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My Museum Story Cheats, Tips & Hints to Solve More Puzzles

My Museum Story is a fun match-three puzzle game from ZiMAD, with a few rebuilding elements weaved in. Available on Android and iOS platforms, the game features Grace, an archaeologist who is dealing with the loss of her grandfather. To make matters worse, she discovers that the local museum is in danger of closing for good. Your mission is to help her save the museum by restoring and remodeling it. You can do this by solving numerous match-three levels in search of hidden treasures and artifacts. Follow her story and discover the mysteries surrounding the museum itself. Once you complete enough levels, you will be able to unleash your inner creative by designing the museum yourself. You get to choose the museum’s décor and rebuild each location according to your vision. If you find yourself stuck in any of the levels, don’t worry! Read on and check out our list of My Museum Story cheats, tips and hints to solve the game’s challenging puzzles!

1. Match Four Or More

If you are familiar with the match-three genre, you will know that matching four or more tiles of the same type will result in a special piece. Unlike most other games in the genre, however, there are no row or column clearers in My Museum Story. The special pieces are all bombs, and the only difference will be in the size of the explosion. The more tiles you match, the bigger the explosion will be. Try to match as many tiles as possible in order to clear massive areas on the board.

2. Create Rainbow Pieces

Making matches in this game will fill up the rainbow gauge. The more tiles you match, the more the gauge will fill up. Once it is full, you will automatically get a rainbow piece on the board. Rainbow pieces are extremely useful because they will immediately clear all tiles of a certain color from the board. The tiles that will be cleared depends on what tile you match the rainbow piece with. Getting rainbow pieces can help you a lot in terms of meeting level goals. If you are having difficulties in a particular level, try to aim for the rainbow piece instead of trying to achieve goals through brute force.

3. Focus On The Objectives

Making a lot of matches can be fun, especially during the earlier levels. Keep in mind, however, that the difficulty of the game tends to go up pretty quickly. Do not relax too much just because you were able to make it through the first few levels easily. Even if you still have a lot of moves to spare, make sure you constantly work towards the level’s objectives. You can goof off and make random matches only when you are sure that you will be able to meet the objectives before you run out of moves. Before you are certain, do not waste a single move on pointless matches.

4. Hold On To Your Pickaxes

Pickaxes are special items that will allow you to remove one tile from the board. Tiles that you remove using a pickaxe will still count towards your level’s goals. That means it can be useful in getting that last piece that you need to complete a level. The only problem is that it is consumable. You will need a lot of coins to purchase more pickaxes, so it is best if you hold on to them unless you are really stuck. If you fail a level, do not resort to a pickaxe right away! Retry the level a few times until you are sure you really cannot solve it.

Collect artifacts and keep the museum from closing by solving all the puzzles! Don’t forget any of the tips, hints and tricks listed above in order to succeed!


Tuesday 22nd of December 2020

Having trouble with clearing the fog in level 598. I can’t figure out how it works or how to clear it in fewer moves.