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My Tamagotchi Forever Guide: 5 Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Properly Raise Your Virtual Pet

Bandai Namco may be better-known for cranking out higher-end games, but their latest Android and iOS title, My Tamagotchi Forever, is something that should appeal to the casual gaming crowd, as well as those looking for a game that won’t take too much time to learn, or require too much time to invest in it. While the mid 1990s saw physical tamagotchis become the most popular toys out in the market for quite some time, this is a mobile game where you can raise a virtual tamagotchi, make sure it’s well-fed and rested, and share your adventures raising this virtual pet. On top of that, you can also meet other Tamagotchi friends in the game by going around town and taking advantage of the social features.

It might seem at first as if there’s nothing to raising a tamagotchi. But we think we speak for many younger players when we say that this may be a foreign experience for a lot of mobile gamers. With that in mind, we have five My Tamagotchi Forever tips and tricks that will tell you everything you need to know about raising these pets, keeping them happy, and fulfilling their needs.

1. Learn The Basics

If you remember the old tamagotchi toys from a couple decades ago, you shouldn’t need much help here, but in any case, let’s take a look at some of the game’s most fundamental mechanics and break them down.

First off, it’s the living room that should serve as your ground zero in the game. You’ll start out there when beginning each session, and you’ll also need to be there if you need to access certain options. These include trying to cheer your pet up by stroking them, provided you’ve already taken care of any other needs they may have had.

Aside from the living room, there are three other rooms you’ll need to keep in mind when playing this game — the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. We’ll be tackling those other rooms in depth in the very next tip, so read on!

2. Make Sure Your Pet Gets Its Daily Maintenance

By maintenance, we mean making sure that your pet doesn’t go hungry, does their business when they have to, and gets enough rest each day. The bars at the bottom of the screen will show you exactly what your pet needs at any given time; each time one of those bars dips even a bit, just tap on the corresponding room icon and you’ll be able to fulfill your pet’s needs.

By tapping on the kitchen, you can choose from different types of food to give to your pet. Now you shouldn’t just choose any type of food arbitrarily; take a look at the thought bubble above your pet’s head, and if there’s something in there, that will clue you in and tell you what they want. Other times, you can just choose any type of food and your pet will be good.

If your pet needs to do their business, tap on the toilet bow icon so that they could get on the toilet. Just hold your finger down — that’s all there is to it in the event your pet needs to pee or poop. But if you want even more coins, you can choose to give your pet a bath, giving them a good soaping and showering them down. This is not something that’s mandatory, but since when have coin bonuses been a bad thing?

Lastly, the bedroom will give your pet a chance to recharge their batteries — by allowing them to sleep. This is not at all complicated, though the game will give you a chance to fast forward time in exchange for a couple gems or so.

3. How To Earn More Coins And Rewards

It’s one thing to care for your pet, but there’s much more to My Tamagotchi Forever than feeding your pet, letting them rest, and helping them do their business/stay clean. You can also open up any number of free gifts to further help you and your pet out in the game, and this will normally be done by watching ad videos for extra coins.

Watching ads isn’t the only optional thing you can do to go the extra mile with (read: earn extra coins for) your Tamagotchi. If you go to the living room screen, you will see a gamepad, which you can tap on, allowing you to play any one of several mini-games. (Again, these are optional, but are recommended due to the rewards they bring!) You can also complete daily challenges for free coins, which you can then use to buy goodies for your pet, and take photos of specific activities within the game. And as a bonus tip, you can go outside of your home, then buy new items which you can set up in your garden; you can interact with these items, but we won’t be telling you what they are, so as not to spoil too much of the game!

4. If Your Pet Is Happy, Then You Level Up

It’s as simple as that — if your pet is happy, then you can level up and make good time in the game. Once again, it’s not merely about taking care of your pet through the things we talked about in the second tip. You’ve got to interact with your pet, complete challenges, and buy items that could keep them happy and contented, as those things combined will help you fill up your experience bar faster.

5. What Else Happens When You Level Up?

Leveling up will earn you even more coins and rewards, so what you’re looking at here is a gift that keeps on giving, so to say. Make your pet happy to level up, use the stuff you earn after leveling up to make your pet happier. Aside from the coins, you can unlock new types of food, new tools, or new toys. Additionally, the garden items can unlock new tasks that could earn you coins, such as riding on a swing. Just take note, though, that for each time you level up, it will take a progressively longer amount of time before you make it to the next level!

That’s all for now folks! If you’ve come across other tips or tricks for My Tamagotchi Forever, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line in the comments!