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NetEase’s Upcoming MMORPG ‘Dawn of Isles’ Up for Pre-Registration on Android

NetEase breaks new ground in the mobile MMORPG category with its upcoming title Dawn of Isles. The game features unique visuals and an exciting battle system where players can combine elements to create combos. Pre-registration for Dawn of Isles has just begun for Android devices, but it will most likely be available for iOS players as well.

dawn of isles pre-registration

Dawn of Isles also has an extensive crafting system where players will need to gather materials from the wild by chopping down trees, breaking rocks, and hunting monsters. Players get to craft everything they need for survival. Other activities include farming, fishing, cooking, and more.

The game follows the story of two siblings who live on an island. The sister gets kidnapped by a lizard man, prompting the main character to go on an adventure to rescue her. Players take on the role of the main character and can choose one of four classes. The classes are Fighter, Ranger, Dancer, and Spell-Blade.

Dawn of Isles was initially released in Japan under the name Akatsuki Land. The title has been changed to Dawn of Isles for the English release. Those who want to pre-register may do so by going to the Google Play Store. No announcements have been made regarding pre-registrations for iOS, so players will have to stay tuned for future updates.


Thursday 30th of May 2019

Will there be a global release for this? Its available in the Philippines.


Thursday 16th of May 2019

Too bad, it's not available in my country T.T