually culminating in a title.

ni no kuni cross worlds titles
I couldn’t find any really silly ones, but I’ll keep trying.

Titles aren’t just for show; they’re powerful things that give you powerful stat bonuses as long as you have them equipped. As you may expect, titles require great deeds to be done, and you’ll need to work hard to earn these accolades.

To view your titles, go to the in-depth menu, then character, then titles. Each title here also has a tiny magnifying glass in its panel, which provides a hint on how to get it.

Take on Greater Challenges

There’s nothing stopping you from spending 100 levels in low level areas, kicking over slimes, goblins, and frog people, but where’s the fun in that? To accomplish your goal of becoming the two-souled savior, you’ll need to constantly challenge yourself – and Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds hosts a myriad of dungeons, timed trials, and other difficult content for those seeking to better themselves.

Swift Solutions Errands

As a member of the Swift Solutions mercenary guild, you can take on minor tasks that will fill your pockets with shiny gold, and give you crafting materials for making more 2-star items to smash into pieces while you seethe and cope with the low drop rate.

ni no kuni cross worlds swift solutions
All of them are a different flavor of “go here, kill this” – but I’m not complaining.

Swift Solutions are essentially optional quests that give you a good amount of gold, experience, and crafting materials (randomized, mind you, so you might end up with 1000 materials and zero scrolls). You can take on these tasks up to 5 times per day, and if you skipped a day, don’t worry – the game automatically stores missed Swift Solution errand attempts, to a maximum of 30. On a side note, you can complete 5 errands per day, and you can get more quests by trading in Swift Solutions Certificates: 1 certificate means 1 extra quest.

ni no kuni cross worlds swift solutions 2
Or you could pay someone to do your job for you, just like in that Dr. Seuss book about cats holding tails…

If you’re feeling lazy or can’t be bothered, you can also elect to just pay gold to automatically fulfill your Swift Solutions errands, which is handy for when you’ve got a gigantic backlog of 30 errands to run. Rushed quests will still give you all their rewards, so you’ll technically make some money back. This is also a fantastic way to rush out early levels, especially if you haven’t been able to log in for some time.

Swift Solutions quests are always scaled towards your current progress, so don’t expect to forever trounce monsters in the watery dungeons of Evermore. If you don’t like your current offering of errands, you can also elect to reroll them – for some gold, of course.

Conquest Quests

ni no kuni cross worlds conquest
What a mouthful!

In a similar vein to Swift Solutions Errands, Conquest Quests task you with defeating a certain number of monsters in an area. The mechanics of these quests are largely the same as Swift Solutions Errands – you can accept a certain number of them per day, you can pay gold to instantly finish them, and you can turn in certificates to gain more turn-ins on a one to one basis.

However, Conquest Quests are different in that they don’t give experience points, instead paying you in materials such as varnish, beans, or other enhancement items.

Daily Quests

At this point, you might assume that Swift Solutions or Conquest Quests are Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ equivalent to daily quests. You may be pleasantly surprised to know you are wrong.

ni no kuni cross worlds dailies
I want that dancing cactus.

Daily quests are a slew of daily activities that you can complete to fill up a meter, and once that meter reaches a certain threshold, you can gain a reward. With so many activities that you can do to fill up the activity gauge, it’s easy to fill it all the way up to 100 activity points and gain the best daily reward possible.

Of course, there’s also a weekly quest system, which runs on a separate gauge and is harder to fill up. This one may take a little effort to complete, but I highly suggest you do so anyway as you can get Lucky Pot Tickets, Equipment Gacha Tickets, and Familiar Gacha Tickets from completing your weeklies.

The Familiars’ Cradle

Later on, you’ll gain access to the Familiars’ Cradle via a reputation quest for the Eastern Arcana Expedition.

ni no kuni cross worlds familiars cradle
It’ll be just another notch in my belt soon.

This is a daily dungeon where you’ll be tasked with defending 3 familiar eggs from hordes of enemies, which ends at the end of one minute. Fortunately for you, you’re not left entirely to your own devices as there are buffs you can pick up which will help you, as well as pickups that heal damaged eggs and give them a brief period of invincibility.

ni no kuni cross worlds familiars cradle 2
Fortunately, the only tactics the Boar Tribe know is “human wave”.

Each egg that remains alive at the end of the round contributes towards your star rating. The more stars you have at the end, the better your reward, so defend those eggs jealously. Likewise, the more enemies you kill, the more Dream Shards you earn!

ni no kuni cross worlds familiars cradle 3
Different difficulties, different prizes, different elements.

You can enter the Familiars’ Cradle once per day per account for free, and you can use Diamonds to buy up to 3 more entry passes. Do note that the prizes change depending on what day of the week it is, and that entries are shared across difficulties; with that in mind, make sure you’re running the highest difficulty you can manage, and check that you actually need the prizes from the version of the trial you’re running.

The Dimensional Border

ni no kuni cross worlds dimensional border
I guess he wasn’t nice after all.

The Dimensional Border is Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ dungeon system, where you can join together with other adventurers to take on fiendish foes and deadly bosses. These are well worth doing due to the rewards – gold, enhancement materials, and even shiny new equipment await brave explorers. If you don’t have any friends, don’t worry – you can matchmake with other players too!\

Chaos Fields

ni no kuni cross worlds chaos field
Glittering gold, trinkets, and baubles…paid for in AFK time.

Chaos Fields become accessible as part of the reputation level 3 quest chain for the Eastern Arcana Expedition. These areas are almost similar to overworld fields, with one exception – monsters here are much stronger than those you find wandering about in the world.

Where there’s great danger, there’s also great opportunity, and the Chaos Fields are no exception. Not only do these monsters drop a healthy amount of experience and enhancement materials, but also yield Territe, the resource required for crafting items and part of the whole blockchain shtick. While you can earn Territe for free in these areas, do note that there’s a cap on how much you can get per day, which is based off your class grade. If you’re planning to AFK grind though, this is one of the better places to spend you energy drinks and aromas of focus!

The Fire Temple

ni no kuni cross worlds fire temple
One might even call it a temple run, no?

The Fire Temple is another daily dungeon like the Familiars’ Cradle. This one, however, provides you with a bevy of crafting materials and enhancement stones.

As you’re required to have played the main quest to a certain point to unlock this dungeon, you’ll probably know how it plays out – escape the giant fire golem while avoiding its attacks and getting to the bridge before you get smooshed.

ni no kuni cross worlds fire temple 2
Fly, you fools!

You’ll be under a strict time limit in this dungeon – each minute that passes will deprive you of one star, and because of the limited entries per day, you’ll definitely want to get pass this with flying colors on the first go. However, this is simpler than it sounds – all the monsters here are fire type, so a water weapon will work wonders.

And yes, you didn’t misread that – just like the Familiars’ Cradle, you can only enter this dungeon once a day for free, with up to 3 paid entries, and the prizes change depending on what day of the week it is.

The Labyrinth of Dreams

ni no kuni cross worlds labyrinth of dreams
More like the labyrinth of beating the snot out of monsters, but I digress.

The Labyrinth of Dreams is a challenge dungeon that becomes accessible by completing a reputation quest for Sanson in Evermore. This dungeon pits you against waves of enemies, which you’ll need to defeat in quick order to advance.

Apart from just beating the crap out of the horde that accosts you, the Labyrinth of Dreams also has additional objectives in each room – which, if completed, gives you even more rewards than you’d normally get. As rooms in the Labyrinth of Dreams are usually sorted by element, it’s wise to bring a weapon to counter that element – this way, you’ll be able to clear chambers faster and more effectively.

ni no kuni cross worlds labyrinth of dreams 2
Nothing some good old fashioned ultraviolence can’t solve!

You’ll occasionally run into different rooms in the Labyrinth of Dreams, such as Chaos Core rooms, where you’ll need to destroy all cores to clear the room, as well as boss rooms, usually found in the last room of a Labyrinth tier. These rooms can shake things up, so don’t be ashamed if you don’t get all 3 stars the first try, and remember you can come back to the same room to try and get any stars you missed on your first pass.

ni no kuni cross worlds labyrinth of dreams 3
Don’t forget to nab your weekly prizes, too.

The Labyrinth of Dreams resets every week, so be sure to claim all your weekly prizes through the Labyrinth’s main menu. You can just hit the weekly reward button on the right side to collect all your loot in one fell swoop.

Field Bosses and Bounty Quests

ni no kuni cross worlds field boss
He’s big, he’s mean, and he’s guarding some loot. Very valuable loot.

Field Bosses are powerful entities that spawn into the world on a timer. These beasts are ferocious, and will require a lot of firepower to take down. Luckily, you won’t have to do it alone – since these monsters drop lucrative loot, you can be sure that there will be a ton of people whacking away at the field boss.

ni no kuni cross worlds bounty quest
I’m starting to wonder what the Cockatrako tastes like.

Field bosses not only drop powerful accessories and enhancement materials, but you can also hunt them as part of a bounty quest, which becomes available via reputation quest down the line. Bounty quests ensure that apart from the regular rewards from beating the crap out of a world boss, you’ll also gain extra items.

These items can range from rare crafting materials to a random accessory chest and even more mundane enhancement materials. However, bounty quests always give out Domination Medals, which can be redeemed at the medal shop (accessible via the shop menu). Bounty quests can only be completed three times per week.

ni no kuni cross worlds timer
I’ve got time to kill.

You can check when a field boss will spawn via the in-depth menu, then challenge, then field boss. Alternately, if you’ve taken a bounty quest, you can just tap on that quest to see when the boss will spawn again – and it’ll even let you teleport to the boss’ spawn location!

ni no kuni cross worlds field boss 2
A small army versus a giant chicken. Who will win?

Note that because of the number of players that show up to field bosses, the game can stutter a bit. Fortunately, the game will optimize itself if it detects too much activity, and you can switch it back after you’re done with the raid.

Another thing you’ll have to factor in is the number of people farming the world boss. With enough overleveled people at the boss, it’s all too easy for it to get one-shotted – and you do have to deal damage to it to gain credit for your bounty quest. Patience is key, and remember that if you don’t get the kill credit, you can always try again in a couple of hours.

World Bosses

If you’re looking to challenge even fiercer foes, try your hand at fighting a World Boss.

ni no kuni cross worlds world boss
He’s back, and angrier than ever.

World Bosses are like Field Bosses, but with the deadly dial turned all the way to maximum. You’ll need all your wit, strength, and luck to emerge from combat victorious. Just like Field Bosses, expect a small army of players to show up to fight these things – however this time, you’ll need to pay close attention to the flow of battle to avoid being smooshed.

While the danger is great, the prizes are doubly so. Participating in a World Boss fight not only gets you regular enhancement materials, but also rare boss accessories that are definitely worth having!

Slugging It Out in the Duel Yard

ni no kuni cross worlds duel
Punching each other in the face has never been more profitable!

The duel yard is Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ version of 1v1 PVP. In this mode, you and an opponent will beat the everloving crap out of each other in an arena with special limitations. If you win, you’ll increse your rank. More importantly, you also get some Honor Medals, which can be used to buy stuff in the Honor Medal shop. As for training points, you’ll get them whether you win or lose, so if you’re just trying to get your training points in, fight away!

ni no kuni cross worlds defeat
Participation awards never felt so good!

When you fight in the training yard, you’ll only see the CP of your opponent, not their equipment nor their stats. Experience is key to rising through the ranks and securing a place on the leaderboards (which, by the way, give you prizes for daily training points and your highest rank attained). And while I’m not 100% sure on this, the Duel Yard seems to be an offline mode, as you can challenge players any time you’re in the menu.

You can fight in the yard thrice for free daily, and can use Diamonds to buy more entry tickets.

Rebuild The Nameless Kingdom

Which, in layman’s terms, means “join a guild”. By banding together with other adventurers, you can rebuild the Nameless Kingdom and create a haven for you and yours to kick back and relax in!


Once you’re in a Kingdom, you’ll be expected to contribute. Don’t worry: it’s not as hard as it sounds. The first and simplest way to help rebuild your Kingdom is by checking in.

ni no kuni cross worlds kingdom check-in
Overlook Hotel, July 4th Ball, 1921.

By checking in, you’ll establish that yes, there is an effort to rebuild the Kingdom. In practical player’s terms, this means that the more guild members check in, the bigger the reward becomes. By the way, don’t forget to redeem your reward by tapping the button at the lower right of the screen, once you’re done with your daily check-in!


Not even the fabled Nameless Kingdom can run on empty coffers, and that’s where you and your fat wallet come in.

ni no kuni cross worlds kingdom donation
You heard the lady, Cluu – cough up your money!

You have the option of donating either gold, obsidian, or prisms to help your Kingdom’s development. The rarer the item, the further each donation goes, with prisms yielding the most progress. Donations are also capped daily, but you can choose to pay Diamonds to reset this cap.

Donating isn’t entirely fruitless – as you donate, you’ll gain not only contribution for your Kingdom, but also Gilder, which can be spent at special shops.

Citadel Quests

The last way you can contribute your resources is by spending them to complete Citadel Quests.

ni no kuni cross worlds citadel quest
May as well change my job title to Royal Gofer.

These weekly quests are often easy, but they’ll run you quite a bit of resources – in either gold or Gilder. However, completing these quests gives your Kingdom more experience points, which leads to more development. With that in mind – and the fact that there are only 3 weekly quests – do try to complete these tasks.

The Kingdom Restaurant

The Kingdom Restaurant is where you can sit down and have a meal, which gives you powerful buffs for a limited time.

ni no kuni cross worlds kingdom restaurant
THIS is what’s missing from Monster Hunter: Rise.

At the restaurant, you can turn in ingredients to receive food, which you can then eat any time you want to gain buffs. When it’s first established, the restaurant only has a few recipes – it’ll take your Kingdom leader’s permission to unlock other, stronger foods.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and you will have to turn in ingredients to get food. Common ingredients can be bought directly from the Kingdom General Store, but others require you to search far and wide. Once again, the source button is your friend!

The Kingdom Lab

The Nameless Kingdom’s laboratory isn’t just a place to write new theses on the viability of a banana-shaped world. It’s also where your Kingdom’s leaders can choose to activate and invest in powerful passive buffs that affect all Kingdom members!

ni no kuni cross worlds kingdom lab
It’s empty, and it is that emptiness that makes it useful.

Do note that only your Kingdom’s leader and officers can select which buffs to activate. To do this, they’ll need that obsidian that you’ve hopefully been donating. You have been donating the stuff, right?

The Kingdom Dungeon

Wouldn’t it be great if the Nameless Kingdom was actually sitting on a treasure trove? That just so happens to be the case. But as with all treasure, it’s guarded by some pretty nasty customers.

ni no kuni cross worlds kingdom dungeon
Nice design!

The Kingdom Dungeon is a weekly dungeon that all Kingdom members can participate in. Because of this dungeon’s difficulty, it’s recommended that everyone who is available chip in. You won’t walk away empty-handed either, as the dungeon offers fantastic rewards – both for players who fight the guardians, and for the Kingdom as a whole.

While it may sound like a raid, the Kingdom Dungeon is more akin to a solo boss fight. Once the guild leader or an officer opens the dungeon gates, Kingdom members can run in to deal damage to the guardian without getting smooshed all over the floor themselves. Any damage you do is tallied to a scoreboard, and the members who have contributed the most to felling the monster get an additional reward.

Kingdom Castle Defense

All castles are meant to be attacked, and yours is no exception!

ni no kuni cross worlds kingdom defense event
It may be a mock battle, but the violence is all too real.

Once your Kingdom hits level 7, you’ll be able to hold Kingdom Defense events, a PVE event where monsters will attempt to destroy the heart of your Kingdom. To repel them, you’ll not only use your own martial skills, but also construct towers to bolster your own defenses and keep intruders away!

ni no kuni cross worlds kingdom defense event 2
To battle!

You’ll be able to experience this event in a mock battle, as part of the reputation quest chain for Kingdoms. Once you can get into the real thing, however, join whenever you can since these events give out a lot of rewards!

The Auction House

It wouldn’t be much fun if only the highest contributor got something to show for Kingdom events, would it?

ni no kuni cross worlds auction house
She’s awfully gloomy for an auction house manager.

Whenever your Kingdom completes an event, some of the rewards will be deposited into the auction house instead. This allows Kingdom members to bid for prizes they want – and even if you lose the auction, you’ll still get a prize, so go ahead and bid to lose – you get something just for showing up, and you get to keep your Gilder!

The Higgledy Theater

ni no kuni cross worlds theater buff
The Higgledy theater’s production of the Phantom of the Opera was crass, bland, and all-around uninspired. 4 out of 5 stars, because it gave me a buff.

The Higgledy Theater is a powerful structure in the Nameless Kingdom – not only are the Higgledies cute, but watching a show gives you a potent, temporary buff. You’ll need to support their craft by paying Gilder to watch a show, as they still need to eat, after all. It’s also important to note that you can also partake of every buff at once.

As more gold is donated to the Higgledy Theater, the production crew will be able to put up better shows, which improve the quality of the buffs you can get. Do note that only the guild leader and officers can do so, and it’s quite expensive – the first level, for instance, costs a hefty 1 million gold!

The Kingdom’s General Store

After running chores for your Kingdom, you can finally relax and spend your hard-won Gilder at the Kingdom General Store.

ni no kuni cross worlds store
You can literally just buy experience points.

This store offers a selection of powerful items, such as literal experience points, familiar jellies, bean pods, accessory varnish, and more. And as your Kingdom’s level increases, your store will be able to offer even more items. However, you can only purchase a limited amount of most of these items. Be sure to snap them up before the day or the week ends!

Do note that there are three tabs – the normal store deals with enhancement items, the lord’s general store offers rarer fare, and the object store is for decorative items, which is mostly just for the guild leader.

Grab Your Freebies

With so much to do and so much to see in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, your resources may be stretched a little thing. Luckily, there’s a ton of free stuff in the game – you just need to know where to look for it.

The Bundle Shop

From time to time, you’ll gain free premium consumables at the bundle shop. While they’re nothing spectacular, the extra bonus is always welcome, so be sure to check in from time to time. The fact that you can do this even in the field is a nice bonus, too!

ni no kuni cross worlds bundle
Sometimes it’s free, and sometimes you can pay with gold – which is just as good.

While we’re on the topic, be sure to avail of the once-per-day packages in the item shop, too. Sure, they cost gold, but they’ll give you essential items such as varnishes and upgrade stones!

10 Free Familiar Summons

ni no kuni cross worlds summon
A sampling to whet your addiction.

As a new player, you’re entitled to 10 free familiar summons. To redeem these, go to the familiar summoning menu via the shop, then tap the new player summon banner near the top right of the screen.

This one-time banner is guaranteed to net you 3 3-star (gold) familiars, and 1 4-star (purple) familiar. You also have the option to reroll the results up to 10 times – do note that this is the one and only time you will be given such an opportunity. I suggest reading up on the familiars you get by tapping their portraits so you can see if the 4-star you rolled is a good fit for your fighting style.

ni no kuni cross worlds mite
He’s got a goofy grin, which is enough to sell me.

As you might expect, the pool of familiars this free roll draws from is quite limited, but it’s still a good enough selection that should see you through a good chunk of the game.

The Ebon Taurex Challenge

New adventurers in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds are also given a challenge – 7 days’ worth of challenges in fact. By completing all these trials, you’ll be able to earn yourself an Ebon Taurex, which is a pretty nifty 4-star familiar.

ni no kuni cross worlds ebon taurex challenge
There’s a lot at steak here.

Of course, you don’t have to go all the way to the end if you don’t feel like it, but do redeem the quests you complete along the way – they give out valuable supplies and resources that you will definitely want.

Battle Passes

Some events have optional objectives attached to them, such as Dimensional Border runs. These can be viewed in a banner, which opens the corresponding battle pass in the appropriate menu.

ni no kuni cross worlds dimensional border pass
You mean I get PAID for not dying?!

Fulfilling these objectives will net you pass exp for that task, which in turn gives extra rewards on top of what you’re already getting for accomplishing a trial. Be sure to pop in and turn in these objectives whenever you can!

ni no kuni cross worlds dimensional border pass 2
You get a battle pass, you get a battle pass, everyone gets a battle pass!

As far as I know, there are battle passes for field bosses, world bosses, Dimensional Border quests, and the Check-In Pass (in the item shop menu).

The Fuse Pot and Al-Khemi

ni no kuni cross worlds fuse pot
Shame I can’t throw my shorts in.

The Fuse Pot is where you can throw items in and hopefully get something nice in return. By sacrificing 5 items, you’ll not only earn lucky tickets, but also a new item – though exactly what you’ll get depends on what you throw in.

Once enough people in the server have availed of the Fuse Pot’s services, the genie Al-Khemi will appear, and he’ll take your lucky tickets in exchange for one out of five prizes, each rarer than the last. Since these tickets aren’t used anywhere else, be sure to check in when Al-Khemi goes live; a notification will appear at the top of the screen if he’s ready!

A Soul-Divingly Good Time

Remember – the world of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is vast and wide, and whether you plan to explore it alone or with friends, the most important thing is to have fun. While I’ve covered a fair amount of the content the game has to offer, there’s still more pathways to explore and even more ways to get stronger.

ni no kuni cross worlds end
I am still looking for a ridiculous outfit to go with this pose.

With that, my beginner’s guide to Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds comes to a close, and while I’m quite sure I covered all the important points, I might have missed some newbie tips. If there’s anything I missed, or something you’d like to add, let me know in the comment area below!