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Next Please! (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Serve Your Clients Properly

There is probably nothing more challenging than playing real life. Next Please! gives you a chance to experience a slice of this by letting you play as an employee who is stuck with covering for a missing co-worker. Available on iOS and Android, the goal of this game is to juggle multiple aisles in order to satisfy impatient and unreasonable customers. It is every store employee’s nightmare scenario and the shift keeps getting more hectic as you get to later rounds. Make sure you check out our Next Please! strategy guide if you want to survive all rounds in one piece!

1. Managing Customer Tempers

A co-worker has skipped this shift and it just so happens to be one of the busiest shifts in the history of all stores. You will need to be strategic in your approach in assisting customers or you will quickly find yourself getting overwhelmed. If you just go through it by assisting one customer at a time, you will definitely get one or two pissed off customers on your hands. A good way to keep the customers from getting too upset is to help them a bit until they are at a point where they are a bit calm. You can then move on to another upset customer and just return to finish up with the first customer.

2. Juggling Your Clerks

The clerks come in one at a time until you have three of them on the screen. Once you have three, you should develop a systematic way of instructing them so you don’t get confused about who is assisting which customer. You can go with something as simple as tapping on them in order from left to right and waiting for the first one to finish to tap on him again. Feel free to come up with you own system just as long as it is something you can do efficiently without getting distracted.

3. Collecting Coins

Well, the whole point of working is to earn money, right? You will have the chance to pick up a few extra coins in each round as they will randomly drop as you are playing. Keep an eye out for these coins and just tap on them whenever they drop. Just make sure that coin-hunting does not get in the way of your clerk management system. There is no point in sacrificing the round for the sake of one coin.

4. Spending Your Coins

After risking your neck in collecting those coins, of course you would want to spend them. The coins can be used to unlock a new workplace as well as new customer types. The new workplace works pretty much the same way and will just have its own set of customers to serve. Everything you unlock will just be for the sake of changing what you see on the screen as you play. You may think of it as some kind of trophy that you can unlock by purchasing.

Serve all customers to survive your shift and come out on top of the leaderboards by applying what you learned from our Next Please! strategy guide!