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Mystery Manor Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Solve All Mysteries

Mystery Manor is a hidden object game created by Game Insight for Android and iOS devices. The game puts you in the shoes of a young detective who is invited to the manor by a cat named Joshua. Somehow, you accept the talking cat without much fuss and you follow him into the seemingly haunted house where you are tasked to solve the mystery behind the owner’s disappearance. You meet several other employees of the manor along the way, and they all tell you that their master disappeared after the Event.

Unfortunately, all their memories are hazy, and you will need to solve hidden object puzzles in order to help them remember. As you progress through the stages, you unravel the mysteries throughout the manor, but each answer comes with even more questions. You will need all the help you can get if you want to find out what really happened in that manor. Check out our Mystery Manor guide below for tips, cheats and tricks to solve all mysteries in the game!

1. Follow the Story

mystery manor story

The game isn’t too strict when it comes to sticking to the story. You will have the freedom to replay different rooms even if the story is telling you to work on another puzzle. Unless you are completing quests, however, it is better if you follow the story. Each time you replay a certain room, the difficulty level goes up. That means when it is time for you to move on with the story, you might have a tough time moving forward because of how high the difficulty level has become.

Even if you aren’t in a hurry to find out what happened to the manor’s master, proceeding with the story is important for unlocking new areas. Some rooms will remain locked even if you meet the level requirement because you don’t have the related quest item. Just tap on the button with the green arrow at the bottom right of the screen to pick up the next part of the story.

2. Rush To Level 5

If you have a freshly installed game, make sure you don’t quit playing until you reach level 5. It should be easy enough to breeze through the first few levels if you follow the story, so don’t worry too much. The important thing is to not let the day end without reaching level 5. The Daily Quests and Daily Rewards are locked until you reach that level. That means if you wait until the next day to unlock them, you will be missing out on today’s rewards.

3. Claim Your Daily Rewards

how to get rewards in mystery manor

Mystery Manor gives out rewards for every day that you log in. You receive one reward upon logging in for the first time each day, and you can open a chest from the Daily Quest board every 4 hours. You can claim up to three chests each day. Make sure you claim all of these even if you don’t have time to play because they give you valuable rewards like in-game currency and consumable hints.

When you have time to play, prioritize completing the Daily Quests. Just tap on the bulletin board on the map south of the manor. You can tap on the Show button beside each quest to automatically be taken to the related screen. Each quest you complete will reward you with keys. Collecting a certain number of keys will allow you to claim more chests on the right side of the Daily Quests screen.

4. Know The Game Modes

There are several game modes in Mystery Manor that you can play. The game modes for each room change every time you replay. Understanding how each game mode works will help you know what to expect from each puzzle. The Words mode is the easiest as it just lists down the names of the items you need to look for. The Anagram mode is a variation of the Words mode where the names of the items are listed but they are upside down, making it a little more difficult to read. A more advanced variation is the Abracadabra mode where the letters of each name are jumbled and you will have to figure out what they mean. The key in this mode is to look for the capital letter as it tells you what the first letter of the word is.

The Silhouette mode uses shapes instead of words to list down the objects you need to look for. This can be tricky for generic shapes or those that are too weird. Other challenges include random phenomena that can make it difficult for you to search for items. The Darkness phenomenon makes the room dark and you need to move around a spotlight to help you see better. The Poltergeist phenomenon will have a random distortion fly through the screen as a distraction while you look for objects. Phenomenon can be banished before entering the room if you have the required item.

5. How To Change Game Modes

mystery manor game modes

After the Darkness phenomenon tutorial, you will be able to change game modes by tapping on the icon on the top left corner of the game mode’s name. You can use this if you are struggling to complete a stage with a particular game mode. Changing game modes will cost you diamonds, Mystery Manor’s premium currency. You can also opt to watch a video advertisement in order to change modes. Keep in mind that the new game mode will be random, so you might not be happy with what you get even if you spend diamonds. Keep this in mind before you decide to change the current mode that you have.

6. Think Outside The Box

mystery manor tricks

The different modes aren’t the only things that make this game challenging. The puzzles increase in difficulty as you progress because more items are added both to the room and your list. The position of the items also changes after each time you successfully solve a puzzle. Just because you were able to find an item in one spot does not mean it will be there the next round. Look in unconventional places and take a step back. Sometimes things appear inside paintings or are partially hidden by other objects.

There are also times when the appearance of items changes altogether. An actual hourglass could appear as a shadow in the next round. An item listed as a heart could be a heart-shaped crystal in one round then a drawing the next time around. If you are having trouble finding an object, check fabric patterns, decorations, and similar things.

7. Maintain Your Multiplier Bonus

When you find an item, a score multiplier will appear at the top of the screen. The multiplier increases with each consecutive item you find. The multiplier bar will quickly deplete if you don’t find another item within a couple of seconds. The trick here is to take your time to find as many items on the list as possible without actually clicking on them. Take note of the item locations then tap on them in quick succession in order to maximize your bonus points. The more items you find quickly, the higher your overall score will be.

8. Be Careful Where You Tap

mystery manor tips

There are times when you get frustrated and you just want to randomly tap at objects hoping to get lucky. The game will allow you to make a couple of mistakes, but if you do it too much, you will be penalized. You will lose 10 seconds from the remaining time if you tap too many times without finding an object. Another 10 seconds will be deducted each time you tap incorrectly. You will end up running out of time if you just keep guessing.

9. Complete Collections For Rewards

mystery manor collections

When you solve a puzzle, you get a bunch of items at the end of the round. Not all these items are for quests. Some of them are for collections. Tap on the Collections button at the bottom of the screen to view the different collections in the game. Whenever you complete a collection, you can charge it up and you will be given various rewards in return. Completing collections is a good way to get hint items without spending Diamonds. Make sure you check the Collections menu regularly to see if you are close to completing anything, so you can prioritize levels related to them.

10. Banish Unwelcome Guests

mystery manor snatchin magician

If you swipe around the main map, you will often encounter creatures wandering outside the manor. There are a bunch of creatures that look like green cats called Snatchins. You may also encounter werewolves, gargoyles, and other nefarious creatures. You can banish these creatures using specific items. Tap on them to use the items. If you don’t have the required item, you can tap on the button to be taken to the levels that drop the banishing items.

Banishing these unwelcome guests will give you various rewards like coins, energy, and most importantly, collection charging items. Even if you are able to complete all the items in a collection, if you don’t have the correct charging items, you will not be able to claim your rewards. Banish these creatures whenever you can because the drops are random. It might take you some time before you can collect the charging items you need.

11. Check Your Achievements

mystery manor achievements

To the right of the manor is a hedge maze with a structure in the middle. You will sometimes see a trophy icon above this structure. When you do, that means you just completed an achievement and you have a reward waiting for you. Tap on it to claim your achievement reward. Rewards usually include hint items. Achievements usually involve reaching milestones in Mystery Manor such as collecting a number of badges, banishing a certain creature a number of times, completing a number of quests, and so on. Make sure you claim them regularly, so you will have hints available when you are in a pinch.

12. Protect Your Always Perfect Achievement

mystery manor perfect achievement

In any other game that uses energy, we would probably tell you to just try again if you find yourself unable to finish a puzzle. This game, however, has an Always Perfect achievement. This achievement counts the consecutive number of times you were able to successfully complete a puzzle. You get rewards for reaching milestones in this number. If you fail a puzzle, the counter will go back to zero. The problem with that is it will be more difficult to get to a high number because the puzzles become more difficult.

Normally, we would tell you to hold on to your hints as much as you can. And it is still partially true in this game. Don’t rely on hints until you are almost out of time. If you have about 40 seconds left on the clock and you don’t think you can find the objects you are looking for, it’s time to use hints even if you are on an easy level. It’s better than having to start over with tougher levels after breaking a 50-game streak.

13. How To Get Free Energy

On the right side of the main screen, you will find an icon with a movie clapper on it. Tap on it to open up an ad offer that gives you 20 energy in exchange for watching a video. This is a good way to get free energy without spending Diamonds. You will also get the same offer if you try to start a level when you don’t have enough energy. The game is playable without internet but you will need to be connected in order for the free energy offer to work, though.

14. Hold Off On Decorating

mystery manor decorations

Since you are solving puzzles in a house, it has become a norm for games to have some kind of decoration aspect. The game plays this off as some way to restore the memories of the characters, but you have the option to change the decorations according to your preference. Each piece of furniture in the manor will give you three options. The problem is, only one of them is free. The free option needs to be unlocked by completing the corresponding quest. The other two options can be selected even if you haven’t completed the quest for that room, but you will have to spend coins.

The problem with spending coins is that you don’t really earn a lot of it from completing puzzles. That means you will be burning a hole through your pocket for a feature that does not help you in the game in any way. It is best if you hold off on purchasing decorations until you have progressed far enough into the game to not care about the costs.

It is time for you to uncover the truth in Mystery Manor! Stick to tips, cheats and tricks above and you will be clearing puzzles in no time! If you happen to know more tips or just want to share your thoughts about the game, then feel free to leave us a message in the comment area below!

Grant Elliott

Monday 23rd of January 2023

This is one of the most fun games I've ever played, though it gets rather hard in the higher levels. I hardly watch T.V anymore. Highly recommended!


Saturday 21st of January 2023

Level 214 is difficult. Tips are very welcome !


Sunday 11th of December 2022

how do i light the sakura lanterns?

Debbie Gregory

Thursday 8th of December 2022

I am stuck on level 57 match 3. I can't figure it out and get the 4 bottles.


Friday 2nd of December 2022

How do you transfer the light to the Sakaturn lantern to bring the girl back to life?