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Netmarble’s Upcoming Mobile RPG ‘Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’ to Launch Worldwide on March 3

Gaming giant Netmarble has just announced that its upcoming mobile RPG called Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will be released on March 3 on both iOS and Android platforms. A cinematic adventure RPG for mobile devices, Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is the result of the collaboration between Netmarble and Kodansha Ltd.

seven deadly sins grand cross

This gorgeous title was already released in Japan back in 2019 and it enjoyed incredible success on both iOS and Android platforms. Good news for those waiting for the global release, that Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will finally launch worldwide this March!

Pre-registration has already started on January 15th on both iOS and Android. As of now, more than 1 million players have already pre-registered for Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Those players who pre-register will win various rewards when the game goes live: access to Melodias (the main hero), Melodia’s costume and weapon, in-game currency, or an exclusive in-game loot box.

Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross offers players an anime and manga-based unique experience and boasts high-resolution 3D graphics, more than 100 dramatic cutscenes, special costumes, an affection system, and a new character dialogue. What’s more, the original Japanese anime cast gives voice to the characters in the game.

The mobile RPG features card-based mechanics. The cards can be used to upgrade characters and take on enemies. In order to perform special moves, players will have to wisely combine cards.

If you want to win the in-game rewards, hurry up and pre-register now! If you want to keep up with the latest updates about Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, make sure to regularly check out game’s official website and Facebook page.