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Mythic Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Dominate Arena Battles

Hail, legend! Those about to throw down salute you!

mythic legends tips

Mythic Legends is a simple yet engaging game from Hyper Dot Studios, that utilizes the mechanics of autochess. In this game, you’re put into the shoes of a legend – a commander of heroes – and you slug it out with other legends (read: players) in a bid to gain glory, fame, and riches for yourself and your companions-in-arms. Mythic Legends is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store.

While the game itself is quite simple, newer players to the autochess genre may find themselves a bit lost on how to get stronger. If you’re one of those people, or if this is your first foray into autochess, you’re in the right place. Be sure to read on and check out our Mythic Legends beginner’s guide for some useful tips, tricks and strategies to dominate your opponents!

Master Your Heroes

mythic legends arena
Are you not entertained?!

I mean, you are kind of the master of your own heroes already. But if you want to get the most out of your faithful servants, you’ll need to fully understand the ins and outs of each hero.

Hero Basics

All heroes have stats, and said stats dictate how well the hero performs in battle. Even among heroes of the same class, stats can vary greatly; for example, you can have a dedicated DPS hero with high attack speed and good per-hit damage, or you might have a slower hero with absolutely titanic damage.

mythic legends quegan
Quegan is a big boy.

You can check a hero’s stats by tapping on their portrait in the battle menu (the middle axes icon). Here’s a breakdown of what each stat does, in case you need it.

  • Health is how much damage the hero can take before they go down.
  • Defense is a measure of the hero’s damage resistance.
  • Attack rate is how often the hero attacks per second.
  • Damage is the damage a hero inflicts per attack.
  • DPS is how much damage a hero can be expected to do per second. For the mathematically inclined, DPS is equal to Damage/Attack rate.
  • Attack range is from how many cells a hero can attack from. An attack range of 1 means that a hero is a melee fighter.

In addition to these stats, each hero has one skill that they will use whenever they can. These skills are very powerful and can turn the tide of battle, so building a team around said skills isn’t a bad idea.

Hero Classes

Heroes also have different classes, which not only give players a rough idea of what that hero’s role is in battle, but also affects what bonuses they give.

mythic legends xaber
The “becoming giant” part is really just for laughs.

The different hero classes in Mythic Legends are Blademaster, Knight, Sorcerer, Priest, Ranger, and Assassin.

  • Blademasters are frontline combatants who focus on dealing damage. When a Blademaster falls in combat, allied Blademasters gain a massive attack boost.
  • Knights believe that defense is the best offense. These stalwart warriors boast both high defense and health, but don’t do as much damage as other classes. Knights passively increase the defense of nearby allies.
  • Priests bolster their allies with healing and buffing magic. Priests complement each other, increasing ally healing by up to 40% the more priests there are.
  • Sorcerers use the arcane arts to pelt their foes with spells from afar. A Sorcerer’s spellwork ensures that their attacks pierce enemy armor, or even ignore it outright at higher levels.
  • Swift and deadly Rangers use their weapons to strike foes without fear of reprisal. Their intimate understanding of ranged warfare allows Rangers to occasionally proc extra attacks with each shot fired.
  • Assassins can quickly dispatch enemy heroes before falling back to the shadows – which is just as well, as Assassins don’t do as well in straight-up fights. The Assassins’ knowledge of the killing arts grant each of their attacks a chance to critically hit for massive damage.

Hero Factions

Each hero in Mythic Legends doesn’t just have a class, but also has a faction to which they belong. By dispatching enough heroes from a single faction, you’ll gain access to powerful passive bonuses.

mythic legends factions
Not flash, but it gets the job done.

The more heroes of one faction you deploy, the bigger the bonus gets. At the same time, be mindful of capping the faction bonus as you’ll probably get more mileage out of splitting your team into different factions rather than overloading on just one faction.

Upgrade Your Legend

It’s easy to get mired in upgrading your heroes. They are, after all, the foremost element in Mythic Legends as they’re always the one beating the crap out of other heroes (or getting their crap beaten out by other heroes). But don’t forget to upgrade your legend – your main character that stays atop a platform, as making them stronger is pivotal to improving the performance of your heroes.

Leveling Up

Legends are upgraded in much the same way as heroes. To upgrade your legends, collect cards from the shop or from fighting, then tap on the battle tab to upgrade your legend once you have enough cards. You’ll also need some gold to level up.

mythic legends artus
I pictured him with a much deeper voice.

One of the first, and perhaps the most important benefits to increasing your legend’s level is that the higher a legend’s level, the more heroes they can deploy at once. This immediately gives the player with more legends an advantage, even if only in sheer numbers.

Leveling your legend up also increases their health, allowing them to take more hits before dropping out of a tournament. Remember: every hit point that isn’t the last is a resource!

Legend Skills

Legends also possess powerful skills that can both augment their heroes as well as allow the legend themselves to participate in the battle.

mythic legends butt

Legends have both a passive skill, which is always on, as well as a trigger skill, which activates automatically when certain conditions are met. These trigger skills can range from directly damaging your opponents’ heroes or even buffing your own team. Because these skills are so potent, I highly suggest using a legend as the core of a team you’re building, ie, build around your legend, not the other way around.

Battlefield Tactics

Mythic Legends is a full autocombat game, where the only player input is during the preparation phase. This doesn’t mean you can slack off. Preparing your team to counter your opponents is vital to winning clutch round in tournaments.

While simply winning every battle you get into is a surefire way to win, there are times when that simply won’t be possible. Remember that a tournament continues until there’s one player left standing, and as such, tactically and carefully selecting your heroes, counterpicking your opponent, arranging your formations, and choosing the right artifacts can help you a great deal.

Hero Skills

Heroes don’t just beat each other up mindlessly. Each hero has a unique skill that can drastically alter how that hero works, and can change their role in your team. Whether it’s straight-up nukes, self-buffs and steroids, or crowd control, be sure to pick the right hero for the job.

mythic legends magus

Do be aware that you have no control over when a hero will use their skill. Your heroes will simply use their skill on the nearest possible legal target (unless said skill has different targeting AI) when their mana is full. Mana refills as heroes beat each other up.

Hero Placement

How you place your heroes on the field is also a big factor in victory or defeat. Naturally, you’ll want to keep your squishier ranged damage dealers as far away from the frontlines as possible. On the other hand, hero skills can play a big role in where you should position your troops.

mythic legends poshtar
Will new life be born beneath the bloodstained sand?

Take Poshtar, for example. As an early Assassin, you’ll probably be seeing quite a bit of him, as his skill causes him to teleport behind an enemy unit and strike it for 400% damage. In my experience, the AI usually causes the skill to target the enemy unit furthest from Poshtar.

So what does this mean? Maybe we set him up to fight an enemy he can’t beat – Poshtar’s defensive stats are far from acceptable, after all. This also means we need to keep frail units away from the farthest position so that Poshtar’s skill won’t target them.

These are simply lessons you’ll need to learn as you continue playing Mythic Legends. Remember: there’s no shame in losing to a stronger foe, but there is shame in failing to learn from the experience.

Have A Look at Your Opponent’s Team

Knowledge is power, and the preparation phase before a battle starts gives you the most power of all.

mythic legends spy
I spy with my two little eyes…

Before a battle starts, you can tap on your opponent’s name (conveniently marked with a spy button) to see their board – which will reveal what heroes they plan to fight you with. That’s not all though, as you can actually tap on their heroes on the board to see their levels and skills. This way, you can get a heads-up on what their overall strategy is, as well as what you can do to counter their plays.

And don’t worry as Mythic Legends runs on asynchronous PVP. You’re not actually wasting a real person’s time here.

The Right Tool for the Job

As Mythic Legends is a straight-up PVP game, it’s a bit easier to narrow down heroes to a tier list. That said, even popular tier lists divide heroes based on what part of the game you’re in – for example, a hero that boasts stellar performance at the beginning of the game can find themselves quickly dropping off in efficiency as you climb ranks.

mythic legends heroes
At lower levels, teams are a lot more predictable.

With that in mind, it’s more important to have the right hero for the right job. Don’t forget to constantly upgrade your heroes, as well as pay attention to the game’s meta: ask veterans for their opinions about teams and try to observe what legend/hero combinations you lose to the most.

Since the heroes that are available to you are dependent on the highest area you’ve unlocked, don’t neglect playing in casual tournaments. This will ensure that you can keep abreast of your opponents and have the latest, best heroes (if you’re lucky) to fight with.

Victory and Defeat

The winner of a round in Mythic Legends deals damage to their opponent based on three things: the number of heroes they have left standing, a flat damage bonus from their legend, and a multiplier to the above two based on what round it is. If the bold text has failed to impress you, let me reiterate: the damage done by your heroes and legend is multiplied based on what round it is.

mythic legends victory

This multiplier is the key to winning matches as the multiplier is equal to what round it is. This means two things: that the earlier your losses are, the less of a setback they are, and that winning later battles – 4 and up, usually – is pivotal to winning the game as the damage done to enemy legends is absolutely massive.

For perspective, if you won your first round with 4 heroes left standing, you would do 4 + 1 (legend damage bonus) to the enemy. If however, you won the same battle as the third round, you would do (4 + 1) * 3 damage, meaning you’d hit your opponent for a whopping 15 damage.

Selecting Your Bonuses

At the beginning of each round sans the first, you’ll be allowed to select a bonus (which the game dubs as artifacts) that will last for the rest of that tournament. Usually, these are passive bonuses, which can allow you to counterbuild your opponent’s team even without certain heroes. Occasionally though, you’ll gain a hero card which you do get to keep. These cards can be used for mid-battle upgrades or just to help you hit that hero’s next upgrade level.

mythic legends artifact
If only I could keep them.

Artifacts are not only very powerful, but they also ramp up very heavily. The more stars an artifact has, the more potent it is. Be sure to select artifacts that either complement your build or help you repel your enemies more effectively. Another thing to note here is that you can also check what artifacts your opponent has chosen, by tapping on their name before the round starts.

Seek Further Strength

While Mythic Legendscore gameplay loop is quite simple, you’ll need to do a lot of grinding if you want to stay competitive. To do that, you’ll need to snag as many free resources from both free stuff and quests as possible.

Daily Offers

mythic legends daily offers
If you’re not spending your gold on anything else, sure.

Mythic Legendsshop offers many things, with most of them paid in either gems or real money. If you’re unwilling to spend either, you can take advantage of daily deals. These deals offer a variety of heroes, which can be bought with either gold or gems. While the gold bought heroes are rarely, if ever, above Rare, they can still become a formidable fighting force if you assemble enough of their cards.

Daily deals refresh every day, as their name might suggest. I’d suggest checking in on these daily deals as the first thing to do when you log into the game.

The Battle Chest

mythic legends battle chest
We all get a piece.

The battle chest is a free loot box that’s gated both by time and battles. To access your battle chest, you’ll need to fight 20 battles while the chest is available. Once opened, this chest will grant you resources, mostly gold and low rarity cards. The battle chest isn’t mind-blowing, but it provides a staple way to build up solid, low rarity heroes.

Prestige Points

Whenever you participate in a tournament, and whether you win or lose, you’ll always walk away with some prestige points, those blue points with a laurel icon.

These points are important because not only unlock new arenas and give you milestone achievements on the map (the last button on the right in the main menu, and don’t forget to tap claim), but they also fill up a daily reward bar.

mythic legends reward bar
I don’t wanna get paid to lose! I wanna win!

This reward bar is very important to fill up, as it gives you card packs and resource chests, both of which you’ll need to strengthen your arsenal of legends and heroes.

Quests and the Battle Pass

The last array of free stuff comes from the battle pass. This seasonal activity comes with both daily and weekly quests to fill up your battle pass experience, as well as both a free and paid version of the battle pass. No prizes for guessing which one gives more rewards.

mythic legends battle pass 1
Step by step.

By fulfilling your daily quests, you can amass experience, which can then be used to redeem battle pass rewards each time you level up. It’s worth noting that the “win one tournament” daily quest is infinitely repeatable until you reach level 30 in the battle pass.

mythic legends battle pass 2
Glory awaits the deep-pocketed.

Note that the battle pass goes up to level 50, at which point you can continue gaining experience, earning a small reward each time you fill up the bar.

Glory is Eternal!

While Mythic Legends has a very simple gameplay loop, it’s quite fun and addicting, and its simplicity works in its favor – you don’t need to learn many technical skills to climb to the top. All you need to do is beat the thousands of players competing for the same position. Easy!

mythic legends end
Well, you all look familiar.

That wraps up our beginner’s guide to Mythic Legends, and I hope you picked something up to help you get used to the loop of fighting, strengthening, and collecting heroes. If I missed anything, or if you have something to add, let me know in the comment area!